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New? / I'm not really new here...
« on: 2 Dec 2018, 13:58:12 »
Hey guys! My in-game username is FAMBUILD, but most people simply call me fam. I am 12 years old, and I have now been playing Minecraft for about 4-5 years, for the first year, I was playing MCPE, and then got a computer, then my current laptop. I really love Minecraft servers, and I am friendly, kind, and that one odd, crazy (in a good way) friend. I love to help people, and be a part of a friendly community. Although I am not very new to the server, (I joined on 17th oct. I think) I really enjoy it, and I have since day 1.

Support / Top player glitch
« on: 2 Dec 2018, 13:15:54 »
So yesterday(1st December), as usual, I woke up, and opened Minecraft, and then came on the server. I voted, it came up in chat and everything, but it didn't show up in /top yesterday. I checked today, and still, 0 voted. (By the way, I have voted again today, that's why I now have 1 vote)

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