Wither Skeleton spawning?  (Read 1000 times)

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Wither Skeleton spawning?
« on: 1 Jul 2016, 00:44:03 »
First off, I didn't know where to put this topic because "Server issues" didn't fit since this was done manually. So, I just put it here.

Onto the reason why I'm making this topic...
I logged on first today at around 16:00 CEST (4 PM, 10 AM in EST) and decided to head off to the Nether to grind some Wither Skeleton Skulls to sell/use to spawn the Wither and get the Nether Star.
I logged on and off, but I spent at least a decent 3 hours trying to find ANY Wither Skeleton. To my surprise (and slight irritation), I didn't find a single one. Which is weird, considering that I saw at least 100 skeletons in the Nether Fortress platform that I was in.
After talking to Moderators in the server, they informed me that the Wither Skeleton spawning had been nerfed. But not seeing 1 Wither Skeleton in a Nether Fortress for 3+ hrs doesn't mean it's nerfed, it just seems like it's been removed completely.
Also, I noticed that Nether mobs spawned much less and usually on their lonesome. Usually you see 2 groups of Blazes, 1-2 Wither Skeletons (sometimes with a regular Skeleton), and if you're lucky, you'll spot a group of the Wither Skeletons. Magma Cubes appear at times and Zombie Pigmen spawn in groups of 2-5. There's always a group of mobs to kill. Now, I might not see any mob outside the area for 3 minutes until I see a Zombie Pigman or Blaze, wandering/flying about. If I'm lucky, I'll see a group of mobs, however that is very seldom, maybe once every 30 minutes.
I can definitely understand the reasoning behind it. Before this "nerf", the Nether Fortresses were flocked with mobs that were out to kill you/that you were out to kill. It made grinding Wither Skeleton skulls very easy and wouldn't take much time at all. But now, this isn't making it harder, this is making it truly impossible. Not once today did I see a Wither Skeleton that I could potentially get a skull from, but lots of Skeletons over the course of 180 minutes (3 hours).
In Vanilla, the "skeleton variety chance" in the Nether is like this: If a group of 5 skeletons spawn in the Nether, 4 of them will become Wither Skeletons, and the last will become regular, which means that you'd have a 4/5 chance of spawning a Wither Skeleton, or 80%. I can agree, 80%'s a bit too much. But a spawning rate of 1% or less is a bit overkill, don't you think?

I'd really like a response on this, since I've now made Nether stuff my 2nd method of income, so Wither Skeleton Skull grinding is important to me, and there's a few others that also try to get money from killing mobs in the Nether.


Re: Wither Skeleton spawning?
« Reply #1 on: 1 Jul 2016, 21:33:30 »
I'm really sorry about this, this should be fixed now. They should spawn like previously again now. Sorry about the few days where it wasn't quite right.


Re: Wither Skeleton spawning?
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Thanks, I'll come on later to check if it works :)