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Was digging through some old files and found....
« on: 8 May 2018, 20:38:48 »
Heya folks.  I was digging through some old files on my pc, just tiding things up a bit and I found this gem lying there.  I knocked off the dust and decided to share it with everyone again:

Memories of V5

     The day started like any other.  My wife and I awoke to a breakfast of coffee and toast with no idea what would await us later that day.  We were building a few things on our LAN server together when I suggested we could play online with other people.  After playing many other online games together, we were both quite skeptical about joining others on a game where your constructions could be destroyed.  I had noticed the day before that PMC offered server lists with descriptions about each one.  Thinking that with a name like noobstown it would be perfect for us who were new to Minecraft, I talked her into joining with me.

   Green.  All I could see was green text flying so fast across my screen that I couldn't keep up with it all.  We gingerly made our way through the tutorial, followed the steps and then, YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED! WELCOME TO NOOBSTOWN!.  After using /spawn, we were dazzled and greeted with a message board, a giant fountain of water and emerald, and a large city that we promptly got ourselves lost in.  I'm ashamed to say, but we spent about 30 mins trying to find our way out! It was quite daunting at first, but we pressed on and finally made our way out into the wilderness. 

   The chaos and ruins we saw didn't help to comfort us when thinking back on how our buildings could be destroyed.  A tip appeared on the screen mentioning that if you had been griefed, you could do /grief.  At the time, neither of us knew what the term meant.  Minecraft online was entirely new to us so I decided to pay a visit to the forums and try and find out what direction we should take in this large, new server.  The rules were posted and clear on what we were not supposed to do, and thanks to the guides that many took the time to write out, we quickly learned there was a server shop to earn money, and that we could harvest anything we needed from the mining world.  A mining 'world'? we thought.  There was a whole other area that was classified as a world!  How large could this server be?

   The mining world was devoid of life.  No creature, and all of the trees had been harvested nearby.  We were at a loss at how to continue.  After asking a few times in chat, we were advised to try and build a 'farm' and that it would help us get started.  Many players suggested this or that, and most all were very friendly and inviting.  after a few days of gathering things in the mining world, we found a town that looked nice and clean.  A plot, a tree, and a few cobblestone later, we had a starting home to store our things.  We were off to a good beginning and thuroughly enjoying ourselves!

   Time passed, we built a home and even took it upon ourselves to make a public tree farm for everyone to use in the mining world!  Our fellow players were thrilled and most respected the farm.  It was put to good use, and we even made some friends that started assisting us in building bigger and better things for everyone to enjoy.  We mined, and learned more about the skills and different features the server had to offer.  We watched the staff handle situations and players with patience and kindness.   I grew to respect them all.  it wasn't often that I had met other gamers online that were as nice as these people were.  Firm, and kind, but often times busy and swamped with questions and pleas for help.  I took it upon myself to try and offer assistance.  I felt sorry that there was so many lines of text being thrown at them each day.  And then, the event that made me decide to become a moderator happened. 

   An argument arose in chat.  A player had been scammed and did not receive an item that they paid for.  I calmly asked what the issue was, and offered my own items in exchange for a bit of forgiveness and patience in the matter.  I explained that pixels on a game weren't worth getting that upset over, and that if it would make things right, they could have mine.  I began to pick up stray questions here and there, offer my home as a farm to those who needed it, and offered my services in helping solve minor disputes when they arose and no staff member was online.  Respect was always given, but not always taken, and I just had to leave it be, but it didn't deter me.  TwistedLover and I spoke on occassion about how certain rules were enforced, and what I should do in a situation involving respect.  I told her that I wanted to help make the server better, that I enjoyed it so much and everyone was so nice to me, I just wanted to return the favor.  She suggested I fill out a staff application on the forums.  I was skeptical as I had only been on the server for a short while, but I said I would give it some thought.

   I spent the next week observing the server's members and staff closely and didn't really speak out much unless someone needed help or had a question.  There was some rennovations going on in our current town and by chance, my home needed to be removed and tore down, along with the public tree farm I had made with shop chests for everyone to use.  Saddened, I began the deconstruction of my home to make way for the new road, but this event brought about a surprising offer.  Dragonfire offered to give anadence and I 8 plots together to build on.  I was stunned.  I never thought we'd have such a large, protected area to build on.  With a sad fairwell and about 40 chests later, we left our first town and moved in to Dragonfire.  Construction on the house began immediately and before long, we had a massive Log Cabin style home with two floors and a storage basement. 

   The rebuilding of my home gave me the final nudge, along with some friends poking me, to place my staff application online for Waterworth to view.  I spent the better part of the day writing and revising what I wanted to say, but eventually I got it typed out and submitted for everyone to view.  My chances of becomming a staff member after only being on the server for a month were slim, but I felt that even if my application was denied, maybe my words could inspire others to understand that being a staff member was more about being a servant, than receiving an award or prestige.  A strong desire to help and an iron wall of patience thanks to my children served me well it would seem because before long, I was contacted and interviewed for the position.  I continued helping those as I did before, trying to do what I could to make the server a more enjoyable place, not only for myself, but for everyone.  Out of the blue, and I dare say a bit of smoke and an explosion of light, teh supah admeen appeared before me!  Ok, it wasn't quite that grand, but Waterworth chose me to become the next member of the mod team!  Overjoyed and truly surprised, I graciously accepted and started on my path to better the server and her community to the best of my capability. 

   It wasn't long after I was made a staff member that Anadence and I got to experience our first server holiday event.  Noobween.  100% complete awesomeness.  Spawn was transformed into a halloween styled display of webs and fall colors.  Herobrine was making guest star appearances around noobstown causing players to become quite intoxicated and the entire community was in high spirits for the festivities.  We had a huge drop party and a massive pvp arena event for everyone to enjoy.

   Noobsmas came quickly after.  An advent calendar and many presents and christmas trees sprang up all over noobstown.  The spirit of giving was with everyone as drop parties were being held all month, and Father noobsmas flew around the towns tossing out presents for everyone to chase after.  The most amusing part was the screenshots we took.  Poor Noobsmas looked like he was running for his life with a mob of players chasing after him. 

   Members joined, and good friends left or moved on to other things.  Laughter, joy, and sadness and tears.  We experienced them all as the server reached it's 2nd anniversary and we discovered that in the summer months to come, a new version was to be released.  Mixed emotions flooded the community as everyone tried to understand and cope with the changes that were to be made to everything we had grown accustom to here in v5.  Many were unable to bear the thought of parting with their builds, towns, and wealth they had accumulated over the course of the year, but we pressed on and have recently enjoyed events and a sort of bonding with those who have chose to stay.  We look up with our eyes wide, eager for what is to come.  We greet it now with wonder and anticipation and hopes to build greater memories, and an even greater community.


Re: Was digging through some old files and found....
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Crawling the net for minecraft servers besides the ones we run ourselves to just find a place that's family friendly we found PMC as well and noobstown was in the top25 list. And the other family friendly one was actually quite toxic as every other online community. It's how I ended up on noobstown. I took the test of asking 3 stupid questions after I joined. Duelcon, and doc_engie were there to give the answers, along with dropping some food on me. I had the same experience with finding a wild plot and learning the ropes, and enjoyed those events as it was the opportunity to find friends in other towns.

And while things didn't go so perfect for me at times, I've learned a lot more about being on a community with older and younger people at once, and I made some awesome friends. Version 5 was indeed my introduction to noobstown in 2012 and it was a shame to see it go. I've not really felt at /home, so to say. Kinda wish they'de just introduce a new spawn and world as the new default and call that version 6, than go down for 6 months and lose all those friendships.

Fund memories indeed.


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Noobstown went down for 6 months? Uh oh, now I'm worried.


Re: Was digging through some old files and found....
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Noobstown went down for 6 months? Uh oh, now I'm worried.
It was a bit unexpected, I will give them that. It wasn't a planned downtime, the news was maybe 2 -3 weeks. It just turned out going different. But six months was obviously kinda ridiculous. I do not think you have to worry about it happening again, if they're smart there won't be a version 7, or not in the sense of v5->v6. Unless they're dedicated to utterly killing the server with another reset; hoping they learned their lesson to be honest.


Re: Was digging through some old files and found....
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By the way, when Foob was in the game yesterday he asked me if I had the basketball court that we used to make and play..

The answer is yes:


I thought this would be the place to post this :)