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Support / Re: Top player glitch
« on: 4 Dec 2018, 15:59:16 »
i had this too.  it took a while, but larry was able to fix it.  i have no idea what he did, but he fixed it.

i've seen you around, and it is nice to know you better.  thank you for posting this  :)

Other / Re: Superpower, But...
« on: 27 Sep 2018, 18:06:23 »
... and you do!  but it usually fades to a rotting-brown color in a couple of hours

my superpower is getting governments to make the laws i think should be made

Other / Re: Superpower, But...
« on: 17 Sep 2018, 18:54:58 »
but you only rearrange the chests themselves, the contents are still where they were _inside_ the chests...

my superpower is remembering where i put anything  :)

Other / Re: Superpower, But...
« on: 16 Sep 2018, 02:37:50 »
but there are always ducks and bunnies playing in the weather you create.

my super power is teleportation ...

Server Announcements / Re: Shop Update
« on: 13 Sep 2018, 20:12:17 »
larry, can we please sell arrows on /shop?  i keep getting shot at by skellies, and i do very little archery, so i have nearly a dc of arrows and arrows and arrows and ... no lava to toss them in.  please can there be an option to sell arrows?

thank you!  :)

Server Announcements / Re: Top Player Rewards
« on: 2 Sep 2018, 16:50:47 »
thank you, larry!  :)

News / Re: Thinking about updating my skin
« on: 24 Aug 2018, 17:06:34 »
hee!  i did update my skin! 

last time i was online, and it's supposed to look like me

thanks, larry!  :)

Support / Re: help? please?
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 19:30:26 »
thank you, mrfloris.  i had visions of being stuck for days, but your quick response to my plea for help has restored my faith in humanity.  i know, i know, way too dramatic to be believed.  thank you anyway.  :)

Support / Re: help? please?
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 18:34:50 »
never mind -- i finally broke the block.  thank you!

Support / help? please?
« on: 27 Jul 2018, 18:26:21 »
i hope this is the right place to put this -- i'm kinda stuck.

first, i know this isn't how i look -- i had an error with the skin option.  i'm not complaining about that.  i'll fix this in a bit.

THE PROBLEM IS:  i was buying more land on my island, and where i was standing turned out to be a bad place to stand.  i'm stuck in a block, i think.  it keeps kicking me for flying, but all i'm doing is trying to jump, or walk, or even just move.  i tried to turn around so i could break the block i'm trapped in, but i got kicked for flying as i tried to turn.

help?  please?

Competitions & Events / Re: Double mcMMO XP!
« on: 12 Jul 2018, 22:57:27 »
Sweet! I'm hoping I can make use of this. By chance do we have 14x mcmmo during 7x? Since 7x2 is 14 :)

... and why is 2 important ?

Server Announcements / Re: Top Players of the Month
« on: 9 Jul 2018, 10:13:44 »
thank you!  i understand it better now  :)

Server Announcements / Re: Top Players of the Month
« on: 6 Jul 2018, 20:21:28 »
question:  i am listed at # 20 with 157 lvls gained for almost everything i looked at, and i find 157 lvls gained for each skill hard to believe.  very hard.  it looks like these are not real statistics, but something guessed at? made up?   can you explain a little better how you arrived at these numbers, please?

thank you!

Noobstown General / Re: How did you find us?
« on: 31 May 2018, 01:19:57 »
rueyeet plays here, and she was hoping to persuade me to stop playing single-player.  she thought multiplayer was/is more fun.

you know something?

she's right!

New? / ' morning...
« on: 30 May 2018, 02:43:41 »
hullo, this is katholly (pronounced KATH-uh-lee).
i'm female, and -almost- elderly, but i'm told that we're all still noobz from time to time.  i'm still learning to build, and it shows, maybe most in my interiors.  i'd love to show y'all my other builds from my solo worlds -- some of them are really cool.  i like the towny idea, but there are more options available when you're not limited to a single location for your builds. 

y'all may have noticed that i tend not to talk.  yeah, i guess i'm a little shy -- i try very hard to be tolerant and friendly but i don't always succeed.  i don't always know what to say, either,  so i just don't say anything.  i think that works better for me.  i'm sure i'll see you all around, sooner or later.  :)

Thank you, mrfloris!


Competitions & Events / Re: Easter Egg Hunt!
« on: 31 Mar 2018, 05:43:55 »
Hey, Lawrence!

I got a complete set of Easter eggs!


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