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« on: 15 Jul 2016, 12:18:53 »
As I guess most people know, our voting system is slightly off. You can vote twice a day through 2 different devices connected to separate internet routers, or something along those lines, and although PMC only registers one of the votes, the server does NOT, it registers both of the votes, giving the player double the amount of money (5,000 Nbz). So, double voting (you can do it on more accounts if you are fast enough) doesn't benefit in promoting the server MORE, it's just being abused to gain more money and to register more votes for the server, by the server.
This is a problem because of the monthly competition "Top Voters of the Month", where a person gets a prize for voting so many times, according to what the server has registered. The price is pretty big for some people that can't/don't make money fast or efficiently, and that can lead to a voting lead over others who might've voted far more days than you have, when you cheated in those extra votes.

What I want to suggest, to counter these extra votes, is to either:
A: Make vote abuse punishable in 5 stages. First, a warning. Then a kick from the server if they're online at the time when they "double vote". Then, jail for X amount of time. Then, temporary ban for however long, maybe 1 day, then a month long ban. (Note: these things can be automated, since the server register the amount of votes that come in, so console should be able to do the punishment/send out an automated message in-game. If they decide to double-vote, those votes will not be counted in for the tournament/competition.)
B: Disband the "Top Voters of the Month" competition altogether until Larry and/or Foob solves that issue.

I know, I've heard multiple times "Larry's cool with it", but I am NOT as long as the tournament/competition is still a thing. It's easily abused, grants money that you were not offered since double voting was never meant to be a thing, and can lead to money that a person gets from cheating.


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« Reply #1 on: 15 Jul 2016, 15:54:53 »
Are you sure a player gets paid twice? I know I've voted from home and from work in the same day and I don't think I've received more than the $2500. I've done it, not to game the system, but to ensure one of my votes is counted in a 24 hour cycle. I typically vote at the same time during the day and if I miss that window it throws off the schedule so I'll put in a back-up vote if I know I'll miss it next go around.

I could test the payout to verify, but I'm sure the admin already knows the answer.

I don't have an issue with multiple payouts of $2500 if that is actually happening. What I would have a problem with, is a player getting a higher vote count even though they haven't voted everyday and ending with a higher ranking at the end of the month through multiple votes over fewer days. I try hard to vote everyday and I wouldn't want that reward going to someone else.


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Are you sure a player gets paid twice?

That's the info that Rueyeet told me. And I do think that it's the case.


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I get your frustration because I felt the same way at first, until I learned some of the facts. First the double voting does count on the PMC so it does benefit the server. Second, You only get the 5k when you’re physically on the server when you vote, when you vote while not on the server you only get 2500. Third this is a PMC problem not our server problem so Larry or foob can’t fix it. I know Larry’s looked into it and there’s nothing he can do and its been going on for awhile now. Having to monitor the voting would be a hassle and take up a lot of time for staff.  I feel the punishment for helping the server is unnecessary along with stopping the competition because they both would make people vote less therefore the server doesn’t benefit at all. The server and the players benefit from this even if you’re not on the top voters list because you can get more than 2500 per day. Many people don’t like it, but there’s nothing that can be done about it. It benefits all so why stop? I don’t know all the technical things but this is the basic information that I’ve been told and I totally understand where you’re coming from, just nothing can be done because stopping it would have negative affects for Noobscraft and the players.


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I'm not sure PMC does count both votes...whenever I vote from two devices, one tells me "successfully voted" and the other gives me an error page - both on the PMC side.

I just don't think it's fair if this multiple-device trick is only known to a handful of players who use it to get top ten every month.  Imagine how you'd feel if, after diligently voting day after day like Prof_Templeton (and seriously, his morning vote is like clockwork!) you watched all these other players get rewarded month after month, then found out they knew something you didn't.

I can understand if there's no way for the admins to track/quantify this.  But there must be a vote count per player;  maybe if a given player's vote count is greater than the total days in the month, the extras could be tossed out to make it more fair?


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There's also a unfairness factor which goes along the lines of:
Not everyone has multiple internet connections to make, (one is the house's WiFi, the other is the cellphone's mobile data as example for mutiple). And not everyone has good enough internet.
Let's say that I had terrible internet. There would be no way that I'd get the double vote, but I vote every single day of the month. Then, why should I get beat by a person who voted 18 of 31 days, but double-voted all those days? That wouldn't be close to fair.
Simple. If there won't be a punish for the multiple voting, there's option B - NOT having that kind of competition until it is then resolved by PMC.


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« Reply #6 on: 16 Jul 2016, 17:24:47 »
I have to agree with eboniics, even though the system may be flawed it should stay in place. Without the monthly rankings I wouldn't be inclined to vote every day. $2500 is not that great an incentive to compel me. I can make that amount fairly easily and quickly. I'm sure others feel the same.

Both times I've made the rankings I only voted from one device and I missed days. I made No.4 with maybe 26 or 27 votes for the month. I made No.10 with maybe 23 or 24. If you are committed to voting every day you can still get on there using one device. July is the first month I've entered supplemental votes from another location because I'm bound to miss a few days and I wasn't satisfied with 10th place.


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« Reply #7 on: 19 Jul 2016, 13:50:25 »
It would seem that PMC may have resolved this issue on their own, as this no longer works for me. I'm not sure if simultaneous voting on multiple devices still works because I can't do that.