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Other / Re: Computer can not find server.
« on: 20 Nov 2012, 04:40:34 »
Guy, Guys! we all are having the same error message. The server is obviously down and will probobly be fixed in no time atleast by tomorrow morning. So if you really want that fun minecraft experience go to this minecraft hunger games server -REMOVED- as the ip. This server is fun, and untill this server is up and running it will be your best chance for a good time

As an old time member, I suggest you remove that IP before you are banned for advertising other servers.
And yes... pretty sure you'll get banned for that, even on the forums.

The server is down and will prolly be up in a few hours when the Admins wake up.

Support / Re: Minecraft Server Session Error
« on: 15 Jul 2012, 09:04:53 »
Read my post adam, If you dont know why it will tell you

Noobstown General / Why you cant log on.
« on: 15 Jul 2012, 08:59:04 »
I may not be able to get on noobstown but it seems like no admin has posted a note as to why you cant access any servers (this being noobstown also)

Some of you may know from following the minecraft Devs on twitter, thay are a very large problem with the Auth servers.
This problem allowing hackers to log on as any player, (this can also be done for Ops/admins/mods) on any server.
Mojang has took the auth servers down while thay fix this very large problem.
just wanted to post this since no admin/mod has and people me want to know why thay cant get online.
Reddit post:

Mojang offical post on this:
Sorry if any of the staff team have  a problem with me posting this due to me being banned and all, I just wanted to tell people why thay cant get on any server.

Again, Sorry if I caused any problems via posting this ^-^

Other / Re: Staying up 24 hrs :)
« on: 14 Jun 2012, 21:44:59 »
Am I still allowed on the TS?

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 8 May 2012, 02:49:29 »
Just saying James, You are banned brah!! XD Lul and I ban Bc for not knowing I am Mr. Wiggles' demonic assassin.

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 7 May 2012, 21:29:36 »
I ban both of you for a pointless spam thred ^-^

Noobstown General / Re: Goodbye from Yorger98
« on: 27 Apr 2012, 17:50:20 »
I wont miss you, And I did think you should have been banned a long time before for your rudeness and abuse.. :/

Other / Re: Furniture
« on: 24 Apr 2012, 19:58:21 »
NOPE.avi ... my Furniture designs are mines D:

Noobstown General / Re: Not Whitelisted? >_>
« on: 24 Apr 2012, 18:24:14 »
Not to sure what is happening.. :/BUT NEW  SIG...:3 V-- look down :3

Noobstown General / Re: Winterhold Copying?
« on: 23 Apr 2012, 14:31:36 »
Really miner, Your gonna go on a all new level of childish ****.. Its a road... And If I rember you copyed Netherfrosts roads. I dont recall anyone telling to to remove them.. Its a road, just drop it and stop wasting peoples time >_>

Market Place / Re: Require Materials for A Large Project.
« on: 23 Apr 2012, 10:29:11 »
I can get the cobble for you. Type of stone slabs? like smooth stone slabs?

Market Place / Re: Offshore Oil Platform for sale.
« on: 21 Apr 2012, 13:19:56 »
Im online right now, and I wanna see what Ima buy o-o

Server Announcements / Re: Server upgrade! 23/4/2012
« on: 20 Apr 2012, 19:50:22 »
Just saying, I have never seen the server at its "MAx player limit" why make this bigger?

Market Place / Re: Offshore Oil Platform for sale.
« on: 19 Apr 2012, 20:06:39 »
pics or gtfo

i want to see what i'm gonna fight to buy

Pics or gtfo seems a bit rude, saying Could you post some pictures wouldbe better..

Support / RAM error?
« on: 19 Apr 2012, 20:00:21 »
So, Today while I was in emperormyrfs tunnles, My minecraft just died, And it said I ran out of memory. NEever had this problem before. Any clue how to fix it anyone?

Towns & Nations / Re: New town in the making
« on: 18 Apr 2012, 18:41:48 »
I do think it is Joe's alt account, Since it is titled "Foobi" foob being Fatnoob I have 5 sponges,

Market Place / Re: Offshore Oil Platform for sale.
« on: 18 Apr 2012, 16:40:18 »
Allow me to see it and I will bid at starting 40k I will be buying it for Empire.
just /mail send meh or Pm me on the forums if you wanna talk about it

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Muting
« on: 17 Apr 2012, 05:06:06 »
Tbh, I'd like to see JayJay Have mod, Since he is on alot during UK times,

Noobstown General / ItsLawrence - Danny Wallace
« on: 16 Apr 2012, 19:29:12 »
so yea, Lawrence sounds like Danny Wallace from assassin's creed ... >_>

Other / Re: Knight_Peculiar
« on: 16 Apr 2012, 01:05:56 »
I was like, Umm ok? But He will prolly come back, just like.. mutated, since it was radioactive slime o-o right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Other / Re: three word story game
« on: 14 Apr 2012, 12:12:19 »
the giant floating

Other / Re: three word story game
« on: 14 Apr 2012, 11:25:12 »
And threw a

Other / Re: Who Can Post Last?
« on: 14 Apr 2012, 10:28:37 »
Linda, Whats with all these spam threds latly? Its all I see on the home page is a thred by you... with somone posting on it. Its getting annoying.

i know right?

She should be doing her work at school 

how many memes do you have saved o-o. Your pictures folder must me like 8gb.. o-o

Other / Re: Who Can Post Last?
« on: 14 Apr 2012, 09:28:26 »
Linda, Whats with all these spam threds latly? Its all I see on the home page is a thred by you... with somone posting on it. Its getting annoying.

Server Announcements / Re: Latest Update
« on: 14 Apr 2012, 07:41:04 »
We feel spawner's should be used for farming purposes, it's hard to keep animals around your pens due to the multi player bugs and this is the fix for that, your own personal spawning farm animals.

Problem with adding monsters spawner's:

1. The world has a 2000 Mob limit having these mobs spawning at the mob machines will completely kill of the survival aspect of the server. Basically you would rarely see mobs around the wilderness or when mining in caves.

2. Easy farm-able exp, people spend enough of their time gathering exp from these machines it takes the fun out of killing dragons or working your way up to getting the best enchants. I have witnessed on one or more occasions of players stood AFK below a mob machine gathering exp.

Just as a note Joe, Killing the dragon really sucks now :/ Since only 1 player gets the XP only.

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