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« on: 27 Feb 2015, 00:38:26 »
Well since spawners' release they have been a popular demand for many towns out there. Unfortunately, that can also cause that the mob limit hits the top quite often. Not only causes it no spawning for mob spawners, it also causes issues at dark rooms at certain times, because they're tiger packed or empty. All that started with the spawners coming back, so I was wondering if it was possible to get CONSOLE do the command /killall for the town world. And if it's also possible, that it won't affect tamed animals (if it isn't already set like that). So I'd really like to see this happen because it can't only be the spawners that are nerved. It could help to regulate the mobs at the Outland, at Dark Rooms and by spawners.


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So you want to delete everyone's sheep and cow livestock?
no sir.


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Completely unnecessary.


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I don't know one person who keps the livestock at the Town world, that's one of the resdons for spawners.


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That wouldn't help anything, it would make things worse. That would limit people from doing what they want to do and ultimately ruin the gameplay experience.


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Everyone remembers the entity clearance in v5. Nuff said.


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To be blunt just because you don't know anyone who keeps livestock in the town world doesn't mean that no one does, it simply means that you have yet to hear about it. Absence of a thing does not mean the nonexistence of a thing, and vice versa.

Onto another note, when would the console be doing this? How often? As soon as it hits cap? No matter what you put it at you will always run into it screwing someone over. What if someone was at a sheep spawner and had just dyed all the sheep that had spawned with lapis and then the console did /killall? A waste of their lapis, and I can assure you if that happened to me I would be more than irritated for such a thing to happen.

Or if someone is in a dark room with wolves they'd just spent a lot of time either breeding or taming at a spawner? Again, all their work would be wasted.

As Duel was saying, I definitely remember when this type of thing happened in V5 and I remember back then not being very happy that it kept happening. I don't think it should be implemented, this should be resolved in a manner that's not this.

In addition to be honest it didn't start when spawners were added, it was happening far before that. It's one of the reasons why leather was such a high price, because mobs wouldn't spawn due to the limit being hit. Spawners being added didn't make the issue suddenly occur it simply made it more obvious than was before.
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The use of /killall would be completely unnecessary in the way mob/animal spawning currently works on Noobstown. I'll try to explain roughly how the spawning works:

Random "natural" spawns always occur up to a certain amount, once at that level they stop. Extra spawns which occur (such as from breeding and spawners, etc.) go over this "natural limit" until they reach a "dynamic cap" (this is not a set number it is based on several factors which constantly change). Once this "cap" is reached no more mobs/animals (of that group) will be able to spawn. Plus after a certain period of time all existing mobs/animals have an individual chance they will automatically despawn (this is why /killall isn't needed). There is constant regulation of both animals and hostile mobs in all our worlds it is just less obvious because it doesn't occur in a big batch as you're suggesting; instead entities are slowly picked off.

The fact you're thinking spawners are impacting "dark rooms" is completely unjustified because the dynamic system counts hostile mobs completely separately to animals, so the spawners people can have don't adjust hostile mob spawning in any way at all. If you're meaning hostile spawners then again the caps would be met and they would stop spawning too until the numbers were reduced (which would occur faster from the despawning).

If you're concerned about the animal limit, this was dramatically increased when we introduced spawners so there should always be a spawning opportunity for them. I'll continue to monitor this though; but I have never seen the animal cap or the hostile cap be reached since we last increased it.

As for why the "dark rooms" probably aren't working is more likely to be with people near them, and the way that vanilla mob spawning occurs; when people are nearby nothing will spawn around them.


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Hmm, I see. Then /killall wouldn't help. You are welcome to remove the topic.