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Twitter (@Noobstown)

11 Aug 2017, 13:48:11 by ItsLawrence | Views: 110 | Comments: 0

Quick update: The Mining World, Nether & End worlds have been reset for August now!
  • /warp mining
  • /warp nether
  • /warp end
As with last month the End world is slowly expanding to allow people to find new structures throughout the month!
22 Jul 2017, 11:42:52 by ItsLawrence | Views: 263 | Comments: 1

Towns can now control whether or not passive animals are able to spawn, in both a town-wide setting and a plot-by-plot level (with plots able to override the town setting). It works in a similar way to the mob spawning setting but for animals instead.

By default animal spawning in towns is still on, but to turn it off, as a member of senior town staff simply use /town set animals off, and then /town set animals on to turn them back on again.

By default in the individual plots they are set to use the town setting, but this can be overridden using /plot...
1 Jul 2017, 10:45:13 by ItsLawrence | Views: 179 | Comments: 0

Great thanks to everyone who voted last month. We're very grateful for everyone who voted and remember every single vote gets you 2,500Nbz straight away, plus enters you into this competition.

The Top Voters for June 2017 were as follows:
1 Jul 2017, 06:22:36 by ItsLawrence | Views: 605 | Comments: 4

As promised this is a post to let you all know that the server is now up-to-date with Minecraft 1.12! This means you get use of all of the update features from 1.9 through to 1.12.

You can see a list of the more known Minecraft changes on the MinecraftWiki:
24 Jun 2017, 20:28:54 by ItsLawrence | Views: 859 | Comments: 23

UPDATE: The server is now back up and running 1.12! Check the update post at: https://www.noobscraft.com/server/noobstown-1-12/

UPDATE: The server update to 1.12 has begun, there will be updates posted once we're back!

As previously hinted; the update for Noobstown to go straight to 1.12 is very nearly ready! This is a announcement to let you all know that the server will be going down from 8pm BST this coming Friday (30th June) (what's...
9 Jun 2017, 22:05:12 by ItsLawrence | Views: 395 | Comments: 3

Just a quick post to let you know that you can now connect to the server using the new Minecraft 1.12. Again we've not completely updated server things fully so you won't get access to the new server-side features just yet, but you can at least play on the server even if you've upgraded, and will get access to any client side changes :).

We will however be updating to the full update of 1.12 very soon hopefully, so keep an eye out for that :)!
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