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Team aliens :)

Server Announcements / Re: Claim your 'FREE' Bunny Pet!
« on: 6 Jul 2015, 05:39:25 »
Username: HarryX11

My most memorable moment was probably in the beginning of V6 when my friends and I finally amassed enough money to create Utopia, and although I haven't played as much recently, I would like very much to get back into playing and continuing to build the town and create a great experience for the town members and everyone on the server :)

Server Announcements / Re: Upcoming 1.8 Update
« on: 15 Apr 2015, 17:47:32 »
Any updated info would be good. I would rather play a stable 1.7.x than a glitchy 1.8.x.  8|

Crafting table is automatically public just as a heads up :)

Server Announcements / Re: An Eggstraordinary Event...
« on: 1 Apr 2015, 18:10:57 »
Someone breed two chickens, it may turn into another animal for all we know

Market Place / Re: Closing The Wool Shop!!!
« on: 7 Mar 2015, 19:12:27 »
You should have made it clear it was temporary in the title, you scared me that I wouldn't be able to get any more wool from you  :P

Server Announcements / Re: Upcoming 1.8 Update
« on: 7 Mar 2015, 19:10:23 »
So are blocks like Prismarine and areas like ocean temples going to be a thing now? :D

Most of those players are actually just people returning from extended breaks...

Server Announcements / Re: Noobstown's 4th Birthday
« on: 3 Mar 2015, 04:53:08 »
April 14th will mark my third year here, it's hard to believe that it's been this long. This server has many great people and a friendly staff, and I hope I can remain a part of the community for many more years to follow :)

Happy Birthday Noobstown, and may there be many more!

Towns & Nations / Re: Town Statistics [Updated Weekly]
« on: 22 Feb 2015, 17:59:55 »
Heh, our bank is just a dump for our money. I don't care to keep anything extra than 1 million and Duel doesn't care to have much money either. :P
"Just a dump for our money" you say that like its no big deal too...

Towns & Nations / Re: Town Statistics [Updated Weekly]
« on: 17 Feb 2015, 19:50:29 »
83k lost in Utopia... All because we couldn't fit the new spawn into the current space we have cleared out  >:( lol

Towns & Nations / Re: Utopia NEW Spawn Building Sneak Peek
« on: 10 Feb 2015, 16:05:12 »
You're not just building your spawn based on one single image, are you...? Because if so I really don't see how you're going to do that, considering this is only the front and kind of side view. There's no back view, no actual side view, and it's really hard to tell quite a lot of the details and how many blocks go where and such. Not to mention there's no view of the inside of the building to see how it's built there either.

To be honest I say good luck if you're just using this image for building purposes because it's going to be insanely hard if you can't go in and personally see all the details... :I
We're just basing the spawn off of this. It won't be an exact model, just the design of the building will look a lot like this. I'm building a model in single player too so I can better understand the dimensions and how many resources we'll need.

well it looks to be about 30x30 or 35x35
Note: very rough estimate but i think its about right
No, I've tried to count each block, the part from the corner of the building to the front stairs is over 40 blocks, so it's larger than 80x80, and it's most definitely larger than 30x30.

Towns & Nations / Re: Utopia NEW Spawn Building Sneak Peek
« on: 10 Feb 2015, 07:01:03 »
Does anyone know the dimensions of the base of that building by any chance? I'm having trouble seeing exactly how many blocks wide and long it is. Anyone who can figure it out would be amazing.

Server Announcements / Re: Noobstown Update: 6.1
« on: 8 Feb 2015, 05:18:46 »
Woo! I noticed today it was V6's birthday. Lots of great things in the update, here's to V6's one year birthday and may there be many more!

Pictures / Re: Photos of Noobstown's World!
« on: 3 Feb 2015, 19:12:13 »
*sees picture of lowrule statue* best. statue. picture. ever. love it. The statue is watching, always watching...always. o_o
lol best round of photos ever duel. Keep up the awesome photos.
Best round... Till utopia's spawn is finished :P

Other / Re: gigi's bday; January 24
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 17:10:45 »
Happy B-day GG :D

Market Place / The Kronos Corporation
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 05:53:28 »
Empire Trading and Manufacturing Co. is undergoing a transformation. From this day forward, we will be known as the Kronos Corporation, a titan of the Noobscraft economy and a leader in trade.

Currently, this operation is being managed by myself and deebles17.

What will be sold?
Everything. All 450 items* will be sold here, with room for more to be added in future updates. We will have everything from wood planks to wither skulls, dirt to diamonds, and everything in between.

Where is the nearest shop to me?
Our first shop will be located in Ethereal, it will be open in the next few weeks. After that, our headquarters in Utopia will be built, along with some other shops in other towns. We will make it so cheaply priced goods are only a walk away from where you are, because after all, you are our #1 priority.

*all 450 items does not include specially enchanted items, which must be custom ordered by mailing deebles17 or myself, or filling out the form in the Market Place labeled "The Kronos Corporation - Enchanted Items Form" at this link:

Market Place / The Kronos Corporation - Enchanted Item Form
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 05:51:32 »
Use this form to specially order enchanted items from the Kronos Corporation.

Enchantments and their costs:
Not available currently, please check back later.

Code: [Select]
What item(s) do you want enchanted?:
What enchantments do you want on above item(s)?:
Can you provide these item(s) for us to enchant?:

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Daily rewards?
« on: 22 Jan 2015, 05:36:31 »
I think the voting would be incentive enough honestly.

Towns & Nations / Utopia NEW Spawn Building Sneak Peek
« on: 17 Jan 2015, 06:57:12 »
Hey guys, as I'm sure most of you have heard on the server by now, I'm completely rebuilding my town, Utopia, with the help of some other players (a shout-out to farhaaad, deebles17, and didonato007). Now, I will be revealing to everyone what my plans are for the future of Utopia. Introducing the blueprints for the NEW Utopia Spawn Building!:

We will be building the spawn in the area that the old spawn was, but this will be much bigger and more impressive. This time I will keep my promise of putting Utopia at the pinnacle of town life. Once the spawn is built, we will be building the farming district, the business district, and the residency areas. A subway system will also be added in, and eventually we will expand to the other 2 plateaus and build an events district. When we have 10 members in town, we will be getting auction chests as well. We will be welcoming visitors to Utopia in a month or so, when all crucial elements of  the town are finished (or at least 90% done). Until then, Utopia will remain closed off to the public. We can't wait to see you again and we hope you will like what you see :)


P.S. I got this image off of Google looking for modern/futuristic buildings for ideas as spawn, I also found some others but I liked this one the most by far. So in case any of you were wondering, no, unfortunately I did not build this myself.

Good to see you're back. May I retain my position?
Thanks, and if you're going to be active on the server, then you can definitely keep your position within town.

Towns & Nations / Re: Cloudsdale Closing down.
« on: 10 Jan 2015, 19:51:32 »
This is sad news indeed. If you need a town in the future, Utopia will always be open for you :)

We are still looking for players to help us. We are beginning to demolish the old spawn today.

Videos / Re: A VERY weird video I made.[Video]
« on: 5 Jan 2015, 09:48:01 »
Water. Eat a snickers, you're not yourself when you're hungry :P

Videos / Re: Dance Battle- Gamergirlxo vs EliteMustangGT
« on: 5 Jan 2015, 09:46:56 »
I bet none of you can watch this whole video with a straight face the first time around...

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