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Noobstown General / MCMMO skills and Noobscraft
« on: 27 Feb 2013, 19:25:05 »
Thought I saw another post regarding this, but cannot find it to add my $.02.

The new changes to MCMMO that I have seen are interesting. The added speed with Giga Drill and Super Breaker only make clearing land faster imo. The added speed is too much to use for mining as it breaks so fast you cannot control whether or not you are using a silk touch pick or your normal picks. While the fireworks is an interesting touch, not overall a huge fan.

Smelting is a neat concept, but all it does is take away space to hold things as now I need a space used for smelted iron and gold and a space for ores. The offset to that is the added experience you get from smelting ores with the increase of vanilla exp from smelting.

Tree feller is effectively broke now. With the new limit on size of tree, I cannot chop down even a large oak tree with tree feller, and I have a fairly significant woodcutting skill.

The added exp required to gain a level is the biggest thing I have a complaint about. The fact that I can mine for hours now and not gain a level in mining is a major issue. The fact that with this new requirement, those who are in the top ten are pretty much locked there, there is very little opportunity for anyone to move up since the requirements are so strict.

I feel that this has thrown the balance out in the economy. The cost of making a town has increased to 500k, I feel due to a significant number of people, myself included who were gaining money by tree farming. Now that the method used to efficiently tree farm has been obliterated, the cost of making a town is outrageous.

The new requirements for gaining skill levels are ridiculously high compared to what they were before. This just after an announcement was made to make fishing and taming easier seems to be contrary to the desire of the server. If I were starting today and realized that it would take as long as it appears to take to gain any skill levels or money, Noobscraft would be a short stop on my way to find a fun server to play on. This server has become rather top locked and without reverting to an older version of MCMMO or modifying the existing version I do not see many opportunities, but I thought I would list some ideas instead of just complain.

1. Noobscraft has a great base of players, many of whom are loyal to the relationships they have made on this server. Enough of whom might be willing to "reset" the main world. If this were done, you could keep the MCMMO skills with the improvement and people could migrate to the Noobscraft New World or Noobworld for short. This exciting new world would be unspoiled by people clearing deserts for sand when the mining world was available to them. It would no longer be devoid of trees, the biomes would be more accurate and people could begin again. The economy would be reset with a transfer of funds possible to the new server for a diminishing rate of return. In that way if you had enough money to start a city, you could start a new city on the new server, but would not have an excess of funds to warp the new economy.

2. Reset the MCMMO skills to allow people to once again climb the ranks without spending hours in skills to do so.

3. Wait for a patch to the MCMMO skills as other people on other servers complain enough to the developers of MCMMO to redo the requirements.

I will fill in other thoughts when I have time later tonight, but would love to hear responses to option #1, I really do like the idea, but don't want to start over with people I do not know.


Noobstown General / wilderness mobs and weather
« on: 3 May 2012, 18:04:40 »
When I started about 2 weeks ago, there were mobs in the wilderness and weather happened quite frequently with lightning almost continuous. Then something changed, while I do not mind the lack of lightning all the time, I do miss the mobs and opportunities to get exp from them; any thoughts as to what happened and if it will be changed back?

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