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Celebrating 10 Years of Noobstown!
« on: 17 Mar 2021, 22:22:06 »

Tomorrow (18th March) Noobstown turns 10 years old! It's a big milestone in the history of the server, it's crazy to think how much things have changed since it was formed all those years ago.

We're going to celebrate this year in a few different ways; to accommodate as many of you as possible, rather than having a single big event, this time there will be rewards throughout the next 10 days, including free items, bonus mcMMO XP, and more!

So here's what's happening for the next 10 days (starting today):
  • It'll be 2x mcMMO XP!
  • There will be a 10% discount on all Wilderness land purchased! (The first time we've ever discounted Wilderness land!)
  • A bonus 10% will be given to all standard items sold to /shop!
  • /kit theme will give you a unique 10th Birthday Celebration collectable reward. (This can only be claimed once during the 10 days.)
  • Automatically every day at both 10:10am (UK time - what's that in my timezone?) and 10:10pm (UK time - what's that in my timezone?) for 10 minutes:
    • Instead of 2x mcMMO XP it'll be a massive 10x mcMMO XP!
    • Instead of a 10% discount on Wilderness land, it'll be 20%!
    • Instead of a bonus 10% on all standard items sold to /shop, it'll be 20%!
    • Random free items will drop around everyone online for the whole of the 10 minutes! The random items could be anything; including ores, gems, enchanted items, tools, and all other common items! You don't need to go anywhere to receive the items; it's your own personal drop party!
    That totals multiple hours of extra rewards on top of the rewards running for the full 10 days! You can always find out when the next bonus rewards event is by looking at the player list (Usually the tab key in-game).

Plus to celebrate the milestone, for a limited time any player who has been a registered member for more than three years (before March 2018), and has been consistently active since can PM me here on the site for a chance to be upgraded to the Veteran rank (if you don't already have it or VIP)! This is the first time we've actively given out the title for years!

From all of the team at Noobscraft and the Noobstown server I want to thank you all for playing and for the great experiences that have been shared over the last 10 years! Happy Birthday Noobstown!


Re: Celebrating 10 Years of Noobstown!
« Reply #1 on: 20 Mar 2021, 00:06:07 »
Its hard to believe its been so long. Thanks for keeping it up all these years!


Re: Celebrating 10 Years of Noobstown!
« Reply #2 on: 24 Mar 2021, 05:39:02 »
Only been here for four years, but wow even that feels long. Props to people for sticking around all those years :). Happy Birthday Noobstown!!