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Chunk of the Month - October - Spooky!
« on: 7 Oct 2017, 22:43:55 »

The Chunk of the Month contest returns!

October's Contest

Each month you get the opportunity to submit a chunk you own to be reviewed in our contest, we're looking for creative, interesting and well-designed plots according to a monthly theme! You can find out about the previous winners at

How this works:
  • Each month we'll make a post like this on the site and give a theme for that month.
  • You then have the rest of the month to make design and build something in either the Wilderness OR the Town world according to the monthly theme, in a chunk you own.
  • You then submit your chunk using /cotm submit while stood in that chunk. Then make a reply to the monthly post outlining your design, explain it a bit if you want to.
  • At the end of the month (Early November this time) I will then go around all of the entries and judge which we deem to be the winner. Another post will then be made announcing the winner and all entries/prizes will be handed out.

It's very simple to take part, just use /cotm submit!

A few rules:
  • Your build must be within 1 single Minecraft chunk (16x16), but height doesn't matter. If you're using Minecraft 1.10+ you can use F3+G to view the boundaries in yellow :D!
  • You must own the land you're submitting your entry in, if it's in the Town world you must individually own the plot, and in the Wilderness you must own the land.
  • You need to follow the theme.
  • You need to actually build something, just submitting a simple few blocks to get the rewards won't count.
  • You need to submit your design using /cotm submit before midnight on the last day of the month (UK time)! This deadline is automated so don't miss it.
  • You need to leave your build up after the end of the month because we need chance to judge it!

The winner of each month will earn themselves:
  • A unique winner trophy for that month
  • 100,000Nbz
  • Your chunk showcased at
  • Your name forever listed in-game when doing /cotm contests
  • 5 FREE Wilderness Chunks This is irrespective of if you built in the Town world!

Plus everyone who takes part will receive a participation prize and a free wilderness chunk (again irrespective of if you built in the Town world).

Got any questions? Just ask them below in a reply or in-game!

As for the theme for October; with Halloween at the end of the month, the theme is: Spooky! That's anything spooky 3:)!


Re: Chunk of the Month - October - Spooky!
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I wish everyone good luck!


Re: Chunk of the Month - October - Spooky!
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YES! I can not wait, thanks for making this.