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My night at Pentatonix.
« on: 2 Jun 2016, 00:29:03 »
So, as some of you know I went to Pentatonix tonight. For the people that didn't knew, now you know.

I've been a Pentatonix fan for a long time, probably for about 3 years now and I finally got to see them. So here is my trip to Pentatonix today, as much pictures as I could include.

On my way to Amsterdam. Not much to see other then fields.

This is a station called 'Amsterdam Sloterdijk' It's one of the most busy train stations in Amsterdam. But if you wait around for to long there for your train you might get suicidal thoughts. The feeling there is really depressing, it's always cold and it looks like ****.

Finally arrived at Amsterdam central station. Or as we call it 'Amsterdam Centraal'. This is one of the big things there, it's a public piano, free for everybody that wants to play on it. This guy was playing; 'Hello' by Adele.

One of the many canals in Amsterdam. If you've ever been to Amsterdam, you know how many canals we have. If you haven't been there, just picture Venice in Italy. But then all the canals are the good level and water won't be flowing into your house after 1 big rain storm.

As a surprise for my girlfriend we went to a little Italian restaurant in Amsterdam called: 'Mappa'. If you're in Amsterdam and you like Italian food. Go there. I forgot to take a picture but it was really nice. I had some of the best pasta I've ever ate there, and trust me. I've had a lot of different pastas in my life.

When we were done eating it was time to go to The Heineken Music Hall where Pentatonix was preforming.
But first, it was time for a support act. It was: 'Us The Duo'.
I didn't know those people before this evening but their music was really good and it tied perfectly into the rest of the evening.
Us the Duo is a 2 people group, husband and wife. If you don't know them. Go find them on Youtube. I certainly loved it. (Link to Us The Duo: )

When Us The Duo finished it was time for a short break. Just enough time to go to the bathroom, get something to drink and get some good places. Because of my ADD I can't stand in huge crowds, so we looked for the best place, a bit to the back. Where we could stand, dance and still have a little bit of personal space.

Me and my girlfriend, waiting for Pentatonix to begin.

There they are! The act of the evening! I was so thrilled I almost cried. For the people that don't know, the people from Pentatonix, from left to right are: Avi Kaplan, Kirstin Maldonado (Or Christy), Scott Hoying, Mitchell Grassi (Commonly known as Mitch) and Kevin Olusola (I had to look up this one on Wikipedia)

The rest of the evening was just enjoying the most and just letting all of my worries fade for an hour. I enjoyed the hell out of the concert.

Love you all,

P.S.: You can click on all of the images to make them bigger.


Re: My night at Pentatonix.
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Glad you are having a great time !


Re: My night at Pentatonix.
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Because of you and Xy I know who Pentatonix is. I bet they are amazing live. Looks like you and GF had a great evening. Thanks for sharing pix!


Re: My night at Pentatonix.
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I love Pentatonix!

I bet that was a fabulous time!

Also, that's a really great picture of you & your gf!