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Support / Re: Mineapoc Information thread
« on: 26 Feb 2016, 23:31:08 »
Hello, I would like to ask the question that if you were to have had VIP and a Lifetime 2x skillboost, would that skillboost be possible credited towards Vip+ or would it go to this server's version as to being credited as the "Lucky Pack" which is still about $10 less than the Mineapoc previous version?

Support / Re: Server Merge?
« on: 12 Sep 2015, 20:46:36 »
regarding apoc you are right about many things and i think what we were trying to get across-ed was that we didn't want much of the servers native theme to be changed! although thank you for considering the communities response!

Support / Re: Server Merge?
« on: 12 Sep 2015, 20:13:46 »
I understand the lack of effort to the server although (Apocalypse VIP players will be given free status and all returning players to the new system will be rewarded/given a perk/advantage in the new system. Apocalypse will be moving to a brand new version/re branding which means the data will not be copied over as the new system will not use the same features. If you have any questions, please go to and the support part of the forum and I'll try my best to answer any questions/concerns. Do not speak to Noobstown staff, they cannot help you regarding Apocalypse related questions / Use the forum!) is  tad over the top directed at the players Moral challenges aroused by the possibility of losing everything you've worked for during a almost 3 year time period! And please if your a fan of THE Apocalypse! Help save the server... Its not worth a re run if you think it is then you need to take in to account the players... more importantly the ones who have played the most....

Support / Re: Server Merge?
« on: 12 Sep 2015, 19:12:06 »
The Servers and there occupants who have spent hundreds of hours playing the server may not like to see all there hard worked items be put to waste at the possibility of a RE server format and with the probability of a new map merge that has never happened since the release of both servers it wouldn't be fair to have the players of Apoc to pay the penalty of heaving Less experienced players joining the server and to the "Devs" if you want more donations Guarantee  things! Such as eleven if you were to add different items to the donation shot than E-Tokens "Which are 99.99% Useless then you may reach higher goals players are simply quitting because of the lack of content that is being put out onto the server I my self have purchased a life time mcmmo skill boost and VIP which are worth it but with the amount of bugs on the server peoples hopes are dwaining that any staff pay the least amount of care to the server!... So as i conclude I feel as tho in the best interest of both party's that the servers stay Unmerged and that the "Devs" Produce more elaborate ways to capture the players minds in different ways that would best suite the players needs instead of your own.

                    Sincerely Proposed by : Waldo_Monroe (TheOnlyLegend_)

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