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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #1 on: 17 Sep 2011, 17:37:45 »
IGN: NinjaJosh   
Age: 15 
How many hours per day: 10-12 (12-15 on weekend days)   
Why you want this role: I do love to help people, Constantly i am helping other people on the server with projects and even counseling on their personal problems. I also see a need for justice to be brought upon those who make playing the game hard to enjoy.
Past experience:I am an op on two other servers.
Time zone:Central
Additional information:I do own a town but it has been discussed that if i become an op hchambers will become mayor of the town. I know many of the rules and commands and I dont abuse any responsibilities i am givin. I am also friends with most people on the server.
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #2 on: 17 Sep 2011, 17:44:30 »
IGN:   Uncom777
Age:   15
How many hours per day:   3-5 Hours at weekend can play 24/7
Why you want this role:   Because i want help/resolve people problem's. Not just spend time for skilling up stuff like mining/excavation. Would like to get more experience at minecraft as OP. (Thear was few people who would like to see me as OP)
Past experience:   Don't got lot experience but was OP not  for long time. (always can learn stuff from www.google.com)
Time zone:  GMT +2
Additional information:   I'm live in Latvia. My name is Gvido. I'm are boy/man or whatever u think. For more information ask with letters..
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #3 on: 17 Sep 2011, 18:33:22 »
Hrs per day: 3-4 hours at night
Why do I want this role? It gets on my nerves and saddens me about all this "greifing" that happens in game and posts on the forums, I know that I can't stop the griefing, but at least be there for the people when I'm on. Besides the greifing I do enjoy helping people that have any needs while on the server, and unlike some people, I enjoy helping the new people that join the server, it gives me a challenge.

Past experiences :Running my own personal private test bukkit server For my home network
Time zone : Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5:00)

 Additional information. I am very mature for my age and I take being an "op" a position for me that will help give back to and offer my services for Noobstown, it will also keep me busy.
I have a rare and unique sense of humor.
I do keep an eye on the bukkit forums and I know a lot of commands off by heart.
Thanks for reading.

EDIT:Updated Age: to my curent age  (Abit late ), As well as Past experiences:, and cleaned things up.


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #4 on: 17 Sep 2011, 18:55:22 »
how many hours per day:4-5 hours (sorry if im off sometime im starting my GCSE's soon)
Why i want this role:I would like this role, well the most important reason is to help other people and stop any grief in the server to keep people happy and want them to continue to playing on this server 
Past Experience: I have never really been a op before but I do help other new people if they want it
Time zone:GMT
Additional info: I have been going on this server for a wile and would like to become dedicated to helping it and helping other people within the server


My moderator application
« Reply #5 on: 18 Sep 2011, 07:33:24 »
IGN:   lindatjuh

Age:   18

How many hours per day:   3-4 on school days and 8-9 hours in the weekend (after school thats around 4.30 pm - 10-11 Pm with dinner in between but now I have to wait to see what my scadule will look like because of my new education) (weekends and holidays when I'm not on vacation 11am- 10pm or something close to that and homework in between)

Why you want this role:   I want to be there for people when they need help and I'm a mayor so I noticed how many people are there who need help.
most of the times I cant help them and I need to get a moderator to help out
I just have the feeling I should be able to help out more then I can now.
when I'm online
I want to help out the server and the people on it.

Past experience:   
I am operator at my brothers server (renezaal)
but it doesn't have plugins
and Im a moderator on the Noxcrew public server (wich opens in a month or something with a lot of plugins)
I dont have the experience yet with commands but Im a fast learner ^^

Time zone:  GMT+1

Additional information:
I am responsable, although many people do think otherwise because I first wanted  to just destroy KochiraKoso, but that was when things were a mess in my head and couldn't think straight (reason for that is because my uncle died :/)( yes this is the first time telling you guys this :/)
I love to help people, guests and members who need help (starting) on the server.
as Joe (Fatnoob) and others may know I had my times that I was complaining...
but I had my own stupid reasons...
but those days are over <3
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #6 on: 18 Sep 2011, 19:32:29 »
Hours per day: 2
Why:to help build the server, help others when they need an op. I have seen times when no ops are on and a person needs one.
Past experience: op on my friends server
Time Zone: GMT+8 or PDT I don't think there's any op in that time zone.
additional information: like building
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #7 on: 19 Sep 2011, 16:24:10 »
IGN: Tahooper
Age: 15 (nearly 16)
How many hours per day: 4-6
Why do I want this role: I want to be able to help operate the server, protect it, help people and be there to moderate the server for help requests, hackers and of course a lot more things that would be required of me, which I would be happily willing to take responsibility for.
Past experience: I myself have not been an operator before, but I have observed and learnt many things from Noobscraft ops and I believe I would be able to do what is necessary of an operator.
Time zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Additional information: I also hope to become a role model for new members in the hope that they will become mature members of the community :)


Re: Operator Applications - RnBxCoBrAzZ - Moderator Application
« Reply #8 on: 19 Sep 2011, 16:56:49 »
What position are you applying for?: I'm applying to be a Moderator.
How often are you available and in what timezone?: I'm available almost all day from about midday onwards. My timezone is London, Uk. So for instants i'm on now at 22:26pm and im likely to be on for a while longer.
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I've been playing minecraft from alpha and I wish to continue playing because I love playing this game and I love the creativity this game brings.
How old are you?: I am 15 .
Have you ever been a mod/admin of a server before?: I don't play many servers but I do own a server that I normally played on it untill I found out about this server and I wish to continue with this server, I would really like to join the staff on your server.
Why would you be a good addition to the staff?: I am creative and my server was once griefed so I swear that I would never grief but I can also restore any griefed areas so I will be able to help with the large spreading problem of griefing. I can also bring many ideas to the community. I hope you accept my application.  I cannot wait to be part of the staff of your great server.  I'm dedicated and I also learn from mistakes.
I'm not becoming this to spawn I enjoy playing legitly and i want to stop giefers and be part of your staff.  Today, when Fatnoob went off and there were no admins, moderators or ops on, a guy called bluely said there was a greifer, the greifer is called fedexx and I teleported to him and removed most of the lave, I think you should allow me to be a part of staff so i can eradicate the problem of greifers!  please re-consider me being an admin. You may ask bluely about this because I was the only person there to help against the greifers


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #9 on: 19 Sep 2011, 22:22:24 »
IGN thezeon64
AGE 15
hours per day about 2 or 3 on weekends mostly
why i want this role i want it because i like to help others and flying i love to fly it helps with building and such
past XP i dont have any past xp with this and would like to try it out
time zone central USA
additional info  nothing really i am just a nice player who wants to help


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #10 on: 20 Sep 2011, 19:48:04 »
Age: 14

How many hours i play: I play 1-3 hours on a school night, but on week-ends usually around 3-5 hours.

Past Experience: I am an op on a different free build server.

Time Zone:: UK (GMT +00)

Aditional information:: I am a friendly person and i would like to help others if they have any queries or problems.


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #11 on: 21 Sep 2011, 00:03:11 »
IGN:   Joe_Exp
Age:   17
How many hours per day:   5-6 per weekday and approx 6-8 weekends
Why you want this role:   I enjoy helping/patrolling others as well as having reasonable logic when it comes to solving issues.
Past experience:   Mod on TheJMserver for 3 months before it randomly went offline, Ran my own server for two months but it lacked memory so I stopped running one. I am extremely familiar with world edit and plug-in issues even though those are not part of the OP role.
Time zone:  EST (not sure the GMT but I can always find out if necessary.)
Additional information:   Extensive plug-in knowledge (I know all the spawning, economy and towny commands so since I will not own a town i can help others run one)

I know where we can use IRC if you'd like to discuss it a bit more.
(This link leads to the spawn schematic i offered Joe since i overheard something of a new spawn. He said he'd take a look at it.)


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #12 on: 21 Sep 2011, 16:45:14 »
How many hours per day:atleast 2 or 1
Why you want this role:to help this server protected from grief .
Past experience:ibeen admin/co owner many times on other servers
Time zone:eastern standard
Additional information:none


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #13 on: 21 Sep 2011, 17:28:53 »
IGN:  exe_cited
Age:   18
How many hours per day:   about 12 or more
Why you want this role:  so I can help out with spammers and if anything needs built I could help build it (not for other players or myself like in the spawn area)
Past experience:   I have been admin/mod/OP on several servers I am not new to these positions, I also am very good at using worldedit
Time zone:  -6 gmt
Additional information: My name is Jake, I like to build... Joining the navy soon


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #14 on: 22 Sep 2011, 02:49:36 »
IGN:   ajhl49
Age:   17
How many hours per day:   At least 3 during weekdays, 5-6 during weekends.
Why you want this role:   I believe I can contribute more to the Noobscraft server if I were able to do what moderators can. It saddens and angers me when I see people griefing others, and I am literally unable to do anything about it. I also enjoy helping people on this server, and as a moderator, I would be able to more effectively help them.
Past experience:   None at this time.
Time zone:  Central Standard Time (CST)
Additional information:   I am hoping to one day become a computer programmer software engineer!
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #15 on: 27 Sep 2011, 16:49:53 »
IGN: xAndrewXD
How many hours per day: Weekdays 5-6 Hours :: Weekends 24/7
Why you want this role: All Through Out My Life, I Have Always Liked To Help People. I Was Once A Newbie On Minecraft, And The Server I Was On, Had No Ops. So I Couldn't Get Help. So I Had To Use Minecraft Wiki :)
Eventually I Came On Here, And I Loved It! The Staff Is Very Friendly And I Would Love To Become An Op. As I Said Before, To Help Out Others And The Server. I Also Donate! :)
Past experience: Just Being A Member On Servers, But Has Been Asked To Become An Op, But I Declined ( Because I Did Not Like The Server ) 
Time zone: GMT
Additional information: I Live In The North East Of England, And People Love Me Because I'm Geordie! :)


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #16 on: 2 Oct 2011, 00:21:36 »
IGN: TRiX_R_4_KidS
Age:11(suprisingly ik)
Timezone: EST(Eastern Standard Time)
How many hours do you play a day? Maybe 7? 8 hours?
Have you read the rules above? Yes i read it three times :)
Will you obey and follow server rules? Dude... Are you kiddin me? Of course i would follow the rules. And i would also do my BEST( and im not just sayin that) to help griefed spawns, houses, and such.
Why do you want this role? Because I am a friendly nice type of person.. And i think it everyone should be....Like none of the ops didnt know who griefed the spawn a couple of days ago.. And I was the only one that did! RedZero100.. but he's already banned.. It would just cool to be able to help people like you and me that get griefed or abused or something.. I would NOT allow caps when im in the lobby.. I know this seems strict but il give them a warning... If they do it again they'll see a ban hammer with there name all over it.. Same goes for cursing and other stuff.  I just would like to help.. Make me an op or not, I still love this server and would like to help.
Previous Servers: None.. I tried to make one but my motom is messed up lol :P
Additional Info About Yourself: HHmmmm.. where to start? Ok, my name is Connor and im 11 years old. I like to help people, be nice, make up jokes, and just have fun. Without an op position i am still going to hav LOTS of fun. I just think getting to be an op would make me even more happy! Well i hope i get this op position. Even though probably nobodys gonna read this but... Ok well um..
Bi Bi,


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #17 on: 15 Oct 2011, 22:06:41 »

Age: 13

How Many Hours Per Day: 2-3, 3-4 on Weekends

Why Do You Want This Role: I want to be able to help the people of Noobstown and help with other technical problems.  I am a very good and creative builder and I would love to help build new and cool activities for all Minecrafters.  I have a very high tech computer and I have looked into Programming and Coding as a serious job.  I like to tweek with mods that other people have made and I know how to fix some problems in plugins.  One thing that I want to do is make Noobstown a very fun and helpful community by stopping griefers, accepting new members and helping everybody with whatever they need.  One thing that I do not like is the fact that some people want to be an Operator just so they can spawn items, if I was an Operator I would not even care if I could not fly, WorldEdit or spawn items.  I just want to make Noobstown the best it could be. 

Past Experience I have been on several other good quality servers but this server has been the best.  I was very trusted on several faction servers and I have run many factions myself.   

Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone)

Additonal information: I like to make jokes and just have fun with Minecraft and make it something that everybody will want to play.  If I were to be picked I would be a firm but kind Operator that would never in his life abuse his powers.  I think people who abuse powers are the worst, it is one of my worst pet peeves ever. 
This application may make me appear to be too strict, but trust me, I can be extra fun when the time is right. :P


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #18 on: 16 Oct 2011, 00:38:05 »


How many hours a day: 6-8

Why you want this role:To help NoobsTown.com, and because there is not a lot of ops on. Many people are getting griefed because of immature players. and I will stop that at any cause, when i become an op i will succeed, you can count on me for tasks you need me for. I know quite a few commands (I'm not going to abuse them) So I wont ask ops/admins for commands and I  wont over use WorldEdit I will not give players  items,change time, or stop the rain unless I have an admins permission. If I don't get my way I will simply say"Ok, but think about it for me" I am a good detective :P I'v seen lots of ops do there duty (you guys are great :D) so I know what to do, there are no exception's for a ban. Following the rules is my main priority,I will not inter fear with someones message If they go "/tell (name) my x-ray mod is working" I will ban them, but I'm not sure if I have a right to do that when i first become an op, so If I do become an op please tell me.

Past experience:I  was town assistant in Figtropilas and hopefully mayor I have a good patience so I wont write this on noobscraft "Why is the server down?".


additional information:I am a good builder I am a very creative kid, although I am 10 I am not immature, If i don't become an op you can still ask me for ideas I will only build when an op/admin asks me to do.

To: Joe,James and matt love: Smash28
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #19 on: 3 Nov 2011, 11:55:37 »
How many hours per day: Tough question.  During the week, I typically work.  On any days off, possibly four hours a day on average.   
Why you want this role: I like to help the community, but I also like to assist with smooth operations of things.  I feel like my cool-minded investigative approach on things would make me very suitable for the role and helpful to the comunity as a whole.  I'm not really the role-playing type, which means I won't really share the interest others may have of owning, maintaining, or even living in a town.  However, I think this play style is preferable for an unbiased operator.   
Past experience: I was an admin on two forums until they both eventually died.  Past that, I suppose I could cite my past experience as a full-time shift manager for Blockbuster Video!  Haha!   
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time 
Additional information: I've been playing Minecraft for about two years, and short of redstone logic gates, I'd say it's reasonable to say I know 95% of everything there is to know about Minecraft.  Naturally, if given the operator role I would make sure I'm on more often than I typically am now.  I like this community a lot, and this makes me interested to play a more active part.   


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #20 on: 4 Nov 2011, 15:21:36 »
Age:   16
How many hours per day:   2-5
Why you want this role:   To stop the griefing because whenever I'm on there are griefers that I see but I cant get them banned because there are no admins or online... also I cant take pics because I cant upload them...
Past experience:   Played minecraft for about a year and played on this server for about 4 months
Time zone:  pacific
Additional information:   I was banned unfairly because of my brother and we share an account but i talked to him and we said we would never grief agian because this is our favorite server and i always look up to the ops and admins and it would be nice if people looked up to me in this game because people do in real life... also i have banned about 8 people so far and that was with the admin or pics through google docs... and I could Ban more people for greifing if I could get this great opportunity :)


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #21 on: 20 Nov 2011, 11:58:24 »
IGN: Cerealman41
Age: 20
How many hours per day: 7-9hrs weekdays. 8- 10hrs weekends. Sometimes shorter sometimes longer.
Why you want this role: I want to make this server have more epicness and awesomeness (How is this possible?!). I will make every player not worry about griefings as I will make sure all griefers are behind bars (a.k.a banned) and all spammers silenced.
Past experience: Been an admin on a random server. Got bored and continued playing this server.
Time zone: Aest (Australian Eastern standard time) or to put it another way GMT+10
Additional information: I am kind, friendly and easy to talk to. I have been on this server since V1 and know a thing or 2 about being an admin/mod/op. I also like to help people with their problems.
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Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #22 on: 20 Nov 2011, 18:54:35 »
IGN: irkieran   
Age: 15 
How many hours per day: 2-3 on a weekday and 4-5 on a weekend
Why you want this role:I feel I have what it takes to become an operator because I have been faithful to the server, I love playing it and I want other people to have the same enjoyment by stopping griefers, hackers, etc..., I can provide new people to the server with help or a tour, I can answer all questions that are sensible and appropriate.
Past experience: I was previously an Operator on this server before, in fact I was the first Operator on this server, I feel ready to take on the challenge again, I've had lots of experience of being an Operator I can be trusted with the Power and responsibility of this role. I'm not unintelligent and I know the rules of the role and the rules of the server.
Time zone: England
Additional information:I missed out on V4 of noobstown due to my computer being destroyed


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #23 on: 29 Nov 2011, 03:15:57 »
IGN: Roninman0   
Age: 11
How many hours per day: 1-3 on school days, 3-4 on weekends 
Why you want this role: To be able to get revenge (ban) greifers (i have a bad history with them) 
Past experience: Op on my freinds server experience: "Mosi!!!! i just put the ban hammer down on some butt face greifer!!" (mosi=freind/owner hes 14 
Time zone: PST
Additional information: Been on noobscraft since V3   


Re: Operator Applications
« Reply #24 on: 29 Nov 2011, 11:52:30 »
How many hours per day:[4-8]   
Why you want this role:[because i have ask for help many time of moderators and ops and they keep ignoring me and helping out there friends altought i am new to the server i would help out the new people that come and go everyday and hopefully be able to make most of them stay and because i also like to help out alot. :)]   
Past experience:[none as an op but i have been a moderator and a helper on other servers]   
Time zone:[eastern australia, sydney] 
Additional information:[i have found that the skeletons when they jump, jump to high and go through blocks without getting hurt and this makes them incredably hard to kill.]