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« on: 3 Dec 2015, 19:50:00 »
Hello everyone on noobstown/mineapoc.

Id like to say something abount mineapoc, Its falling down.....
Pepole dont play on mineapoc regulary anymore and id love to change that because mineapoc is still one of my favorite servers.
What i think mineapoc needs is a update like the elven one and a brand new community to start up the server again.
I think, if you get like 3 pepole online who used to play it alot, and they just do nothing more then talking about their experiences about mineapoc that the server will get better bit by bit.
I was really sad to hear mineapoc was going offline.
In that time i tried to contact foob about it but i didnt get any response.
What i hope to achieve with this topic is that pepole start playing on mineapoc again like they did a year ago.
The onliest thing that the server needs are: Some votes, A brand new community, A HUGE update( Removing the ff armor) and some new staff

I hope this was a inspiration for pepole who also dont want mineapoc to go down....

Greetings: Lucky_Michael - Loyal fan of mineapoc


Re: Mineapoc???
« Reply #1 on: 3 Dec 2015, 20:13:28 »
Mineapoc is merging with noobscraft, and you'll be able to play on here via different gamemodes i think from what ive heard

this link should have some more info: https://www.noobscraft.com/support/server-merge/


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« Reply #2 on: 3 Dec 2015, 20:51:56 »
That is most likely the reason; Mineapoc will soon be merging with Noobscraft. You can find more info about this on Mineapocs website. I don't see any updates happening any time soon because what would be the point if Mineapoc is to be merging? As a Noobscraft community we don't have a whole lot of information on the merge we just know it will be happening.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions.



Re: Mineapoc???
« Reply #3 on: 3 Dec 2015, 21:56:07 »
Mineapoc will be merging with noobscraft soon, thus creating one big community. Therefore it is unlikely there will be any further updates to mineapoc in its current form. However I feel that many apoc players have been left "in the dark" as some questions remain unanswered.


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« Reply #4 on: 3 Dec 2015, 22:56:00 »
Hi, I'm going to look into some exchanges soon for items to money.

Foob what happened to this?


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« Reply #5 on: 4 Dec 2015, 01:56:13 »
Foob what happened to this?

It's most likely still being worked on. I don't think it intended to be released or announced right away plus Foob has been busy lately with finals.


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« Reply #6 on: 4 Dec 2015, 22:10:41 »
Oh no Finals! I'm only in high school and there tough now! xD
I fell ya Foob you take all the time you need!


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« Reply #7 on: 5 Dec 2015, 09:45:50 »
While I appreciate your commitment to Mineapoc.com; Foob can't currently manage the work load required to actively support continuous new content on both servers at this time, therefore for the benefit of both communities we believe it best that they be merged so they can be both managed together.

For more information regarding this please read http://www.minecraftapocalypse.com/news.html. If you have any specific questions regarding the merger please make a Support topic and ask your questions.