Limit Animal Spawning in Towns  (Read 263 times)

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Limit Animal Spawning in Towns
« on: 22 Jul 2017, 11:42:52 »

Towns can now control whether or not passive animals are able to spawn, in both a town-wide setting and a plot-by-plot level (with plots able to override the town setting). It works in a similar way to the mob spawning setting but for animals instead.

By default animal spawning in towns is still on, but to turn it off, as a member of senior town staff simply use /town set animals off, and then /town set animals on to turn them back on again.

By default in the individual plots they are set to use the town setting, but this can be overridden using /plot set animals off and /plot set animals on, plus to set the plot back to use the town setting use /plot set animals reset.

This is only a small change, but it's something that has been brought up on a few occasions! If you've got any questions or feedback just reply.


Re: Limit Animal Spawning in Towns
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Thank you!