Noobmas 2020 - Advent Begins!  (Read 3661 times)

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Noobmas 2020 - Advent Begins!
« on: 30 Nov 2020, 19:34:02 »

As is tradition every year on Noobstown; starting from the 1st of December we'll be offering rewards each day for the Advent count-up to Christmas (25th).

This year the gifts are spread around a small snowy landscape for you to explore, with them being inside the big presents around the snowy area! Follow the gravel paths to easily find all of the gifts! Every day (until the 25th) at /warp gift quickly look around the area to find the free different gift for that day (it'll be clearly labelled, with all the numbered gifts in the big presents around the area)! Just open the gift chest inside to claim the daily reward. Each day the new gift will open at midnight GMT (UK time) with different rewards! You need to make sure you open each box on the day it's related to (GMT) otherwise you'll miss out though! There's a countdown timer near each box and at spawn so you know how long until the next one will open!


Re: Noobmas 2020 - Advent Begins!
« Reply #1 on: 24 Dec 2020, 01:31:57 »
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this year's Advent setup. 

It wasn't just "show up at the warp and open a chest", but if you missed any days, you didn't miss any more than that day's gift (unlike the year where you had to collect the trading tokens from each day to get the bonus prize).  The exploration of hunting down each day's gift was just the right amount of a task to get the reward.

So thanks, Larry, for a great Advent; and thanks for all the goodies!  I hope you and yours manage to find some holiday cheer in this very, ahem, "challenging" year (keeping' it PG for the kiddies lol)!


Re: Noobmas 2020 - Advent Begins!
« Reply #2 on: 26 Dec 2020, 05:27:20 »
I also agree that this year's Advent/Christmas Event was great this year and that I think enough effort went into finding the gift to deserve the reward. Thanks fro another great year Noobscraft staff!