Top of the Month - mcMMO Changes  (Read 230 times)

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Top of the Month - mcMMO Changes
« on: 1 Feb 2019, 19:14:44 »

Based on feedback the Top of the Month categories relating to mcMMO have now been changed; starting from this month (February) all mcMMO categories (the total and each skill) will now use mcMMO XP directly instead of the levels gained.

All mcMMO Level categories have now been replaced with an equivalent mcMMO XP category; including Power Level which has been replaced with an XP total.

As January's contest has already finished it will use the old levels categories still, but moving forward (including February) we'll be using mcMMO XP instead! Moving forward the rewards relating to mcMMO (trades at /warp top) will be adjusted to the new XP categories too, plus new trades will be available to begin with to allow you to switch from the old levels rewards to the new XP one.

Based on feedback, hopefully this will more fairly reflect the effort put in to each of the skills. We're always open to further feedback and suggestions and will continue to see how the different categories work.

The Top 10s of January's contests will be announced this coming weekend.


Re: Top of the Month - mcMMO Changes
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Re: Top of the Month - mcMMO Changes
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For whatever reason after this update I now have motivation to play again (Which is a good thing btw) :D