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6 Feb 2016, 22:07:19 by ItsLawrence | Views: 219 | Comments: 8

Just a small change...

When we post a new announcement on the site (just like this topic) if you don't read it we'll now let you know every so often in-game that it was made! Once every hour in-game we'll send you a short reminder that there are announcements you haven't read yet; it's that simple!

This should be great for those who don't often visit the site as you'll now know exactly when important new announcements have been posted, and it will allow you to easily keep up-to-date with changes that are happening! This feature might even be...
6 Feb 2016, 11:51:03 by ItsLawrence | Views: 167 | Comments: 3

Just an update to let you know that the Mining world, Nether and the End have been reset for this month!

A new theme for this month will also be coming this weekend/early next week! Plus don't forget we've got double mcMMO XP all this weekend to celebrate Version 6 being open for 2 years!
5 Feb 2016, 20:41:45 by ItsLawrence | Views: 166 | Comments: 5

To celebrate the Open Beta of Version 6 of Noobstown opening its doors on Sunday TWO whole years ago now: this weekend will be 2 x mcMMO experience for the whole weekend!

We might also be giving out some special rewards and having some fun events/games so be sure to be on for that!

I hope you enjoy the weekend, Version 6 has been around for 2 years now! On Sunday. We've got some great things coming to Noobstown really soon, updates about these will be posted soon too.

~ The Noobscraft Team
24 Jan 2016, 18:51:54 by ItsLawrence | Views: 185 | Comments: 2

Just another small update to let you know that changes made to the server yesterday have meant that /town and /t commands are now possible in all worlds and not just the town one!

You can now get to your town spawn, view a list of the towns and almost all town commands anywhere on Noobstown! The commands themselves haven't changed; the change is that you can do them anywhere now!

We are still working on a new version of the Town system, but this change is for between now and then :D.

Again I hope this is useful. If you've got any questions please...
24 Jan 2016, 03:50:22 by ItsLawrence | Views: 244 | Comments: 5

For quite some time a number of you have been asking us if there would be a way to toggle whether or not tips were shown for you! Well today we've introduced that! Using /tips off you can turn off tips just for yourself, so you'll not see them anymore :D. If you then want to turn them back on just use /tips on.

This is just a small change but quite a few people had asked for it; I hope you enjoy.

You can...
23 Jan 2016, 15:39:32 by ItsLawrence | Views: 270 | Comments: 0

As you are probably aware: for quite sometime now we've had a lot of different plans going at once. It has lead to some delays in the development as the work has been spread out rather than focusing on one project to completion. We've had lots of great suggestions and bugs reported to us and we plan to implement/fix a large number of them. Sadly because of how we operate I'm the only person available to directly develop these changes for Noobstown and as a result they're likely to take time to be slowly added. It is because of this delay that I've created a new feature for you to let us (mainly me,...
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