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News / Stepping Back
« on: 22 Mar 2016, 05:59:05 »
Hello friends, members of Noobstown.

As you may have seen, since late January, I haven't been very active on Noobscraft. This is due to a variety of new things and interests that have come into my life, of which I do not wish to detail. I will pop on here or there but since I will not be able to make major progress on things like my head collection or my town, Celestia, I have handed some of my things to others who I can trust, and have actively played with for all this time. The town of Celestia has welcomed its second mayor - Randoperson, who has been my loyal and trusty co-mayor ever since I founded the town a little over a year ago. My head collection, which has over 230 unique specimens, including rarer ones such as the Wizard Orb and the Demonic Overlord, has been handed off to the crafties, who I see as leaders in this community, and who I trust will keep them safe and use them well. My small fortune of a little less than 1,000,000 nbz has been put into the bank of Celestia so they can prosper for much longer. Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me, befriended me, partied with me, and the list goes on.

Thank You,

Towns & Nations / ~Nevermind~
« on: 12 Feb 2016, 04:55:40 »
Everything is being solved.  :)

Other / Happy Holidays to Noobstown!
« on: 22 Dec 2015, 21:18:32 »
Hi everyone, and as Christmas approaches, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, lots of laughter, cheer, and warm feelings all around! Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, make sure you take time out of your glorious adventures on Noobstown to spend time with family, pets, etc.!

Wishing you a Happy Holidays - meep and the town of Celestia!  <3 

Guides / Chat Slangs and Acronyms Guide
« on: 15 Dec 2015, 00:39:05 »
Hello readers, I am here to guide people who are new to Minecraft chat, Noobstown chat, or Internet chat/messaging's slang, shortened words, and acronyms. Feel free to add on to this guide with phrases or acronyms I might have missed.

lol - laugh out loud (something is generally funny)
lel - laugh excessively/extremely loud (something is very funny)
some1 - someone
w/c or wc - wrong chat channel (someone spoke in a channel they didn't mean to)
brb - be right back
bbl - be back later
l8r - later
m8 - a friend (i.e I like kangaroos m8)
lmao - laugh my butt off
cya - see you (or see ya)
ah - the Auction House (/ah)
NT - Noobstown
yush, yesh, yaas - yes
nbz - Noobz, the in-game currency
mod - moderator
wb - Welcome back
hai/hye/hallo/hola, etc. - hello
rofl - roll on floor laughing (something is super hilarious)
Larry - A widely used nickname/name for admin 'ItsLawrence'
head(s) - A valuable item that uses player skins to make it have a custom appearance.
gn/nite/goodniggt, etc. - goodnight
wassup - what's up
slo mo - slow motion
squad - a distinct group of friends
MC - Minecraft
b8 - bait
mcmmo - a plugin in Noobscraft used to add skills and skill levels.
noob - The word used to describe players who play on Noobscraft.
newbie - A new player
res - a resident of a town

Thanks for reading, I hope you gained Internet know-how from this post! Please post anything I missed in a reply! -meep

Pictures / Fluffykitten's B-day Firework Pictures
« on: 20 Nov 2015, 03:29:25 »

Some pictures for those who weren't able to attend fluffykitten's b-day bash or didn't get screenshots. Enjoy!

Market Place / The Marketplace @ Celestia
« on: 12 Nov 2015, 03:20:30 »
Good day, fellow Noobs. With the town of Celestia expanding like never before, we have grown our Marketplace in size. We are currently selling shop plots for 4.5k and will be accepting most types of buissness within reason. We have strict law about stocking shops and keeping them that way.

Want A Shop?

We are currently in search of vendors within the categories below:

Enchanted Items
Colored Items

However, we don't mind if you mix these or if you make a shop selling lots of things.
Help us in our quest to becoming a prominent force on the physical marketplace of Noobstown!

Pictures / Pigman Chicken Jockey 3000
« on: 25 Oct 2015, 20:22:37 »
Look at teh beauty

Towns & Nations / Celestia~Expansion!
« on: 1 Oct 2015, 00:26:18 »
Hello people of Noobstown, it is my honor to announce new expansions to the City of Celestia, due southwest of Ethereal. Please bear in mind we are in the middle of construction, and do apologize for any inconveniences this may bring you. The expansions will include a Clock Tower (November), brand new updates to our Forest District (Residential), our bridge, inspired by London's Tower Bridge will feature 2 spherical towers conjoined by an arch. This project will be done by the end of October.
                                    Brought to you by Celestia's mayor, meepdoodles

Support / Wont let me respawn
« on: 12 Sep 2015, 20:49:40 »
It doesn't show the option to respawn, as if already clicked. Please halp!

Market Place / Celestia Market - We need shops!
« on: 9 Sep 2015, 21:41:23 »

The Celestian Marketplace is a growing marketplace in the town of Celestia. We aim to have one of the strongest and most diverse marketplaces on the server, with players not just from our town, but from others too. As part of our Phase I Expansion plan, this market as of 9/9 has 9 open shop plots, with the option to have a single plot or a 1x2 shop.


Standard Shop Plot - 4500nbz
2x1 Special Shop Plot - 7000nbz

How to Get One

If you are interested in creating a shop in our Marketplace, reply to this thread or you can /mail or /msg me ingame. We also have one corner shop plot if you are interested. When relying to the thread, be sure to include what you want to sell, what type of plot, and any other information you think we should know.

~Celestian Authority~

Hello Everyone! This is the official Celestian Forum Post for Town Staff applications and other news regarding town events, projects and other stuff. First off I'd like to give you the application to become a Town Assisstant,
which can deal with most basic matters.

How Long Have you Been on Noobstown:

Ongoing Projects--------------------

Fishing Docks

Celestia is proud to announce that it is working on a large scale Fishing Docks project that will be able to host up to 30 fishermen and host large Fishing Tourneys as well as Repair Events. This was one of the largest factors in choosing Celestia's location and luckily we are settled on a large delta on the East Coast of the continent.

Multi-Level Farm

Soon, Celestia will be opening a large farm for it's residents, located under a windmill to the left of the Town Hall. The Farm will feature all crops, with one level per crop. The farm will not be accessible by the general resident population until Noobscraft releases it's modified version of Towny.

Marketplace Blvd.

The town of Celestia is developing a large market area meant to sell most of the types of items in Minecraft. We hope to have diverse and independent buildings, from residents and embassy-owners alike. As Embassy Ln. Is now taking up plot space on Marketplace Blvd. we are going to construct Kittenwave Rd, another market place that will cap off our marketplace.

--NOTE-- Other news will come in replies to this post, but the Project List will be edited here.

Towns & Nations / --Celestia-- Now Accepting Residents!
« on: 11 Aug 2015, 03:16:50 »
After a lot of work, Celestia has finally come to the point where activeActive every week members can become residents of our town. If you are looking for a town, please contact either Randoperson or meepdoodles by /mail or in-game directly, and we'll be glad to find you a place in our blooming community. To check out the town, do /t spawn Celestia to go to the town hall, where the rules and guidelines are found.

Existing members can feel free to contact meepdoodles or Randoperson to set up an Embassy in Celestia.

Other / Armor Stand Trick - I need help
« on: 8 Aug 2015, 05:10:38 »
Hello Everyone, I wanted to ask you redstoners, or mainly people that tinker with commands if you know how to do that trick where people put armor stands in the floor so it looks like a little rail. I may be talking nonsense here but if anyone can help me that would be great!

News / I return :)
« on: 6 Aug 2015, 01:01:44 »
After a long hiatus, I finally return to Noobstown and look forward to spending more time on the server in the future!

News / Absence Notice
« on: 28 Apr 2015, 21:22:36 »
Due to Exams, and other real life complications my activity will be very limited until mid May. I will still be competing in the Mob Arena Competition. Thanks - meepdoodles

Towns & Nations / Celestia Resident and Staff Applications
« on: 10 Apr 2015, 01:51:53 »

Hello people, this is the official forum post for player to apply to become a resident of Celestia. For those who have not visited, Celestia is going to be a Mediterranean styled city, with aspects from ancient cultures from Rome and Athens to Babylon and Jerusalem. If you have not seen the rule board yet, go see it now at /t spawn Celestia before posting your application. Residents can later become staff (limited positions) below.
Resident Application:
Code: [Select]
Have You Been in A Town Before?:
Time (i.e 4 hours, EST):

Staff Application

To become a staff, you must have been active and helpful in the town for 7 days. Staff must be responsible and mature, like breaking up fights and helping others with towny issues. Staff also need to have a good sense of the town layout and structure. Staff that want to help build must submit a picture of an original creation.
Town Assistant Application:
Code: [Select]
How Long have You Been in Celestia?:
Time (i.e 4 hours, EST):

Market Place / ~PIXELATED~ Reinventing The Word "Corporation"
« on: 24 Mar 2015, 22:57:42 »

    Hello Everyone, this is Pixelated. Pixelated is an up and coming corporation, based out of my home in Town x, with stores operating in (as of now) WintersBreath, Ethereal, and Olympus. This company is the successor to the long-dead Meep Corporation, but better in every way. My goal is to have a Pixelated Store in almost every city, serving the masses, hosting almost every type of block and item in the games, categorized into various stores throughout the world.

What Are Our Plans?

Project Voxel - This project is on hiatus due to complications

Where is Pixelated??

**List will be updated as new stores open (Look for the lime and magenta wool logo)**

Ethereal - Mining - Under Construction
WintersBreath - Cold/Winter Items - Stocking
Olympus - Decoration - Open/Stocked
Gallifrey - Agriculture/Food - Under Construction
Valhalla - Enchanted Stuffs - Progress Halted Canceled due to city complications

Wilderness - Flagship Store/HQ - Under Construction

{Town Staff Only} Get a Pixelated in Your Town!

     If you are a mayor or town staff, and you have an empty shop/embassy plot where Pixelated can set up, please reply below or /mail me. (I check both equally). Pixelated Co. is in no way obligating you to set aside or create space for a shop unless you feel that good about our company.

                                           Thanks! - CEO of Pixelated, meepdoodles

Noobstown General / Pixel Heights Groundbreaking!
« on: 22 Feb 2015, 01:53:17 »
 Pixel Heights Opening March!

The groundbreaking for the supertall skys****er (why must you do this, censoring gods!), Pixel Heights, will happen tomorrow (2/22), on 6 wild chunks near Duelcon's fabulous marketplace. The skys****er will be over 100 blocks tall, the main materials being glass, quartz, clay, and glowstone/redstone lamps. This new skys****er will have a marketplace, multiple penthouses for the wealthy, and warehouses for the marketplace and other shops around the server. I will send out another topic when the building is done. For the penthouses, I will allow said owners to purchase these pent houses for 50-60,000 noobz, with full building permissions and a fully furnished 2 floor space. Please post recommendations for the cost of the penthouse below, as well as other suggestions.

Tower Outline and Supports Finished

The 103 block tall tower outline has been completed using over half a dc of stone bricks. Work on the facades will begin before flooring and furniture is put in. Visit it at /visit meepdoodles

Noobstown General / Meepdoodles -- A Minecraft Legend
« on: 11 Dec 2012, 22:59:57 »
It was only a few months ago I remember logging on as a guest. I seemed hopeless just as every other player that was new did. I begged for food and money and had few things to build on. Then tman65o said that there was a town starting and that anyone could join. I joined and started my life. Soon I lost the coordinates and went and built a village with a player named Tannin. It turned out amazing and I had everything at hand. But another person TogaForComfort always kinda annoyed me, so I greifed him and got banned. It was later on and I had joined Oakvale. I shortly left there because plots were expensive. I had a friend named coolquote who took me o my future home, NOVA. I joined the city and got my very first plot. Later I got banned for greifing a jack o' lantern. By now it was Halloween. I was banned again for greifing golden blocks, which I ban appealed out from. Then, as NOVA started losing residents, I was the last my age of NOVA residents. Now I sit here regretting everything, as the message on that dirt screen says the player meepdoodles is permanently perma - banned. THE END 

Hello, The " A Minecraft Fantasy " series of stories has been officially discontinued. But to replace it here is the A Minecraft Fairy Tale stories, ledgends that will be told about various Minecraft characters.
It was the beginning of time. The first player hasn't even been materialized. It was a blank world, the time all good legends like Sir Noobmas, and Noobscraft were making their forts, and hideouts and recruiting elfs and such.
Sir Noobmas was the second legend to form. He quickly traveled to the north pole, Over the next few months Noobmas built a workshop all of his gift makers would be working in. Noobmas took a long walk, and spotted a village of very mature elfs. These elfs were called north elfs, the only species of elf. Sir Noobmas rounded the elfs up and told them what they could do. The elfs agreed and went over to the workshop. The first thing they did was start to make gold nuggets that would go in a players' stocking. Then they made various presents like diamonds and cookies. After some time, the first players like Fatnoob, Long_Cat, and others started to form.
They all built massive cities and villages. Noobmas made his sleigh and rounded up the very last deer on Minecraft. It soon rolled around December. Noobmas decided that he would take all the gifts and give them out in December. He did just that. So every December Sir Noobmas comes around and gives out presents to every player in the vast kingdom of Noobscraft  :)

Towns & Nations / MapleWood Needs YOUR Help! Please Donate!
« on: 27 Nov 2012, 23:19:54 »
I am starting a new town called MapleWood. I have a small area blocked off in the Wilderness where I will be building. All I need now is the money to make it real. If I am on, please try to make a generous donation, even if you think it will not succeed.
For your comfort I will only accept donations of up to 100k.
Don't have money? I will be happy to get materials and supplies as well!

Three towns will be competing in a competition to design the biggest, most decorated Cristmas Tree at their towns spawn. The town that wins will be granted a throne for the mayor, 2,000 noobz, potions, parties, farms and much more! Individual prizes will be given, depending on how much they participated.
Later today this post will be edited with the 3 towns!

EDIT: The three towns chosen were: NOVA, DragonFire and Imperial City!
EDIT: New town added to competition: NetherFrost!

Towns & Nations / Creating a New Town, Help!
« on: 19 Nov 2012, 23:07:38 »
I am thinking about starting a new town. I need you guys to pitch in and help by donating materials or money to me.
The towns name will most likely be MapleWood.
I already have everything made out as far as taxes, paths, etc.
I know that to you this probably sounds like begging for money, but you don't have to donate if you don't want to. If this succeeds, I will be very, very happy.


Suggestions & Ideas / Town Idea: Town Needs
« on: 19 Nov 2012, 21:24:53 »
Hey Guys, here are some tips about making a town.

*Have Town Farms
*Have 1 or more Town Spawners
*Have a Shopping District and Spawn Shops
*A Fancy Spawn

I hope these make your town better

It was 10 weeks after the power had come back on. It was amazing for miners at the newly formed Mineria Gold Mine. As their drills drilled, they heard a large crack. A miner looked into the hole. His face filled with udder fear. The mine had unsealed the ancient....... Herobrines Tomb!

Herobrine rose to the miner. The miner, bravely, tried to fight, but instead was pushed into the hole to a painful death. Over the next few months, Herobrine destroyed Tortuga and heavily damaged DragonFire. Herobrine, in his power, made a alternate dimension. The dimension was called The Sphax at first meaning "Alien",  But the land was molted into the hell-bent Nether. The Nether meant "fire land" and many odd creatures roamed there. Herobrine marked the Nether as his home and built several castles in the Nether. These would become Nether Fortresses.

The Herobrine War raged on, In a fight for survival, DragonFire lost. The statues of moderators collapsed in flames. The town farms exploded in a ray of fire. Creepers and Zombie Pigmen crawled through the town.

It was a few days after the war. Several Moderators had died. Half of the people have died. The electricity, was lost again. Herobrine had been banished to the Nether. This may be the End of Noobscraft.

Update 7.8.1

Only two men were left in Minecraft. All towns were abandoned. The two men struggled on the outskirts of former Nova. Finally, both died. Noobscraft no longer existed. The End had come for ordinary humans...

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