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Twitter (@Noobstown)

4 Oct 2015, 23:28:57 by Foob | Views: 125 | Comments: 6

Hello all!

To celebrate Noobween starting today selected packages are 20% OFF until the first of November and for each donation you will receive x1 free rare GOLDEN CANDY to spend on rare head items and other rewards during trading.

Exciting things to come throughout October!
4 Oct 2015, 12:45:44 by ItsLawrence | Views: 141 | Comments: 3

Just a quick update for you all;

The mining world, nether and the end have now been reset!

Plus the Noobween candy is now available on the server! Simply continue on with your playing as normal and you'll notice they come at random; just like last year. Plus as with last year there are more surprises lurking...

Stay tuned for more information about Noobween events and updates they'll be posted over the coming days.
2 Oct 2015, 07:49:17 by Foob | Views: 262 | Comments: 14

Every year in October an awakening occurs and strange things start to occur on Noobstown. What strange thing has already occurred you might ask? The King is missing! Is this related to HIS return? Have you seen HIM?

By him we of course mean; the world famous Herobrine (Not voldenoob he has been defeated)

We need your help - we can't claim he has returned until he has been spotted. This is where you come in, if you spot HIM  this Noobween be sure to snap a screenshot/selfie and quickly post here, we are going to need all the evidence we can get to alert the town of his return....
1 Oct 2015, 14:19:26 by Foob | Views: 271 | Comments: 16

Image credit: Tidalmewmew

Hey all,

Noobween is about to begin and strange happening have occurred on the server since the Robots and Aliens left Noobstown. The King of Noobstown; Bernard is feared missing and has not been sighted anywhere! - The only clue we have is his crown!

Mentions of 'Him' returning are circling the community and we all fear the worst for Bernard!

This month you will be able to collect candy from a range of activities that can be spent during trading weekends on head items, pets and cosmetics. Candy will range from rare > common and the more rarer candy...
30 Sep 2015, 19:48:04 by Duelcon | Views: 168 | Comments: 7

Good afternoon my fellow Noobians!  We've recently had a new person join our ranks and they are *very* interested in learning more about Noobstown and all it's wonderful attractions and landmarks!  Join us this Sunday and help guide the noob around town!  You might just learn a little something in the process!

Quest Event starts:

8pm BST
3pm EST
2pm CST
1pm MT
12 noon PST

All who participate and complete the quest will receive a unique trophy reward!  Hope to see you there!

rules and details of the quest will be given prior to the start of the event!
28 Sep 2015, 00:21:56 by Foob | Views: 814 | Comments: 99

All you have to do is be online when a staff member announces trading has opened. Simply reply to this thread with your shopping list. Once you have replied, if you were quick enough (First come, first serve basis) a Moderator will trade you in-game to make the trade. Ensure you have your tokens at the ready!

Head Items

Slime Ball - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Slime Jar- 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Noobstown Bot - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Oil Bucket - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Firecore - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Cyclops Head - 32 Tokens - 30 Score
Red Stripe Robot Helmet...
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