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Noobstown General / Player Bank?
« on: 19 Jan 2015, 04:04:10 »
I had the idea of making a Player Bank, this is simply a place where players can store nbz, like emergency nbz. For example lets say you want to buy something but you're running low on nbz, simply run to the bank and get some nbz and you'll be able to purchase it. Emergency nbz. Please tell me what you think and what you think should be added, thanks for your time!

Noobstown General / The Death Maze of Noobs
« on: 7 Sep 2014, 20:25:47 »
As you all hear (the people that play on the server almost everyday) I have been making a Maze with Noobly202
We have been working on it ever since Yesterday and have gotten very far with it! We are both very happy about the support some players have been giving us!

To conclude this post I will soon be announcing the Grand Opening upon completion.
What we have left:
- The traps
- The Cobwebs
- The Head
- The Party Room

Suggestions: Play the song 'Sacrificial' by Danny Baranowsky
                    Put brightness settings to 'Moody' for better exp

We will host a party for the Grand Opening with prizes on the top floor for the first on to make it! (BTY you might die)

Thank you for you time.

Towns & Nations / Annual Town Battle!
« on: 13 Aug 2013, 21:21:07 »
So i got an idea where each town picks a player to fight in a arena and the people online get to watch them battle the winning town gets a prize of I'm thinking 100k from each town tipping in to that 100k. It'll be fun and everyone gets a chance to battle. 1 time each month after 6-12 months the town that won the most goes into a battle with the second town that won the most this will be a great opportunity for some thrilling action in the server if you like my idea tell me your compliments and what should be added if this happens. But of course they keep their stuff :)   

Suggestions & Ideas / MODS
« on: 18 Apr 2013, 01:43:57 »
I think, honestly, that this server should instal mods for more action and PVP. Why? It makes exploring just so much more fun and PVP just so much more intense. These mods are Mo' Creatures and More Weapons mods. I hope you take my thoughts into consideration. Thank you.

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