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Noobween Mystery
« on: 19 Oct 2018, 19:15:06 »

Noobween 2018 is here on

This year there's a mystery to solve! Can you help out and solve the mystery? At /warp noobween join in and figure things out; then once Noobween is over all those who managed to solve the mystery and submit the correct solution will earn themselves a share of the reward pot! Visit the Housekeeper in the mansion at /warp noobween using /kit theme for more information!

The mystery is a logic puzzle than can be solved using only the limited information provided. You will have to do some hard thinking and deduction to work things out from the clues. Once you've solved the mystery you need to submit your solution at to earn a reward. Rewards will be given out with the solution once Noobween ends next month.

To help you out there is a logic puzzle grid which will potentially help you deduce things from the clues provided, available here, or as an image here.

This sort of challenge is a little different and involves a lot more thinking than what we've previously done, but hopefully it's a fun challenge for those of you who want to take it on.

If you've got a solution don't share your answer with others, it will ruin the fun for them and may disqualify you from being able to earn a reward.

Plus as normal we've got candy dropping as you do things around the server! Like last year, there are many flavours to collect.

Simply play as you normally would and keep an eye out for the random candy drops! The candy can then be collected and traded in for rewards (including rare heads and money) at /warp noobween. The selection of rewards available might be adjusted as the month goes on so keep checking to see if anything there has changed. Be sure to try a number of different mcMMO skills and in different worlds to see what you can get ;); there are different candies for doing different things (and they're not all the same actions as last year!)

The Noobween Mystery challenge and candy trades will be available for the rest of October and into mid-November!

It's also 2x mcMMO XP this weekend (19th-20th Oct)!

Submit your mystery answers at:
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Re: Noobween Mystery
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Oh wow, just took a look at the mystery it looks amazing and well planned out I hope to figure it out!


Re: Noobween Mystery
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oh my goshh yeyyyY!!! so hyped  :D


Re: Noobween Mystery
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Loving it! Can I make a post of how to get the candies? Or should I wait till later for that? Last year it got published like half way through.


Re: Noobween Mystery
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There was a  link that your supposed to submit it to


Re: Noobween Mystery
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Please read the original post carefully, the solution is to be submitted here:


Re: Noobween Mystery
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Swear to God that when I submitted that link took me here! So sorry! D:  I will repost in the solution page if necessary!


Re: Noobween Mystery
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