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Other / Re: When is Your Birthday?
« on: 24 Mar 2017, 16:34:58 »
February 5th  :D

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Share/Stocks
« on: 12 Mar 2017, 15:16:31 »
Isn't really the best thing for a server aimed for all ages, I'd say.

Server Announcements / Re: We're turning 6!
« on: 10 Mar 2017, 20:44:17 »
Bummed I can't make it this Saturday. Hopefully another drop party throughout the week.

Server Announcements / Re: We're turning 6!
« on: 9 Mar 2017, 00:51:20 »
Excited! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Support / Guest on teamspeak?
« on: 8 Mar 2017, 01:37:52 »
The server automatically mutes and deafens me when I join. Anyone know a fix? It says I am a guest but that isn't the case.

Other / Re: I need some help...
« on: 8 Mar 2017, 00:51:30 »
:P You might still want to work out your answers to those questions, or contact Mojang just in case you wish to change your password or skin or need to access the account for another reason. But it's great that you can now access the server again :).

Yeah I was going to follow up on that. Excited to be back!

Other / Re: I need some help...
« on: 7 Mar 2017, 03:27:54 »

Cringe Warning

I tried for kicks to download the game. Of course it let me, you apparently don't have to buy to download. So after downloading, I signed in. No security questions. And here I am playing the game.


Other / Re: I need some help...
« on: 5 Mar 2017, 04:37:23 »

I somehow got my transaction ID from Skrill, the server's payment partner from 2011-Dec 2013. I used that in my email to Mojang. Hope this works.



Other / I need some help...
« on: 4 Mar 2017, 02:31:01 »
Hey everyone! I have not been on Noobstown for a long time now, and I have my reasons. Since not being on Minecraft they have switched over to Mojang accounts, and I deleted the email associated to my Minecraft account. I now have a new email but cannot get past the "answer security questions screen-- What's your pet's name? and Who is your best friend?" when trying to sign in to my Minecraft account as I do not remember the answers to these questions. To even email Mojang support, you need your transaction ID created at time of purchase. Paypal does not go back to 2011 from now, so I am stuck.

I cannot email Mojang without my transaction ID, and I cannot answer my security questions when trying to sign in on a new computer. I am stuck, and I desperately want to play. (I do not want to buy it again and lose all my data on Noobstown or have to make a new forum account.)

Any suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks as always, and thanks for the help.


Suggestions & Ideas / Re: /ignore - Ignore TP as well?
« on: 28 Feb 2015, 00:55:39 »
To be honest, for the time being we can also just close our eyes and pretend we're not getting msgs, tpa requests and useless gifts by the trolls. Just saying. We're posting for a solution, not a bandage.

Well stated. I agree with mrfloris, it would still take action to do all the commands when you could just not receive the gift in the first place.

Suggestions & Ideas / Hunger Games Mini Game?
« on: 27 Feb 2015, 15:37:30 »
This has probably been brought up before, but you know, whatever. I was thinking about possibly a hunger games mini game in the mini game section? It could just be for events, or it could be always open. I feel like it would be a fun way to get together with my fellow noobs and do a friendly competition. Just an idea I had...

Pictures / Re: Winter Storm In Alabama
« on: 26 Feb 2015, 14:07:16 »
It's dumping in Raleigh here as well. We got 9" last night!  :/

News / Re: Going to university at age 12 xD
« on: 24 Feb 2015, 20:52:26 »
good luck out there, soldier  :)

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Sugar Cane in /Shop
« on: 24 Feb 2015, 16:49:48 »
As explained in previous suggestions for the same thing, I'll repeat: You can completely automate sugarcane farming without the need for any user input, this is why it is not in the /shop options. We don't have any plans to add it because of this; it is extremely easy if you set up a simple automatic farm in your home to gain large quantities in a very short amount of time, and you never even have to look at it because it could be running completely in the background.

All of the other items in the shop you mentioned (including logs) do require some sort of user input to either break or re-place the farmed item. If you know of a way to completely automate them without any player input please PM me and I'll look into that. If you don't have a need for the sugarcane why farm it? Surely you could pick a product which has a /shop value if you're so keen to sell it?

I see what twisted is trying to say, but I will have to go with Larry on this one. It would be a good idea to make it just 5 noobs, but you can farm sugar cane so fast, the money would add up quickly. I do feel like it would be a good addition to the shop for the players. Honestly, you could just do nether wart or something and make a ton of money as well.

Server Announcements / Re: Double EXP Weekend!
« on: 20 Feb 2015, 20:28:50 »

Hey all,

This weekend is a double exp. weekend! - Hop online and level up your skills twice as fast exclusively this weekend!

foob you make me happy when skies are grey

Username: Jocoltsfan
Age: 13 (Some people have thought I was in my 20ies because of my maturity level)
Timezone: USA Eastern Time Zone
Why do you want to be a Prefect?:
I want to be Prefect because of my love for the server. It would be a fun experience, and amazing to be considered a leader on the greatest server of all time. I think there are 4 main reasons you should consider me as prefect. 1st, my maturity level. I can be mature and serious whenever necessary, but I can also lay back and have some fun. 2nd, for my love and loyalty to the server. I first started playing Noobscraft when it was either v4 or v5, whenever the town NOVA existed. I played very frequently, and loved the server dearly. I became inactive for a bit, mainly because Minecraft wouldn't run on my computer anymore because of how bogged down with a bunch of garbage. I eventually took charge and had it cleaned, and now, I'm back full force and ready for action! Next, the 3rd reason, Activity. I try to be as active as possible. Along with my activity, I normally play when through with homework, and whenever I have free time. I am in the Boy Scouts of America, so I go camping once a month for 3 days usually the first or second weekend of every month. Also, during weekdays from 7:45-3:00 I have school, and depending on the season, possibly sporting activities afterwards. Otherwise, very active on the server. Lastly, the 4th reason, Likability. I think if you pick me as a Prefect, you will be very happy with what you get in return. I think you will enjoy having me as a Prefect, and I think the players will also. There you have it, the 4 reasons. Please consider me for this spot of leadership and please do not just decline because of my age!

Thank you,

My name is Jocoltsfan, and I approve this message :)   

Site Announcements / Re: Towns are Now on the Map!
« on: 19 Feb 2015, 21:36:24 »
You can access that at if you hover over to the right side and using the window which appears select to view the 3d view. The link mrfloris linked is just a direct access to the same map displayed at /map/, it's just easier to remember simply typing /map/ compared to the port number.

oh yes I see, Thanks Larry :D

Site Announcements / Re: Towns are Now on the Map!
« on: 19 Feb 2015, 20:31:46 »
For a full screen experience:

I think this 3d-ish type map floris provided is the one we should use, instead of the 2d one. Easier to find things, and it looks 5x cooler. Just a thought...

Towns & Nations / Re: Nation for sale
« on: 6 Dec 2012, 23:43:33 »
Oh, one more thing. Could Zee and Harry stop arguing about this issue? If it continues, the future posts of the argument will be removed. Plus a possible warning for the both of you D=

LOL Bucky u just got schooled :)

Server Announcements / Re: Noobmas Events! Dec 1st - 25th
« on: 6 Dec 2012, 23:37:48 »
Definately going to be a fun one. Thanks Admins/Mods for all the hard work. :D

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