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SkySide Staff Needed
« on: 1 Apr 2017, 16:29:03 »
Hey, I'm in need of town staff.
Application format
In-game Name:
Age (Don't have to tell us):
What role are you applying for (Co-mayor, Sub-mayor, Assistants or architects/builders):
How often are you online:
Why do you want to be a staff member of SkySide?
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Re: SkySide Staff Needed
« Reply #1 on: 8 May 2017, 02:02:39 »
IGN: deebles17
Age: 14
Role: Sub-Mayor
How Often are you Online: Tuesdays-Sundays
Why: I recently joined Skyside, because I was amazed by the builds in it. I am a fan of architecture, and this town suits that. I have been playing this server for 5 years, and have been staff in multiple towns, as well as a mayor for over a year. Basically what I'm saying is I'm experienced when it comes to towns and how they are run. I would like to be a sub-mayor because I want to contribute to this beautiful town, and be able to call myself a part of the team. Skyside is known for it's builds, and if I could contribute to that, I would be super happy. Hopefully I will hear from you soon, and thank you for your time.