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Re: Chatmod Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #225 on: 2 Nov 2018, 01:35:55 »
Username: craftykitten2007
Age: 10 (Going to be 11 on November 16th)
Timezone: CST
Why do you want to be a Chatmod?: I would love to be a chatmod for a few different reasons. First of all, the server is SUCH a great place! I have been playing Noobstown since 2014, and I started on my birthday, so coming up on 5 years on Noobstown. On minecraft its self, I have been playing for around 5-7 years, and I know minecraft well. I love to help people with stuff, and I'm on a lot. People on the server are amazing, and sometimes people will ask questions, and I can answer them, pretty often. I always, always, ALWAYS go by the rules. I am a very trustworthy person, and I will help people when they need it. Even though I am not chat mod, I still help people. I have a great set of eyes, and can see a bunch that, some people may not see! I would really love to be staff on such an amazing server.  Also, I used to be a staff member on another server, so I do know what it is like to be a staff member. I hope you enjoyed reading my application. Have a great day/night!
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Re: Chatmod Application (Moderator application)
« Reply #226 on: 4 Nov 2018, 17:49:17 »
Username: My Minecraft username is FAMBUILD.

Age: I am 12 years young.

Timezone: My timezone is GMT.

Why I want to be a Mod: I want to be a mod because firstly, NoobCraft is such an AMAZING server, secondly, I love to help the community, and make everyone happy, and feel that things are fair, and third, I want to give new players a warm welcome, and if needed, I'll help them. I just want everyone to feel things are fair, and make the community of Noobcraft a  jolly place, so that users continue to be nice to eachother, and although that I'm new on the NoobCraft server, I feel very welcome, and I want to make others feel as welcome as I did, and just carry the friendly tradition onward.