Noobmas 2017 - Advent Begins!  (Read 1065 times)

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Noobmas 2017 - Advent Begins!
« on: 30 Nov 2017, 22:08:30 »

Starting from the 1st of December we'll be continuing our annual tradition of the daily rewards and advent countdown to Christmas (25th).

This year the gifts are spread around a number of different server towns! Each day a new gift will open in a different town!

Every day (until the 25th) at /warp noobmas the name of the town with the gift in it for that day will by revealed; then simply go to that town and find the free gift (it'll be clearly labelled with a floating message above it)! Just click the gift chest to claim the daily reward. Each day the new gift will open at midnight GMT (UK time) with different rewards; hopefully getting better and better as we get closer and closer to Christmas, including an extra special reward for collecting it during Christmas day! You need to make sure you open each box on the day it's related to otherwise you'll miss out though! There's a countdown timer above each box and at spawn so you know how long until the next one will open!

As normal the Holiday Cracker drops will begin later in the month too! Keep an eye out for a post about that.
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