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Mineapoc Transfer
« on: 13 Nov 2015, 00:06:36 »
I was curious as to how the transfer would go over? The Mineapoc site said to come here with any questions so.. here I am. I know the info on that site said only people on top 10 for skills/money, but is that strictly going to be only those people? A lot of them just don't play Minecraft anymore. And for that matter what does that mean about /money? Lastly, I have VIP on both servers, so would my account be upgraded to +VIP? Just curious. Thanks!

Edit: I read through another post similar to this looking for answers and didn't really see anything that seemed like a concrete answer, though I am aware of that posts existence and significance as it did answer some questions.
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Re: Mineapoc Transfer
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I also was wondering about VIP. I am really enjoying the server and am tempted to buy VIP early. If I did this what would happen?


Re: Mineapoc Transfer
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