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Suggestions & Ideas / BEACONS IN THE WILD
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 23:48:38 »
Why can't we have beacons in the wild.  It shouldn't be limited to town only. I feel that we should be allow and since you have to be friends to claims plots close enough together then friends should be able to share the effects of the beacons... Just make some rules that if you cant agree to the effects then you shouldn't be using it.  I know this asking the mods / admins, to do a little mediating between players but if they cant agree. then they cant use beacons... 

Noobstown General / Stolen Noobs -Locked Post
« on: 3 Jan 2015, 20:10:43 »
Thanks Fatnoob for locking the Post so I cant reply to defend myself

Lets start but saying, its just a game.....
First - I am glad that you step up for Chomperton since he a new player but in v5 when I was robbed the same way I got told that how the game is played and no refunds will givin to you. Since there is NO Rule that on the server (unless you just added, which is Normal)  that you cant do what I did. (and DAMIN Waterworth said I cant make you return the money, but its up to you)

Second - in V5 there was a group on TS at the time that use to go around finding shop that the user messup on the signs.  This group include player ADMIN too and MOD too.... but you want me to name names I could.

Third - I didn't steal all his noobs I sold 18 ore for 1800 k, which he can get back from him going around buying all the other diamond shops out of diamond so people had to go buy them from him at higher price.

but this is the type of player you want in your community then instead of ones that play the game right....

fourth - I didn't cheat to get the money, I use Chompertons Sign that he put up, I can understand if he was a kid or mental challenged I would have gave his money back, but he a ground adult which he know what he was doing, plus all he other signs were correct except that on which begs to wonder if he did it on purposed. ..
but I might have returned it if he did trashed talk about and posted about.

fifth  - You Fatnoob has an ADMIN, thought it would be great to bash me on the forums without trying to keep this from going public, that shows the maturity of the server staff... Now I know this post with me removed as soon as you see due to not wanted people to see it and know the truth....

Every since V5, all the Server cared about is new players and the old dedicated players were pushed a sided.  but yet the veteran players setup and maintain the community till the get pushed out 

Now I am done venting and telling my side to this..... I know I be told again about my Attitude is wrong and Despiteful but when people do to me and get away with it but when I do it,  I get nailed to wall. 

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