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20 Apr 2015, 21:12:38 by Waterworth | Views: 335 | Comments: 11

Mob Arena Competition

This competition is already in progress, this is just a reminder to all candidates that they have till the 8th May to complete their builds; judging will happen a week or so subsequent to the 8th of May and will be announced on the website

If you have completed your build, make a post on this topic and inform me that you have done!

We will be holding a competition for players to be able to create a mob arena map, the winner of the competition will have their build implemented as a mob arena (accessible by all) with their head placed in the map and credit given.

You can build...
20 Apr 2015, 16:05:31 by Foob | Views: 74 | Comments: 1

Hey all,

Sorry for the late update - Our Network is performing maintenance for roughly an hour between 4pm BST and 5pm BST.
7 Apr 2015, 20:16:09 by Waterworth | Views: 489 | Comments: 16


- Town Visits - Sunday 9pm BST (incl. dropping egg hunts around towns) What is this in my timezone?

- Spleef - Wednesday - 10pm BST - What is this in my timezone?
- Mob Arena - Thursday - 9pm BST - What is this in my timezone?
- Snowball - Friday - 11pm BST - What
5 Apr 2015, 03:07:47 by Waterworth | Views: 237 | Comments: 1

Hello all,

(If you are a member of the town Valhalla or Elysium
and do not have your items/blocks please contact Waterworth or a staff member to claim them.)

I apologise for this serious post at a time that is meant to be fun, and I promise, it will be fun! However, I must address an important issue.

An incident that happened today, 4th April, resulted in the deletion of two towns: Elysium and Valhalla.

As a direct consequence of this deletion, player (town) plots have been unclaimed. Although, I can assure you, that the items and blocks in these plots are safe and I will be working diligently over the next couple of days/weeks...
3 Apr 2015, 14:57:56 by Foob | Views: 177 | Comments: 3

Update: 3 We're aware of the mass disconnections to European traffic on intervals - We'll be fixing this asap.

Update 2: We're now routing around init7.net which caused major lag for European traffic and should now be some what lag free.

Update: We're aware of some routing issues through init7.net that are cause major lag for some players, emails have been sent and rest assured we're chasing up the problem.

The downtime has now finished.

Hey all,
3 Apr 2015, 00:01:18 by Foob | Views: 356 | Comments: 12

Hey all,

Easter has begun on Noobstown, keep an eye out for any Eggs spawning and catch them whilst you can for some extra special 'Eastery' rewards! (Eggs only spawn in the Town & Wilderness worlds)

Activity Schedule:

- Saturday the 4th of April - Easter Party (9pm BST) (What's that in my timezone?)
- Spleef (Times/date updated soon)
- New Mob Arena & Class Updates (Times/date updated soon)
- Town Visits (Times/date updated soon)
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