Terms of Service


For the purposes of these terms Noobscraft.com, Noobstown.com and any of the Noobscraft/Noobstown associated services may be referred to as "Noobscraft", "Noobstown", "we", "us" or "our". By using the Noobscraft website, or any of the Noobstown.com game or voice servers you are bound to following and agreeing to these Terms of Service.


By using our services you agree to abide by our server and site rules available at https://www.noobscraft.com/rules/. Continued use of our services will indicate you have read and agree to follow our rules. Failure to follow any of the outlined rules will result in a breach of these terms.


By sending payment to Noobscraft or by exchanging Store Credits for things available in our Store you agree that you shall not gain any ownership over those things. You are simply paying to potentially be offered access to select virtual things on our services; the servers and its contents shall remain ownership of Noobscraft. We reserve the right to add, remove, edit or limit your access or use of any features at any point without notice including those which have been offered in exchange for payment.

No benefits for payment will be offered until full payment has been processed, cleared and we have received confirmation of this from our payment providers. Any delays in us receiving payment shall not be considered the fault of Noobscraft. For those paying by e-Check or any other payment method which requires a "Pending" period you are aware that this make take sometime and you shall be offered no benefits until this is complete.

Payments made to Noobscraft or the Noobstown.com server are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Mojang AB, Minecraft or Microsoft. You shall contact Noobscraft at [email protected] regarding any issues with payment or purchases and shall not contact Mojang AB, Minecraft or Microsoft in relation to those issues.

Store Credits

You are aware and agree that Store Credits have no real world value. They cannot be cashed out into any real world currency and cannot be directly transferred to any of our other services. They shall be considered a "soft currency" and may be adjusted by us at any time. By paying to be offered Store Credits you agree that this will not give you any extra rights. You agree that Noobscraft may adjust your Store Credits at any time for any reason, and that you do not have any rights to them; irrespective of any payments made.


You may use our services at no cost, there is no obligation to purchase anything from us. Therefore all payments are final and no refunds will be given under any circumstances. In the event that a transaction is reversed and/or cancelled, the user who placed the initial purchase will be permanently blocked from all of our services, it shall also be considered a breach of these terms. In the event your access to our services is blocked or becomes unavailable this shall no be cause for payment reversal or cancellation.

Any use of Store Credits in exchange for things shall also be considered final and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.


If for whatever reason any of our services are down and you are unable to access them, we are in no way responsible for any issues which may be caused. Noobscraft.com and the Noobstown server are not obliged to provide available services 24/7, 365 days a year. If at any time we decide to add, remove, or edit any of our services or features we have the right to do so without notice.


In the unlikely event of a security breach or other event, Noobscraft and its staff cannot be held liable for any damages, including, but not limited to stolen Store Credits, stolen in-game goods, etc.

Breach of Terms

Failure to abide by the terms set above could result in action taken against your in-game account, site account, and/or other third party services used by you in aid of breaking the terms. We will report any illegal activity to any relevant authorities.