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Server Announcements / Re: Noobstown is 6 Years Old!
« on: 19 Mar 2017, 00:45:36 »
Happy Birthday Noobstown!

Server Announcements / Time to say Goodbye!
« on: 17 Jul 2016, 16:41:37 »

Hello Noobs!

When I was 16 I first started this server, with my brother and cousin - together we opened Noobstown, later joined by my close friend Lawrence, and through this partnership have taken the server to heights beyond my expectations.

I’m now 22 years old, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, being apart of this community, seeing friendships form, relationships form and real life meets occur due to this little thing we call Noobstown - it’s truly inspiring to see and I’m so happy that i’ve been a small part of that. I’ve decided that it’s best for the community and server that I step down from project lead, this is due to lack of time and the fact i’m moving onto another large part of my life and I’m unable to squeeze such large dedication into this project as I was once able to as a teen.

My priority for this project was always putting the community first, and I did not want to give up this project to see that fall apart - so Lawrence will take the helm and continue to supply the community with Noobstown, allowing memories to continued to be shared now and in the future.

I would like to thank you all for your support, kindness and fun over the years, I’ve loved every minute of running this server, meeting new people, making new friends, learning a whole lot… there are so many positives I can take from this part of my life, running this server and meeting people from across the globe has been a once in a lifetime experience.

But for now, it’s time for me to leave and give the project new hope, new life in good hands - Noobstown has a bright future, an amazing community and brilliant history.

Thank you for making this thing a reality for me and so many others.

I will be leaving over the next few months, eventually phasing and transitioning the server, hosting and assets to Lawrence. There is no need for panic, this should not disturb your gameplay or data.

Love you all,

News / Re: todays my birthday!!! I'm 13
« on: 11 May 2016, 20:08:15 »
Happy belated Birthday!

Server Announcements / Return of Foob
« on: 11 May 2016, 20:06:34 »
Hey Noobs,

Just wanted to let you know that my time is beginning to free up more and more and i'll be back to pushing content for you guys over the Summer months, which is going to be super exciting as some of the largest updates to Noobstown are going to hit this summer including the much anticipated Noobstowny.

We'll also be focusing back on growth and expansion of our server, increasing our daily player numbers, staff members and activities in-game. In addition to this we will also work with our new content team to plan, develop and prepare exciting theme months! A big thank you to Jaeger for his work so far as content staff.

Hope to see you all in-game soon :)

- Foob

Server Announcements / Eggsplosions!?
« on: 31 Mar 2016, 23:59:26 »

YET AGAIN the Noobstown Eggs company has returned to take drastic action against the shortage of Eggs by manipulating our breeding mechanisms. Please be aware you may notice odd behavioral problems from  chickens on our server as a result, don't worry! Noobstown Egg CO. has everything under control.

UPDATE (2nd April): The problem has now been sorted, sorry about the issues on the 1st of April!

Server Announcements / Re: 5 Years of Noobstown!
« on: 16 Mar 2016, 17:35:46 »
Added time!

Server Announcements / 5 Years of Noobstown!
« on: 2 Mar 2016, 20:15:55 »
Party starts at 10pm GMT

Hello all,

As you may or may not be aware this month on the 18th. We'll be celebrating 5 YEARS of Noobstown, what an incredible achievement!

I'm so proud and thankful to have lead this community for all of those years and we'd like to take this time to thank the community!

We'll be hosting a Party on the 18th of March (Friday), giving away tons of prizes and awards on the night! so be sure to add this special occasion to your calendar.

We'll also be having a week long Double exp from the 14th to 18th!

Server Announcements / Mineapoc > Noobstown VIP
« on: 21 Feb 2016, 16:16:24 »
UPDATE: Since MineApoc closed so long ago now too the VIP upgrade offer is no longer available!

Hey all,

We'd just like to extend a warm welcome to players returning from our Mineapoc server! - VIP's on Mineapoc can now upgrade to VIP on Noobstown and if you have membership on Noobstown you will be upgraded to VIP+ or given a monetary bonus.

Visit here: to see if you're eligible for upgrades.

If you have any questions or concern about Mineapoc visit the official information thread, here:


Hello Noobs!

Noobentines begins tonight and we're excited to kick-start our quest line today! - The town of Shangri-La will be host to our "Japan in Love" theme month. /warp theme to get started with the first quest.

Will you help a young boy find love again? He and the princess were split up and it's your quest to help them rekindle their forgotten love.

Type /kit theme to gain the items required to start the quest and head into the building to begin.

Cupid is also back flying around spreading love to Noobs, near and far with his 'Cupid Torches' these will drop randomly around the world when completing tasks such as mining, excavation, killing mobs.. etc when you get a torch, find a partner (who also has a torch) and hit them with the torch and get them to do the same to share the love! You'll both be granted with a random reward! <3 These work like the previous ones used a few years ago, but give different rewards so be sure to use the new ones for those!

Support / Mineapoc Information thread
« on: 10 Feb 2016, 14:30:20 »
UPDATE: The MineApoc merge and Dungeons update has now been put on hold! Since MineApoc closed so long ago now too the VIP upgrade offer is no longer available!

Hey all,

This thread will serve as a information hub for anything related to the Minecraft Apocalypse server and the new system moving onto Noobstown 'Dungeons'

- Information thus far:

VIP's of Mineapoc will be made VIP's on Noobstown - If already VIP on Noobstown upgraded to VIP+

Visit here to see if you're eligible for your upgrade:

Data will not be transferred (Money, skills, items etc.) the system we're creating will be entirely new and standalone to the server Noobstown, but act as a gamemode to switch and play between the two. Yes, you will be able to transfer rewards to Noobstown and vise versa to Dungeons.

Dungeons will run on a kit based system to upgrade gear, no inventory management as such.

Dungeons will be in heavy development after our update to NoobsTowny has launched (Which has been the focus of our server development for a while). We're prioritizing the important aspects of our global community, which means that Dungeons will come later, we understand this is frustrating for those who enjoyed Mineapoc but we're doing everything within our power to please and maintain the servers, so hang tight.

Why is Mineapoc closed?

The server was shut off as of last week to move resources/clear storage for Noobstown, as the active user base of Mineapoc had dropped and people were not actively using the server.

Will I receive any sort of benefit in Dungeons for the time/dedication I spent on Mineapoc?

Yes, there will be a reward based system for those who were on the top money list and mcmmo list. There will also be a range of rewards for returning players in general on launch.

Estimated time frame? We can't give specifics on dates, we're just working through our development list - If you care about our community and want to be an active part, I suggest you get involved with Noobstown and be around when discussion for Dungeons comes around to have your say and aid our idea development for the program.

I will respond to Mineapoc questions on this thread only, so if you have any questions - Please post them below.

Competitions & Events / Re: Skin Competition - Vote!
« on: 8 Jan 2016, 21:31:06 »
Congratulations to the winner:  baileybop33 (Prize will be given soon)

Competitions & Events / Skin Competition - Vote!
« on: 1 Jan 2016, 20:19:33 »
Hello Noobs! Happy New Year 2016!!

Here are our 5 favourite Noobmas Skins, vote your favourite!

1. Craftmatt13OH

2. baileybop33

3. jessibobessi

4. WindowCreeprr

5. eboniics

Server Announcements / Re: Noobmas: Costume Contest
« on: 1 Jan 2016, 20:11:23 »
Poll announced soon!

Server Announcements / Merry Christmas Noobs!
« on: 24 Dec 2015, 22:59:22 »

What's that? Did you see him?

He's been! - It's Noobmas Day and time to celebrate!

Merry Christmas Noobs! - Wishing you all have a wonderful day from everyone here at Noobscraft staff, we hope the time you spend together with your family and loved ones today makes the end to your 2015 just perfect. We're looking forward to bringing you new exciting things in 2016 and continuing to grow and expand our beautiful community, thanks for sticking with us and we hope to see you all in the New Year.

Have a wonderful day,
Noobscraft Team.

Noobstown General / Re: Here we go again, Apoc needs help.
« on: 24 Dec 2015, 00:26:22 »
Hi guys,

Just to clear up some confusion - Yes, we are working on a new system for Apocalypse but as it has been said multiple times this isn't going to happen anytime soon, I announced the closure of Apocalypse because I don't have the time to run two servers, I'm not giving up on that community but rather moving them here. If you want to play Noobstown in the meantime, you are all welcome to but if you don't then that's your choice.

The Dungeons system will come in 2016, but it's a big game mode project that we're working on along side a lot of other things for the server (which have been planned before this was announced) we have a long to-do list and are working through this as best we can, given the time we have. Both Admins are not 16 years old like when we first started these servers, we're at a stage in our lives where we are leaving University or starting jobs, it's difficult to manage free/hobby time to maintaining and keeping these projects alive and entertaining (despite as much as we try, we'll never have the time of a 16 year old again) and I can only apologize for this. We're looking to hire more staff, we are always looking for people who can help us but people coding and creating systems have to have a high degree of trust and expertise and that's not something that is readily available, or free.

Simply put: Dungeons/The Apoc system is coming to Noobstown, it'll be ready when it's ready and if you can't stick around for that I suggest you go elsewhere as complaining and making hate fueled threads like this doesn't contribute anything to making the system come faster and will most likely cause you to be banned before the system launches.

Server Announcements / Noobmas: Costume Contest
« on: 10 Dec 2015, 17:11:09 »


We're on the look out for the most creative and festive costumes! Do you have what it takes to impress us this Noobmas?

Simply respond to this thread with a screenshot of your character wearing the skin!

We'll be placing our 5 favorite costumes in a server poll so you can vote on the winner!

Winner will receive:

- 350,000 Nbz
- Snowman Pet
- Rare Head Item


Hey all,

There is now 20% off selected packages over at - All Donations in December will receive two exclusive items and a mystery box of old theme month head items!

Snowman Overlord Head
Noobmas Star (Snow shooter)

Plus some new packages for Noobmas.

x4 MCMMO for an hour! - Spread some crazy Christmas leveling cheer with this package.
Add 100,000 to the daily Lottery throughout December - Share the wealth this Xmas with the entire community. (Stacks and increases the daily prize fund each day)

Don't forget to check the lottery and buy a ticket /lottery

In other news... rewards are now available to be picked up for spotting Herobrine, just get in contact with a staff member. They have a list of all those who spotted him! (The mobs with the Herobrine heads do not count).

If you won the Skin competition the MODs also have your rewards, just ask.

Server Announcements / November GOAL reached!
« on: 1 Dec 2015, 00:13:53 »


Thank you to everyone that has supported us in November, we've opened our 'GOAL COMPLETE' FREE category on the donation page to everyone on the server as a thank you. Big shout out to everyone that has physically donated to the server and helped us stay online!

Press BUY on the Package - It's FREE

x1 Free Chunk
25,000 Nbz
x1 Cookie Token (For reward box at spawn)

Once you get your token type /spawn and exchange the 'Piggy Bank' trader.

Open for 5 days... grab it quick!

Server Announcements / Noobmas: Advent Begins!
« on: 30 Nov 2015, 23:57:15 »

Noobmas is here!

The Holiday Event of Noobmas is back once again for the 5th year running! ~ As always the 'Advent' event will run throughout the month from the 1st to the 25th.

How to take part?

Each day at 00:00 GMT you will be able to unlock the days gift, each chest will be labeled with the respective day. You must log online and unlock the chest each day, you cannot open these gifts if you miss a day. The prizes inside the chests will gradually increase as we move further and further to the 25th.

Noobmas Visits

Noobmas will be stopping by at the 10 largest TOWNS in Noobstown this year, handing out gifts to the community, everyone is welcome. The schedule will be posted later this month.

Please dress your town appropriately (Xmas Theme). If you are a mayor of a large town and wish to remove your town from this list you can do so via PM.


Christmas crackers live after DEC 1st server restart - You can get Crackers from doing loads of different things in-game! Just play normally and you'll eventually get some! Once you get a cracker simply click on a person you want to pull it with and then if they accept you'll be able to pull the cracker together! The winner of the pull wins a random prize!

Removed the broadcast (To avoid spam/annoyance) sorry!

Server Announcements / Re: Adventure: The Grand Tome Bazaar!
« on: 27 Nov 2015, 01:52:13 »
Where do you Trade Ancient Tomes?!?

Ancient tomes will have a slightly different purpose (Will enable you to obtain all the other tomes except enchanted) as like a bundle / mystery box. Coming soon!

Server Announcements / Re: Adventure: The Grand Tome Bazaar!
« on: 26 Nov 2015, 17:16:53 »
I don't want to be negative or a negative Nancy but I do want to just provide some feedback. I'm not a fan of this months trading system. It's a lot to keep track of, too many tomes and the prices are almost impossible. I think Noobween was a happy medium. Wizard month was too easy and this month is too hard.

Again, I mean this in the most sincere feedback-ish way. I don't mean to complain or cause any issues; just some friendly feedback.

We'll increase the tome drop rates soon and the quests will provide more tomes in their rewards.


Hey all,

This Friday following through until Sunday 90% of Donation packages will be 50% OFF + Anyone who donates will receive a 'Donation Tome' which can be used to obtain ANY of the new tome trade head items via a villager at /spawn.

Server Announcements / Adventure: The Grand Tome Bazaar!
« on: 26 Nov 2015, 16:44:31 »

Greetings Adventurers!

Sorry for the delays in the month activities... we've been extremely busy and ran into a few problems... but we're back on schedule.

Just to let you know: The Adventure month will now run to the 12th of December along side our December Theme.


We're happy to announce THE GRAND TOME TRADING BAZAAR IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! simply type /warp party and start exchanging those tomes for some extravagant head items that have been uncovered by expert Archaeologist.

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