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Lost_Lands Town Information
« on: 28 May 2016, 03:04:41 »
Welcome to Lost_Lands Town Thread!

Here you can find important information about our town.

**Rules will be posted in various spots across town. Please keep an eye out for them. Also, all new residents will be given an Important Info book for our town. The information on our rule boards, as well as in our Important Info book, is ALWAYS subject to change so, please be aware of that.

1.) Residents will adhere to ALL server rules! **These can be found in game at /rules .**

2.) No Obsidian or Dirt houses without permission. To obtain permission, you can contact either myself, Darkkalina13, or Lovablebunny224.

3.) Check building guidelines before construction on your home(s). Building guidelines can be obtained from ANY architect or from Lovablebunny224.

4.) No traps in town!

5.) No buying/selling plots without approval from either myself or Darkkalina13!

6.) All farms MUST be replanted if used!

7.) If you are inactive for 3 months or more, your plot may be revoked, but a locked chest will be placed containing any PERSONAL items on your plots for 1 month from time of revocation. -- This rule can be over-ruled with prior notification to ANY senior staff member (SUB, CO, or Mayor) of intended absence. --

8.) No digging/building on plots you do not own without owners permission.

9.) ((ATLANTIS RESIDENTS)) Do NOT break glass above your town plots!


Staff Ranking:

Mayor: Alycatsj
Co-Mayor: Darkkalina13
Sub-Mayor: Lovablebunny224,   [Empty],                [Empty]
                 (Head Architect),     (Plot Manager)        (Resident Liaison)
Architects: Lovablebunny224 (Head Architect), TweeksTweek, [Empty], [Empty], [Empty]
Town Assistants: SwiftLegacyTG, DarkLordKyle, LordArcher, Luton444, DemonicalySouled, [Empty]


Town Staff Application

Position Applying for:
Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?

**Staff positions are ONLY open to current residents. TA's may apply for higher positions. If a position is labeled as [Empty] you may apply for said position. Application does NOT guarantee acceptance.**  UPDATE: In order to apply for a Senior Staff Position (Sub-Mayor) You must already hold a lower ranking staff position.

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Re: Lost_Lands Town Information
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Town Staff Application

Username: TweeksTweek
Position Applying for:Architect
Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? Because you have seen my builds and the way I follow the rules set forth by the mayors and do what is needed for the town. Plus The mayor is a Woman, and women are always right.
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Re: Lost_Lands Town Information
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Town Staff Application

Username: Demonicalysouled
Position Applying for: TA/plot manager (later)
Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?
I'm going to list my reasons:
1) I'm going to try playing a lot more in the coming days
2) I'm good when it comes to following rules and listening to others (but also good at leading and helping others)
3) I'm Tweek's son...so that has to count for something...right?
4) I'm the king of awesome
5) I'm willing to help with anything, even fetching supplies needed.
 Thank you for reading :D