The Ice Castle (In Process of Building) (P.S. Vacation)  (Read 568 times)

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DISCLAIMER: This build is not yet finished. Do not be surprised if you see unfinished areas as it's still something that I have to work hard on.

Hello all Noobs!

For the past 3 weeks I have been working on a new building project in my wild chunks. It is an ice castle, spanning 60 chunks! Not inspired by anything else but real-life castles, I decided to make this build as I feel that we don't really have a build of this scale made of ice and snow (and other blocks that fit with those 2 things). With a huge amount of rooms spread across 1 "main building" and 2 side towers, a lot of things are going to be in this huge build!

Here's a list of rooms, for (potential) future reference (crossed over means that it's built):
Diamond Exchange x2 (not set up)
Level 30 Enchantment Table x2
Staircases in left tower
Staircases in right tower
Banquet hall
Room for tips and tricks to grind mcMMO Skills
Room for tips and tricks to make money efficiently
View Area in main building
View Area in left tower
View Area in right tower
Throne room
Guest bedroom x2
Personal bedroom
Back garden with "art"

You can turn in your own tips and tricks for grinding mcMMO or getting money! Your name will be written if you submitted the tip first.
If you want 1 or 2 chests in the diamond exchange, message me on the site.
Thanks for reading. Have fun!


P.S. My activity will drop significantly/cease for another 2 and a half weeks as I am travelling around Europe in car, starting tomorrow.


Re: The Ice Castle (In Process of Building) (P.S. Vacation)
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The castle is truly impressive.  Have a safe trip and have a lot of fun!