November Quest - The Royal Cure  (Read 757 times)

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November Quest - The Royal Cure
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 22:08:54 »

Thanks to cruisinkiy and KilljoyDivine we've got a new Quest for November! It's a story they've both designed called "The Royal Cure". As normal it begins at /warp theme with the Tokens gained through /kit theme.

About the Quest
Quote from: KilljoyDivine
It appears there is definitely something wrong with King Krusty Ham...

If you're up to the task, help find the cure for him, and employ the help with many across the lands! Discover new friends, new places, and have an adventure!

I hope you enjoy this, be sure to thank both cruisinkiy and KilljoyDivine for their time and effort in sorting it out!

If this goes well then I'd be open to hearing other Quest ideas from others too! If you can think of a good story-line that you believe could be put into a quest on the server then let me know and we could potentially implement your quest in the future next year!

Just as an update; the Noobween Candy drops have now finished, but the trades will still be available for a few more weeks!


Re: November Quest - The Royal Cure
« Reply #1 on: 16 Nov 2017, 04:05:20 »
I enjoyed the quest, even if it was a little gold-intensive.  And I did have a bit of trouble figuring out the clues to the side quests.  But all in all, well done KJD and Mr. Ham!

I wish I could come up with anything in the way of a quest storyline.  Been racking my brains since I did the pirate quests last year, but I guess it's just not a talent I have.