Uhm, my name used to be Miner_Man123456, and I am a veteran I suppose.  (Read 102 times)

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Many of you will probably not remember me, and defiantly not under this username, I used to go under the username written in the title, incredibly creative I know, and I used to be a player on here a really long time ago.

Now recently it dawned on me that this server was still a thing, now I do not remember the cause of why I left, I recall being banned, but I believe that was before the server made the switch to the new current world, I even remember the name of my first ever town on the old server, Flintwood, maybe that rings a bell for some of you, good times.

Reading some of the things I used to post and say are less than pleasant, some even rather cringe, but I was a child after all, and as a child on the internet you kinda say whatever comes to your mind and think of the consequences later.

Now the point of this post is literally to see if anybody remembers me, I have completely lost access to my old minecraft account and bought this new one a little bit ago, can't even remember the email connected to the account (maybe an admin can help recover that one?)

Anyways, that is all for now, I likely wont be playing on the server since getting back to where I was all those years ago sure is gone take a toll on my free time, which I don't have much of to begin with.


I do remember you, I can't say we got along very well but I find it very mature of you to admit to the old childish ways. :D


I do remember you! I was Dmonemac95, not that it should ring a bell, I was just a helper around Morningwood, and later Forthwind.


Is anyone still active on the server? I wouldn't mind start playing again if the progress I had would be transferred over to this new account, that is likely a lot to ask for, but starting from scratch would be too much.


Yes, there are people active.