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Noobstown - 1.12!
« on: 1 Jul 2017, 06:22:36 »

As promised this is a post to let you all know that the server is now up-to-date with Minecraft 1.12! This means you get use of all of the update features from 1.9 through to 1.12.

You can see a list of the more known Minecraft changes on the MinecraftWiki:

I've also updated loads of the plugins we use on the server to include loads of new features that'll be able to see as you use them, this includes a new Pet menu (/pets) and pet system, updates to the Auction (/auction) (can sell high priced items now ;)), updates to the Wilderness, Towns and a range of other plugins too.
Plus we've got a brand new simplified spawn at /warp spawn produced by MagicMan27, with easy access to all of the different worlds you might need!

All of the features should be working as intended, but as always with updates if you find any issues please report them immediately so that I can sort them.

I hope you enjoy this update, it's been something we've worked towards for well over a year now, and has been as massive hurdle to reach.

To celebrate as promised the rest of the weekend will be 3x mcMMO XP, plus if you're online there might be some randomly timed giveaways and events to take advantage of the new features!
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Re: Noobstown - 1.12!
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Looks like I'll have plenty to come back too.


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I kinda miss the /lottery winners query ... if you aren't online during the drawing, and don't remember your balance, it's the only way you know if you won ( or can tease certain people for winning again ).

It's possible that /lottery status replaced this, but it keeps telling me I don't have permission to do that.

Other than this - and the general increase in lag - I haven't had a single issue after the update.  Great job, Larry! :)


Re: Noobstown - 1.12!
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I should be able to get back on sometime this week, looking forward to see what has happened in my week off.