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Twitter (@Noobstown)

1 Apr 2017, 10:45:14 by ItsLawrence | Views: 551 | Replies: 0

Great thanks to everyone who voted last month. We're very grateful for everyone who voted and remember every single vote gets you 2,500Nbz straight away, plus enters you into this competition.

The Top Voters for March 2017 were as follows:
1 Apr 2017, 00:26:37 by ItsLawrence | Views: 1052 | Replies: 3

(This feature is no longer available!)

After receiving a large amount of feedback from a number of players, we've finally introduced a highly anticipated new feature to fix the lack of wool around builds.

We've introduced a new trial feature exclusively to Noobstown.com to simply visually replace all commonly occurring whole solid blocks with wool of a similar colour. It makes the all the worlds seem so much more vibrant and definitely makes things softer on the feet to walk around! To enjoy this new feature you need to do nothing...
1 Apr 2017, 00:16:51 by ItsLawrence | Views: 585 | Replies: 0

Quick update: The Mining World, Nether & End worlds have been reset for April now!
  • /warp mining
  • /warp nether
  • /warp end
18 Mar 2017, 21:56:13 by craftymatt13OH | Views: 526 | Replies: 0


To celebrate Noobstown's 6th birthday, we are having some fishing tournaments in Windermere this weekend.  The first one will be tonight at 7:30PM Central Time.  Then we will have another one tomorrow at 2PM Central Time.  There are some special heads that you can win for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and also for little fishing contests that I will do after the big fishing tourney.  There will also be some participation prizes.  In order to win the fishing tourney, be the 1st to catch 64 regular fish. The same rules will apply as with the past fishing tournaments.  Only food and rods in your inventory.  Please do not bother...
18 Mar 2017, 19:38:01 by ItsLawrence | Views: 826 | Replies: 5

Today's the 18th of March and that means only one thing: it's Noobstown.com's Birthday! Noobstown has now been around for 6 years! Happy Birthday!

Thank-you for all of the years of fun you've all brought to the server.

To celebrate this; the rest of the weekend on the server will be 4x mcMMO XP!
8 Mar 2017, 20:41:46 by ItsLawrence | Views: 2012 | Replies: 13

As some of you will hopefully be aware; the 18th of March 2017 marks Noobstown's 6th Birthday! On the 18th this year the server will be 6 years old! That's a crazy amount of time for a Minecraft server; with us being one of the first dedicated town servers ever!

As normal we plan to celebrate this landmark; starting this Saturday 11th! We'll begin this Saturday with a small gathering for some events, including a drop party of sorts; then at the end of that we'll begin over a week of double mcMMO XP leading up to the 18th (plus maybe some other fun!).

The events this Saturday (11th)...
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