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30 Nov 2017, 22:08:30 by ItsLawrence | Views: 1299 | Replies: 0

Starting from the 1st of December we'll be continuing our annual tradition of the daily rewards and advent countdown to Christmas (25th).

This year the gifts are spread around a number of different server towns! Each day a new gift will open in a different town!

Every day (until the 25th) at /warp noobmas the name of the town with the gift in it for that day will by revealed; then simply go to that town and find the free gift (it'll be clearly labelled with a floating message above it)! Just click the gift chest to claim the daily reward. Each day the new gift will open...
10 Nov 2017, 22:08:54 by ItsLawrence | Views: 927 | Replies: 1

Thanks to cruisinkiy and KilljoyDivine we've got a new Quest for November! It's a story they've both designed called "The Royal Cure". As normal it begins at /warp theme with the Tokens gained through /kit theme.

About the Quest
Quote from: KilljoyDivine
It appears there is definitely something wrong with King Krusty Ham...

If you're up to the task, help find the cure for him, and employ the help with many across
1 Nov 2017, 10:45:19 by ItsLawrence | Views: 819 | Replies: 0

Great thanks to everyone who voted last month. We're very grateful for everyone who voted and remember every single vote gets you 2,500Nbz straight away, plus enters you into this competition.

The Top Voters for October 2017 were as follows:
20 Oct 2017, 21:53:12 by ItsLawrence | Views: 1910 | Replies: 6

I know a few of you have worked out some of the different ways to get specific candies, but as promised here's the post explaining how all of the different flavours of candy can be found. Plus see the bottom of this post for information about the Noobween 2017 party!

The different candies can be obtained in the following ways (different specifics under each of these categories does change the exact chances, but generally this is how to get each candy):
Candy FlavourHow?
8 Oct 2017, 14:26:08 by ItsLawrence | Views: 1814 | Replies: 11

Noobween 2017 is here on Noobstown.com.

As normal we've got candy dropping as you do things around the server! This year it's slightly different though, there are 24 different flavours of candy to collect and trade with! Simply play as you normally would and keep an eye out for the random candy drops! The candy can then be collected and traded in for rewards (including rare heads, money and a range of other random items) at /warp noobween. The selection of rewards available might be adjusted as the month goes on so keep checking to see if anything there has changed.

7 Oct 2017, 22:43:55 by ItsLawrence | Views: 1705 | Replies: 9

The Chunk of the Month contest returns!

October's Contest

Each month you get the opportunity to submit a chunk you own to be reviewed in our contest, we're looking for creative, interesting and well-designed plots according to a monthly theme! You can find out about the previous winners at Noobs.town/cotm/.

How this works:
  • Each month we'll make a post like this on the site and give a theme for that month.
  • You then have the rest of the month to make
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