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20 Feb 2015, 20:27:52 by Fatnoob | Views: 149 | Comments: 2

Hey all,

This weekend is a double xp. weekend! - Hop online and level up your skills twice as fast exclusively this weekend!

  • Increased EXP per potion further (Alchemy)
  • Temporarily disabled horse inventory interaction (Horses exploit)
  • Horses are back!
18 Feb 2015, 10:48:49 by ItsLawrence | Views: 291 | Comments: 8

Ever wondered where the different towns are in the Town world? You can now see where they all are on the live map!

Earlier today we released a requested feature to display the location of each town spawn on the live map. You should be able to move around and see where each of the different towns are. To access the live map simply visit https://www.noobscraft.com/map/ or click the link under the "Community" tab.

Once on the map if you don't want to...
14 Feb 2015, 12:02:10 by Fatnoob | Views: 327 | Comments: 8

Hey all,

Cupid has arrived to Noobstown and you can find him at /spawn - He is offering a special trade for 'Cupid's Bow' this magical bow will emit hearts on hit, whether that be mob or player... and you don't need to enable PvP either! - Fire arrows of love to your significant other today :)

- If you would like to disable the arrows from hitting you simply type /cupid
8 Feb 2015, 03:08:07 by Fatnoob | Views: 704 | Comments: 13

Hello all,

To celebrate Noobstown V6 turning 1 years old, we're releasing our largest update yet! - This update covers many changes to the Wilderness system which has been requested or feedback to us since the launch. We have hopefully simplified the system and made improvements where necessary. As always with large updates there may be bugs, please do report them and if you have any other suggestions to further improve our systems feel free to make a post!

The Mining, Nether and End have also been reset. Top Voters for January will be released over the next few days!

Wilderness System changes/fixes:
  • Fixed issues with wilderness
4 Feb 2015, 18:54:12 by Fatnoob | Views: 137 | Comments: 1

Hey all,

Name changing is now live, please do not change your name or you will be unable to access the Cloudsquid Network servers for an unknown length of time. We're working hard to update all of our plugins that we create and outside sourced plugins to support this, but for the meantime we are not supporting the changing of your username.

Full details here: https://www.noobscraft.com/server/username-changing-update/

TLDR; Changing your name will stop access to our servers for an unknown amount of time.
28 Jan 2015, 18:04:03 by ItsLawrence | Views: 307 | Comments: 4

Congratulations to the December COTM (Chunk of the Month) winner: ShaunTheGoat ~ You can now visit his winning chunk on our official COTM page!


He bags himself 100,000 Noobz, 5 free chunks, the official winners trophy and his chunk displayed on the website!

All other participants will receive a participant trophy + 1 free chunk claim! (Chunks and money have already been given out, but the physical prizes haven't yet; they will be soon!)

We're very sorry this is so delayed. The chunk...
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