Noob mistake at Noobstown  (Read 381 times)

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Noob mistake at Noobstown
« on: 11 Feb 2014, 18:43:30 »
So, this is embarrassing. Been enjoying my time here very much but i have made a huge mistake. Upon leaving spawn and boating up river to my future home i was kicked several times for "flying"   AKA boating   Upon re-logging i would be in the water without a boat. I made my way to shore, claimed a chunk to build another boat, unclaimed said chunk and set forth once again. This happened a few times. I also claimed then unclaimed a few chunks to survive the night on my journey north. It has come to my attention now that i am at my desired location that these free chunks are gone forever :(   and i only have three chunks for my homeland. 

The mistakes made are mine and mine alone but was wondering if a noob in noobstown could be granted some leniency for my mis-interpretation of the chunk allotment and be granted a reprieve for some or all chunks misappropriated. Thanks for your time.