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Pictures / Re: What do you look like irl?
« on: 29 Oct 2016, 04:32:53 »
Me and my girlfriend this morning before school.

Music / Re: What are u listening right now?
« on: 19 Oct 2016, 06:02:54 »
Have you ever seen rain by Creedence clearwater

Pictures / Album art for a CD I am making. (opinions please)
« on: 9 Oct 2016, 00:12:06 »
I'm making a second Mix CD for a crush of mine, and I wanted some opinions. All opinions (negative and positive) are welcome, as I wish to improve my artwork, not my ego. I will provide a link to the audio if requested.

Music / Re: What are u listening right now?
« on: 28 Aug 2016, 06:49:36 »
Oh hey, an old yet relevant post for me to add irrelevant info to. I'm listening to interesting things surprisingly. It's pretty much just a huge mix of everything good. Mostly classic rock, but with a good swig of aged dubstep as a deglaze, and a pinch of diced pop for flavor. Makes for a great mixtape gravy.

Music / I'm making a "mixtape" for my crush. Opinions?
« on: 22 Aug 2016, 18:14:33 »
    I'm not really a talkative person, so when I have a crush on someone, I usually just let it go. But this time, it's different. I can't stop thinking about her, but I can't get myself to talk to her. My solution is to make a mixtape, and I need some nooby opinions before I give it to her. Suggest alternate songs, order changes, etc.
    For a little more background, we both "like" pop music. She is a fan of Britney Spears. I'm not really a fan of anybody in the pop genre, but some songs stick out. I'm more of a rock kinda guy, my favorite being green day.
    Also, she's obsessed with "Watch me (whip / nae nae), so even if you think it doesn't belong, it does; Maybe in a better location.

(This is a Youtube link)

Pictures / Re: What do you look like irl?
« on: 20 Apr 2016, 00:17:03 »
Aint I stunning?

YAY! I will finally be able to use my steam name, TacoNissan! I've been waiting so long for this, I can't believe it's happening!

Server Announcements / Re: 5 Years of Noobstown!
« on: 17 Mar 2016, 01:57:08 »
I can't wait for the party!

Noobstown General / Re: Trade Window Open
« on: 28 Sep 2015, 01:17:46 »
Shopping List: The following items I wish to buy are:

1.Gir -64 reward
2.Cyborg -64 reward
3.IceMonster -64 reward
4.Iron Man -64 reward
5.Robot Lazer Bow -64 reward
6.Red Highscore Robot -64 reward
7.Daft Noob Punk Gold -64 reward
8.Experiment 626 -64 reward
9.Moron Core -32 reward
10.Aliens Inc -64 reward
Total, 9 1/2 stacks reward

New? / Re: New to the server and kind of new to MC
« on: 16 Sep 2015, 23:48:03 »
Just call me happy. 16 year old, man (duh, read the name), and i like building, so if you ever need an expertly crafted house and/or giant robot, call me.( serious about that robot tho, --> /visit happyman323 <-- )

*EDIT* forgot, click either big blue box below if you want to add me on steam (if you have steam)

btw, what is the password for the cool kids channel?

getting teamspeak finally

when i ping the server, ~98% of packets get lost in transmission

Did the server just go down or is it just me?  :( :(
i cant connect, and the forum takes forever to load. hopefully not a DDoS

I wanna enter the contest


/visit happyman323

Yes, this time only. Please in future plan your builds to be 16x16!
it's just a thumb sticking out a bit lol

I'm making a really awesome robot for chunk of the month, but it's 18x14, not 16x16. is it still ok?

I'll be there!

Noobstown General / Re: Ever built your own pc?
« on: 1 Aug 2015, 07:24:27 »
Not trying to brag, but i've made 3

Main rig:
-AMD FX-6350, OC to 4.2GHz
-8GB DDR3 1600
-128GB PNY XLR8 SSD (Boot, Win10 Home, installed on launch date)
-1TB WD Green HDD (Programs, Steam)
-500GB WD Blue (system backups, previously Win10 TechPreview Install)
-PowerColor PCS+ 2GB R9 270x, Modest OC
-650 Watt Raidmax 80+ Bronze Blue-LED Modular PSU
-Some junky old mobo (cus i ran outa doh :()

Secondary rig
-Intel Pentium G3258 OC to 4.9GHz (upgraded from G3250 for the OC)
-11GB DDR3 1333 (1x 8GB, 3x 1GB, Because of Autodesk Inventor :P)
-Same storage setup as main rig, including OS
-XFX 2GB R7 260x, no overclocking because it runs hotter than an Ivy Bridge (that's saying something)
-EVGA 500 watt 80+ Bronze PSU
-AsRock pro4 motherboard

Donated to local Baptist Church
-Intel Pentium G3250 (leftover from secondary rig)
-4GB DDR3 1600 (not needing much for a media PC anyways)
-AsRock mini-itx motherboard (sadly, lacks USB 3.0)
-128GB PNY XLR8 SSD (windows 7, upgrading to 10 on Sunday if all goes well)
-EVGA 430 watt 80+Bronze PSU
-Rosewill Wifi Card
-Samsung Blu-Ray player (for movie nights)

If anyone has questions on part choices, or wants advice, feel free to ask.

News / Java Issues
« on: 2 May 2015, 02:07:09 »
I recently built a new gaming rig, and have had issues with java, so have been inactive for quite some time.
i will be back as soon as i can

the link to the build:
on a side note, i wrote a poem
 Tis a pity that one cannot find care in the world for one's valiant efforts
It seems that my struggle for care
had gotten me secured betwixt some flint and metal.
There was for a moment a spark,
then it faded as all sparks do.
But I will never forget the immense heat of my struggle,
for I hath been burned by it

Server Announcements / Re: Easter 2015
« on: 25 Mar 2015, 19:37:57 »
i am eggcited about eggs. Might as well rename the holiday to eggster.

New? / Re: Hello fellow players!
« on: 1 Dec 2014, 14:01:27 »
hello, blue. as my profile name suggests, I am happy that you are playing on noobscraft. just call me happy.

Site Announcements / Re: We're now using HTTPS!
« on: 28 Sep 2014, 02:00:47 »
Well, good job I guess.

Other / Re: That Good Moment When... The Forum Game!
« on: 2 Sep 2014, 03:14:45 »
that good feeling when your happy XD
yea. its awesome being me

ive been having computer issues lately but hopefully ill get them sorted out before tomorrow!

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