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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #50 on: 24 Feb 2014, 13:21:27 »
Username: steve_sufc
Age: 23
Timezone: england
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:
well i love this server i like the community we have here and i want to give something back to the community, this server has a friendly caring community and i would like to do something to keep it this way and help the community grow and enjoy are time on the server.
Unfortunately i cant work because of health issues so i have a lot of free time and feel like being a prefect will give me something to focus on and achieve something meaningful for myself!


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #51 on: 24 Feb 2014, 15:48:03 »
Username: shieldsam
Age: 14 (give me a chance)
Timezone: GMT+0
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:
I really enjoy playing on the server and I've been playing for several years. i want to give something back to the server and help make the community a nicer and more pleasant place to play on!


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #52 on: 25 Feb 2014, 14:27:59 »
username: BUDDER_ROCKS10
timezone: eastern

I whant to be a mod so I can help players and bust hackers and bupes and cheats
also so I can meet new people and have more respect
I ever registered
I promise never to greif
never to abuse
and never ever ban for no reason


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #53 on: 28 Feb 2014, 01:17:57 »
Username: Mannimayn
Age: 15
Timezone: Eastern Standard time
Why do you want to become a perfect?: I want to become a perfect to help out the community in Noobstown. Meaning helping new members/players to the server, getting them started, answering any of their questions, or helping them with issues. I always would love to help keep chat clean to have a safe environment for our members of noobstown. I also have a lot of free time so i will be able to monitor chat a lot. I love helping others.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #54 on: 1 Mar 2014, 09:39:36 »
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:
I want to be a Prefect because I strongly believe I could bring great professionalism to the staff as well as a friendly and helpful persona. I'm very knowledgeable and experienced in management and running social sites. I love helping others as best as I can and I love keeping a clean, fun, family-friendly atmosphere. I want the very best for the Noobstown server as well as all of the staff and members. I think by me being a part of staff I could help a lot especially during odd hours of the day because I'm usually on for most of the time. While working I like to stand by certain morals and professionalism such as: being fair to all players, never picking favorites, when there are certain rules I expect them to apply to everyone equally. I like to give warnings first, then act upon punishments accordingly and sequentially via different steps/levels of punishment. While helping others I like to do everything I can to do my research and provide a client with correct information. I'm very patient when it comes to others. I will sit down and take time to make sure all questions are answered and all confusion resolved.

With that, I believe I would be a great prefect and I hope to be able to join the team and keep Noobstown running smoothly.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Marissa Jaeger (MsManifestation)

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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #55 on: 12 Mar 2014, 01:17:47 »
Username: TekStyle420

Age: 31

Timezone: CST (central standard time)

Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I enjoy playing on this server, and I am willing and able to help out if you so desire.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #56 on: 12 Mar 2014, 19:16:47 »
Username: Boncey
Age: Will provide upon request.
Timezone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Why do I want to become a prefect?:

I believe I will be a helpful and friendly prefect to the players of this server. I have always enjoyed the Noobstown/Noobscraft series of servers and want to become more immersed within the community. I have played here for quite a while now and have many friends on the server (AQW, Duelcon, EmperorMyrf, Xenorac etc,). I think that I would make a great addition to the Noobstown team. I have been an admin on a few servers and host my own servers, and play with my friends on them (Bukkit with the usual plugins and some unique ones). So I am familiar with all the commands a Prefect or Moderator needs to use and know on a daily basis to help players and sort out issues. I have been playing Minecraft since the Late Alphas and Early Betas. I have had a great experience with the game's community and this server. I also have a lot of free time so I will be able to be on quite often. I hope you choose me for prefect. Thanks alot for reading.

PS. Special thanks to all the prefects, moderators and admins who have helped me in the past!  :)
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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #57 on: 15 Mar 2014, 00:50:42 »
Username: Liamcal
Age: 13
Timezone: EST US (East Coast)
Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I have been a member of Noobscraft for almost two years. I love the close-knit community and how nice, respectful, and kind everyone is. People have been there for me along the way, and now I think it's time for me to step up and be there for them. I would love to teach people the ways of the server and help out whenever I can.
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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #58 on: 15 Mar 2014, 20:43:01 »
Username: terrencethethird
Age: 16
Timezone: London GMT
Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I would like to be a prefect as I naturally like to help people and I have played on this server for quite a while now and I feel that I should be giving something back to the server by offering my help. I get personal satisfaction in helping other people have the best experience they can on Noobscraft as it is a server that has given me a lot of good experiences. I have had plenty of moderating experience in my years of playing Minecraft and know the correct way to treat other players and also how to behave myself.

Thanks for reading,



Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #59 on: 23 Mar 2014, 14:47:41 »
Username: Psychovisual
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT
Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I want to be a prefect because I believe that i understand better than most what it is like to be staff. Along with the duties and responsibilities the job requires. I have over 2 years experience in minecraft and i have staffed many servers, as well as a few quite popular ones. My experiences in staffing have ranged from being co-owner and administrator to architect and moderator. However I would say that my skill set is based around interaction with other players. Therefore since Noobscraft is such a family friendly server I feel like my skills could be put to good use.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #60 on: 23 Mar 2014, 17:58:58 »
- Username -

- Age -

- Timezone -
Central European

- Why Do You Want To Be A Prefect? -
Currently on the server I got close to nothing to do, as Vanilla is just getting boring, and I feel like I always do the same things over and over again to actually do someting while online, not just sit there.

I want to be a Prefect to have something to do, which is to help out players and keep the chat clean, being a part of the staff would give me a reason to come online.
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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #61 on: 25 Mar 2014, 20:13:33 »
Username: Seedoub1eyou
Age: 22
Timezone: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:  Being a Perfect would allow me to use my vast knowledge of Minecraft, server Rules and Guidelines to aid old & new players of Noobstown in anyway fit. I believe that all characters should be judged equally be that of the Mods, Perfects, etc. I am and can be active almost all day everyday. It would be my honor to help the server as it has helped me through my days of being on Noobstown. Helping the community strive to be a great community is my goal and with me as perfect I CAN insure that I play my part in helping the Noobstown community grow.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #62 on: 29 Mar 2014, 02:14:52 »

Username: kingofpinkpuppy


timezone: DST

Why i want to be prefect is because i want to help other sure but i really want to be the person like most staff the person who stops the people who is not doing the right and put them back the right way another reason is because i love welcoming people to the server and when people come on i ask them if they need help i find them a plot and that is why i want to be prefect   


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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #64 on: 8 Apr 2014, 01:18:32 »
Username: craftymatt13OH
Age: 46, Yes 46
Timezone: CST
Why do you want to be a Prefect?: The reason I would like to be a Prefect is because in the short time I have been on this server I have really grown to love this server and the community. I would love to become part of this great staff and help the Administration, mods and other Prefects help keep this server as wonderful and family oriented as it is. As you may know I have 2 girls, BamaGirl365, who is 19 and plays on this server and a 6 year old. As a mother, I have strict guidelines with my girls on how they should act. As a Prefect I would use those same guidelines. We have been on several servers before coming to this one with Craftymatt13 and the language was completely inappropriate. I have read the rules and regulations and feel that I can help monitor and keep things in the manner that you have set. I also love helping people and try to help people in chat when I can. I would appreciate this wonderful opportunity to help keep this server as wonderful as it is. Thank you so much for your consideration.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #65 on: 8 Apr 2014, 16:35:51 »
Staff Edit:  Please only post prefect applications here.  Thank you.
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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #66 on: 16 Apr 2014, 21:28:57 »
Username: danniel1998

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT

Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I've been a member of this server for almost 3 years now and I believe it's time to repay the server for everything its provided me with these past years. Noobstown has always been my favourite server and was the first server I found myself regularly on and a persistent online member of the community. I've always looked up to the staff on this server with their behavior and the way they conduct themselves in many situations and I would love to do what they do. I feel like I am mature enough to handle the responsibilities of being a Prefect in the correct manner. Although with my sketchy past I believe I still have to right attitude to join the staff team as I would love to make a better contribution to the server after all the amazing memories I have already made on this server. Finally I am on the server a lot with myself having a large amount of free time so I will be able to help out a lot on the server. Thank you for reading my application.
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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #67 on: 17 Apr 2014, 22:37:46 »
Username: ProtocolAlpha

Age: 16

Timezone: EST

Why do you want to be a Prefect?

Along time Noobstown has become a place where I come everyday after school to relax and have a good time, enjoy experiences, talk to people and relieve from daily stress. This server has become one of the strongest communities I have become part of, where I feel safe. I want other people to enjoy this server as much as I do and I want to repay the server for all the wonderful experiences and amount of entertainment it has offer to me. With me being a prefect I will try my best to help all the players that are in struggle and help the staff keep the server in a safe environment so others can enjoy. I will always go by the rules, not picking any favorites. I will gladly leave all my matters aside and put the server matters as first priority. I am a Spanish speaker as a first language, being available to help people who only speak Spanish in the server, and I study in an all-English school having a good English to help out the rest of Noobstown. Thank you for reading this application.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #68 on: 19 Apr 2014, 14:01:08 »
(Slight edit as I did not like my use of words)
IGN: leigh5556
Age:14 (15 in august)
Time zone:Gmt
Why I want to be a prefect: I believe we need more enforcement but we need to keep the youthful side of noobstown alive by bringing in younger staff I also believe in organisation a very mportant role in our community that is why you need a person like me 14 coming 15 next month who will bring the youthful community back to noobstown and lift the spirits of many as I have been a "dedicated player" for 1 year and a half no other server I have entered so I know the challange I know how the window of survival servers is shrinking so I would consider this extremely carefully as I will be a core asset to your server I have never let a human being down now let me prove what I have to give to this awesome community we have and are keeping alive

This is not the end of survival it is not the begining it is not the begining of the end  but the only way its not going to be the end is to run the server with more youthful zest which is where I come in

 Too long have we forgotten what we used to be this server has had over 250k visitors lets bring them back where they belong a happy place and youthful place called noobstown

Continue to grow this community and bring it back from the dark ages :D

I appricate you all reading this

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Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #69 on: 29 Apr 2014, 02:05:03 »
Username: Untamed_Kitten
Age: 13
Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time)
Why do you want to be a Perfect?
I may  be a little bit young but I would be a Great Perfect, Cause i would be on 5 times a week at the most and 3 times at the least . I Would watch for spam, disrespect, violence, Swearing, and etc. I would help out confused New People/Guests and help them out until they don't need my help (I would help if they need/ask again).
I may be young but I would be a Good Perfect for a long time.
(This is all your choice don't give me perfect  cause of my Gender)


Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #70 on: 1 May 2014, 20:45:34 »
Timezone: MST or GMT -7
Why do you want to be a Prefect?: I would like to be a prefect because I enjoy helping people, I try to be involved with everything on the sever and TeamSpeak. I have helped host servers with a similar plugins, so I have spent some time working with a good variety of command and tools. I have a vary easygoing personality so that I get along with most people, but I am also willing to help resolve problems between player. I am highly decanted to playing on this server, have put lots of time into everything that I do on ever level mcmmo and building a town.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #71 on: 3 May 2014, 00:29:46 »
Name: Blackrosemom964

Age:  33

Time Zone: EST

Why do you want to be a Prefect?  I have three children so i know how to deal with conflict and would resolve any conflict to the best of my ability.  I would like for my kids to be able to play on this server and have as much fun as i have so I would strive to acknowledge and help any new noobs the same way that i was helped when i started, and maintain the integrity of the server. Thank You for any opportunity's that I am given.


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #72 on: 3 May 2014, 16:19:53 »
Username: randomjk
Timezone: UTC
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:
I want to be a prefect because i want to give the community back what they give me when i joined im used to conflict with being a admin and owner  etc on other servers and helping people with things like if there stuck on commands or just welcoming them into the server all the little things :)



Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #73 on: 3 May 2014, 20:44:35 »
Name: Jblazer078

Age:  15

Time Zone: EST

Why do you want to be a Prefect?  I want a Prefect because when I first got onto Noobstown I was confused on where to go and what to do.. And the prefects were there to help me out and they made me feel welcome to the server. I would love to help people that are having trouble, and have them enjoy Noobstown as much as I do. When my friend first started on the server I gave him 1000 Nbz and talked to the mayor for him and got him a plot of land, and gave him enough money to start out with. My friends username is Thy4avenger, and when he told me he really enjoyed playing Noobstown it brought a big smile on my face. If someone is having a problem I try and help them as much as I can. So please pick me to be a prefect, I think I would do well at the job.           


Re: Prefect Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #74 on: 11 May 2014, 02:59:48 »
 Username: sir_Andrew99876
Age: 14
Timezone: eastern U.S.A. Timezone in Michigan
Why do I want to be a Prefect?:I would like to be a prefect on noobstown because I am responsible and active on the server. I NEVER use foul language and can help new and current players. I will be respectful and fair on decisions, I will do the correct and nobler thing and will not lie. I will comply with orders from any senior officer and will ot argue with people. I will respect the decision of the owners and high ranking staff for any of their decisions.
Thank you. Everyone for anything and everything, I am currently a Boy scout who is trying to become an eagle scout and I am in 7th grade in a middle school in  the United States.
I'm a male human  :)

Sorry for any trouble I have or have not caused.
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