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News / Away time
« on: 16 Oct 2015, 01:19:21 »
I've not been able to come on Noobstown as much since school has started.  Between cross country practice and homework I don't have a lot of time after school to have fun.  I probably won't be on except for the weekends, but once cross country is over or during winter break, I might be able to get on more.
This weekend 10-15-15, I might not be on, because I seem to have caught a cold recently.

News about some things I've done IRL: I started 9th grade, high school, I'm on the cross country team currently.  So far for cross country, I've beaten my schools fastest 5k time record with my time of 16:19.  Also I've been my teams first in runner for the last 4 races and have been improving my time throughout the whole season.  I'm the 2nd fastest freshman in Michigan atm, and fastest freshman in my school's division, in the whole of the US, I'm the 51st fastest freshman.  I've had a lot of fun doing cross country and I think it' helped me to go harder at some things in school.
I've been keeping most of my grades up and have 3 A's an A- and a B+.

Tuesday October 20, I had another cross country race, after school, got out 35 minutes early.   It was a little different meet, on varsity there were 10 people instead of 7 for the 5k.  Also the junior varsity was a combined girls and boys race.  To my race, I started off a bit to fast, getting the lead of the varsity race for about to the end of the soccer field.  Then I fell back about 10 or 20 people and sort of recovered a little, while also pushing forward a little harder to pass some people who were slowing down.  I started to get back into the front pack sort of before the first mile, my mile time was 5:06.  After the mile, I kept with an opponent from a different team for a while staying on their pace.  When he passed someone, I pushed and passed them a few seconds after they did.  I stayed behind him until new the end of mile 3 when I passed him quickly on a small hill.  I kept up my pace after that and made my way on  the trail toward the finish stretch.  On the last straightaway, I picked my pace up a little and pushed as much as I dared all the way into the finish.  I stayed ahead of those I had passed, just enough and got 4th place overall in the varsity race.  My team came in 2nd place for varsity, I had a time of 17:08 and won a cool medal at the awards ceremony later.  It was a fun race, and we're having another race on the same course on Saturday.

News / Notice of Absence
« on: 6 Jun 2015, 00:06:16 »
I will be away for about 4 weeks starting June 6th, 2015. I am going to be working at a Boy scout camp over the summer and I may pop in on a weekend day for a small amount of time. So if anybody starts to wonder where I am you can tell them that I'm  out in some woods hugging trees :P.

P.S. I will not be able to be easily contacted and will not be using the Internet while I'm away, disclosing the possible weekend time I may be back at my house to use Internet.

Noobstown General / Teamspeak
« on: 2 Nov 2014, 03:34:05 »
Is it considered strange or (weird) to speak or talk to your self on teamspeak if nobody else is online ?

Noobstown General / So much lag spikes
« on: 1 Nov 2014, 17:58:48 »
How do you stop having lag on the server, also is there going to be a live stream from the link on the noobstown site ?will the lag go down ? ever ? please help

Noobstown General / House building
« on: 27 Jun 2014, 18:42:08 »
how does one builds very awesome dwelling?

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