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Minecraft 1.14 Information
« on: 24 Apr 2019, 22:11:00 »

Earlier this week Mojang announced the release of Minecraft 1.14; as with all Minecraft updates we will NOT be supporting 1.14 yet on Noobstown. (We're still on 1.12.2 for now!) Please DO NOT UPDATE YOUR MINECRAFT CLIENT or select specifically to continue playing in 1.12.2 if you want to continue playing on Noobstown. We will eventually be working to fully support directly 1.14 but this isn't likely to be happen immediately so if you want to continue playing on Noobstown for now don't update until we announce it's recommended to do so.

If you've automatically updated to 1.14 and still want to play on Noobstown.com you'll need to use a 1.12.2 profile. To do so in the Minecraft Launcher select "Launch Options" and then click "Add New". From there against "Version" is a big selection list of all the different versions; to play on Noobstown it's recommended you use "1.12.2".

From there then back on the main screen of the Launcher select the up arrow to the right of the big play button, and select the new profile you just made.