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Noobstown Turns 11!
« on: 18 Mar 2022, 21:04:42 »

Today marks the day that Noobstown turns 11 years old! Things began back in 2011!

To celebrate this year we've got several days of bonuses in-game; to mark the celebration of 11 years from today (and for at least the next 11 days):
  • It'll be 3x mcMMO XP!
  • There is an 11% discount on the price of all Wilderness land purchased!
  • A bonus 11% will be given on all items sold using /shop!
  • Several unique 11th Birthday celebration collectables (and potentially useful items) will be available to get for free just once per player using /kit theme!

Plus as with our 10 year celebration last year, any active players who have been a registered member since before March 2018 can PM me here on the site for a chance to be upgraded to the Veteran rank (if you haven't already and don't already VIP)!

Once again from all of the team at Noobscraft and the Noobstown server I want to thank you all for playing and for the great experiences that have been shared over the last now 11 years! Happy Birthday Noobstown!
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