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Username: craftykitten2007
Age: 10 (Going to be 11 on November 16th)
Timezone: CST
Why do you want to be a Chatmod?: I would love to be a chatmod for a few different reasons. First of all, the server is SUCH a great place! I have been playing Noobstown since 2014, and I started on my birthday, so coming up on 5 years on Noobstown. On minecraft its self, I have been playing for around 5-7 years, and I know minecraft well. I love to help people with stuff, and I'm on a lot. People on the server are amazing, and sometimes people will ask questions, and I can answer them, pretty often. I always, always, ALWAYS go by the rules. I am a very trustworthy person, and I will help people when they need it. Even though I am not chat mod, I still help people. I have a great set of eyes, and can see a bunch that, some people may not see! I would really love to be staff on such an amazing server.  Also, I used to be a staff member on another server, so I do know what it is like to be a staff member. I hope you enjoyed reading my application. Have a great day/night!

Mine has been submitted at my /cotm  :)  <3

Username: fluffykitten2007
Age: 8
Timezone: CST
Why I want to be a ChatMod:
I want to be a chatmod because I love helping the server. I love helping chat to where it is a family friendly, appropriate chat to where all ages can play and have fun. I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years, and I have been on noobstown since Nov. 16 2014. I know I am 8, but I know the server and the rules very well. But I also know that there is also a lot more for me to learn. I will be starting 3rd grade next month and will be in the gifted program.   

Thank you for talking your time to read this. I want to be able to help the server. Thank you. -fluffy  :)

This will be so much fun! This will be fun!

Server Announcements / Re: Noobmas: Costume Contest
« on: 12 Dec 2015, 19:39:24 »
This is my entry. I wish everyone good luck and Merry Noobmas!

Other / Re: What would you do if...? a random forum game
« on: 24 Nov 2015, 23:50:45 »
WHat would u do if it was a Monday and u forgot u had school and forgot to get you're backpack?

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 24 Nov 2015, 23:40:13 »
I ban sir_andrew99876 cause he is so sweet. :3

Server Announcements / Re: Candy Trades now Live!
« on: 15 Nov 2015, 21:29:12 »
I just LOVED the candy trades and getting the heads!!

Other / Re: Armor Stand Trick - I need help
« on: 15 Nov 2015, 01:32:33 »
I think I might be able to do it.

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 15 Nov 2015, 01:24:05 »
I ban BamaGirl365 for banning me just for fun lol

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 15 Nov 2015, 01:17:47 »
I ban Rockethub for attempting to ban BamaGirl365 cause she's my sister. :)

Other / Re: What's The Story Behind Your Name?
« on: 10 Nov 2015, 21:28:15 »
The story behind my name is that my cats name is fluffy and she is a kitten. So there is "fluffykitten". The "2007" stands for the year I was born so then there was "fluffykitten2007". Not a long story though. But there is the story behind my name!

Server Announcements / Re: Waterworth
« on: 5 Nov 2015, 01:45:32 »
We will miss you Water and we can't wait to see you online sometimes!!
- Glad this isn't a goodbye FOREVER!!
See you around!!

Server Announcements / Re: Noobween is coming...
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 19:42:23 »
I really can't wait till I see "him".

Server Announcements / Re: Scheduled Network Maintenance
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 19:33:32 »
Thanks for the update! :) I was about to get on cause I just got up. :( But I can't wait to get back on! Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you all! <3 :(

Other / Re: Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 07:03:46 »
Aww! That is soo cute!! :) <3 I wish I had that! What did you do with it? Throw it back in? Keep it? What? xD

Other / Re: Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 06:58:05 »
yeah? I went fishing off the pier in California and I didn't catch anything but my sister caught a STARFISH yeah it was a very rare catch  :P and I had fun this one time I went fishing in the lake here in Arizona and I caught a crawfish it was cute :P

Other / Re: Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 06:51:25 »
So cool, you should try fishing it takes patience but very fun :) I'm sure you'd have a blast too
I have fished before and it was a blast. :)

Other / Re: Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 06:46:20 »
<3 that's so cool I'm very VERY glad you guys had a nice time I have always wanted to go camping with my family. Did you guys go fishing cause I love fishing with my family, man that would be nice sitting close to the fire roasting marshmallows laughing telling spooky ghost stories fishing laughing when the fish take the bait and scurry off. Man I just got lost in a dream  XD I'm so glad you guys had fun :)
We did not go fishing sadly cause there was no water anywhere. :( We did roast marshmallows though to make S'mores! :D

Other / Re: Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 10 Oct 2015, 06:06:28 »
Yeah me too. I just LOVE to camp!

Other / Crafty family's camping trip.
« on: 9 Oct 2015, 23:02:34 »
We just got back from camping. We went hiking, made S'mores, and me and Papa-c rode our bikes. On Thursday   it rained and we were not expecting it to come. Lol. But when it rained we still had fun even know it was wet. We were camping up on the mountain up at Mont Sano State Park. We played catch. We were there Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday. We went there Wednesday and stayed all day Thursday and left Friday. Me and Papa-crafty went and looked at a pretty place you can look at. Bama still had work. Me,Papa-crafty,and Mama-c didn't have to go anywhere. We had a TONS of fun while we were there and we played with a lot of things. We had fun while away. We had a lot of fun.  :)  <3

Server Announcements / Re: Trading Bonanza!
« on: 30 Sep 2015, 02:40:11 »
Slime Ball - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Slime Jar- 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Firecore - 20 Tokens - 10 Score
Elektross - 32 Tokens - 30 Score
Alien Goo Gun - 64 Tokens - 70 Score
Robot Fire Bow - 64 Tokens - 50 Score

Thankies!!!  <3

Server Announcements / Re: Robots vs Aliens: Trading Weekends
« on: 27 Sep 2015, 06:14:11 »
I would like to buy these items below:
1. Lazer Bot - 64 Tokens - 30 Score
2. Green Highscore Robot - 64 Tokens - 50 Score
3. Blue Highscore Robot - 64 Tokens - 80 Score

Thanks!  <3

Other / Re: GG resigning as mod
« on: 19 Sep 2015, 22:39:05 »
You are a good mod to have on this server and I am sad you will no longer be a mod again. :( I had many good times when you were a mod and I had some VERY good time while you were here. I will never forget the time you were a mod on this wonderful community! I will never forget the time you were here at the crafty's house. I will NEVER EVER forget the time we met on the end of v5. I had fun with you when you were a mod on noobstown. :(

Server Announcements / Re: Robots vs Aliens: Trading Weekends
« on: 19 Sep 2015, 22:36:55 »
1. Red Highscore Robot - 64 Tokens - 100 Score

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