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As the title reads, I would like to see glowstone dust and nether quartz added to /shop, under the Rares/Ores category.
Glowstone dust is frequently acquired by simply excavating sand; same goes for quartz (to a certain extent). Not everyone uses these materials, so they end up thrown out from their inventories and despawn, making no good or proper use of it. Therefore, since we already have other excavation drops in there, like flint, gunpowder, bones and diamonds (Excavation 850+), why not put those two drops in there as well?

Suggestions & Ideas / /mail revamp
« on: 2 Jan 2017, 10:19:34 »
/mail is a useful command if you want to message someone something when they're not online. But, you have to type the message in along with the command in the text box, and unfortunately, it has a character limit that restricts you from sending a long message, so if you want to send something that overrides the character limit, you have to spread it across multiple messages.
What I'd really like to see is a revamp of the /mail command. Rather than typing "/mail send [username] [message], why not have it function somewhat similar to /gift? Example would be where you do /mail [username], and a book appears. You write in that book, and as soon as you've signed the book, it'll automatically get sent to the receiver. The receiver would get a notification when the /mail has been sent (or when he/she logs in if the /mail was sent when he/she was offline), and does /mail read, where he/she'd get the book with the /mail message in it. Once the receiver has read the message in the book, he/she does /mail clear and all of the /mail books that are in her inventory despawns.

This would prove practical because it would allow for (VERY) long messages to be sent in a single go, rather than having to spread it out with multiple /mail messages due to the character limit, as I stated earlier.

Support / /help change? (and advert command)
« on: 5 Aug 2016, 15:11:26 »
I'm wondering why /help was changed to a message thatr redirects you to /helpop or the Support page in the website. Seems weird and out of place, since /help is used almost universally to check the player's available commands. There's a few commands that I don't know off the top of my head, so why change it?
Also, was the advert command removed?

DISCLAIMER: This build is not yet finished. Do not be surprised if you see unfinished areas as it's still something that I have to work hard on.

Hello all Noobs!

For the past 3 weeks I have been working on a new building project in my wild chunks. It is an ice castle, spanning 60 chunks! Not inspired by anything else but real-life castles, I decided to make this build as I feel that we don't really have a build of this scale made of ice and snow (and other blocks that fit with those 2 things). With a huge amount of rooms spread across 1 "main building" and 2 side towers, a lot of things are going to be in this huge build!

Here's a list of rooms, for (potential) future reference (crossed over means that it's built):
Diamond Exchange x2 (not set up)
Level 30 Enchantment Table x2
Staircases in left tower
Staircases in right tower
Banquet hall
Room for tips and tricks to grind mcMMO Skills
Room for tips and tricks to make money efficiently
View Area in main building
View Area in left tower
View Area in right tower
Throne room
Guest bedroom x2
Personal bedroom
Back garden with "art"

You can turn in your own tips and tricks for grinding mcMMO or getting money! Your name will be written if you submitted the tip first.
If you want 1 or 2 chests in the diamond exchange, message me on the site.
Thanks for reading. Have fun!


P.S. My activity will drop significantly/cease for another 2 and a half weeks as I am travelling around Europe in car, starting tomorrow.

Suggestions & Ideas / Voting
« on: 15 Jul 2016, 12:18:53 »
As I guess most people know, our voting system is slightly off. You can vote twice a day through 2 different devices connected to separate internet routers, or something along those lines, and although PMC only registers one of the votes, the server does NOT, it registers both of the votes, giving the player double the amount of money (5,000 Nbz). So, double voting (you can do it on more accounts if you are fast enough) doesn't benefit in promoting the server MORE, it's just being abused to gain more money and to register more votes for the server, by the server.
This is a problem because of the monthly competition "Top Voters of the Month", where a person gets a prize for voting so many times, according to what the server has registered. The price is pretty big for some people that can't/don't make money fast or efficiently, and that can lead to a voting lead over others who might've voted far more days than you have, when you cheated in those extra votes.

What I want to suggest, to counter these extra votes, is to either:
A: Make vote abuse punishable in 5 stages. First, a warning. Then a kick from the server if they're online at the time when they "double vote". Then, jail for X amount of time. Then, temporary ban for however long, maybe 1 day, then a month long ban. (Note: these things can be automated, since the server register the amount of votes that come in, so console should be able to do the punishment/send out an automated message in-game. If they decide to double-vote, those votes will not be counted in for the tournament/competition.)
B: Disband the "Top Voters of the Month" competition altogether until Larry and/or Foob solves that issue.

I know, I've heard multiple times "Larry's cool with it", but I am NOT as long as the tournament/competition is still a thing. It's easily abused, grants money that you were not offered since double voting was never meant to be a thing, and can lead to money that a person gets from cheating.

Suggestions & Ideas / Selecting stone and wood in /shop
« on: 14 Jul 2016, 18:22:49 »
Ok, so, less than 24 hrs ago, /shop was updated. Personally, I really enjoy the change to it, but I feel like there can be something more there.

In /shop, all stones get sold through "Any Stone". That includes andesite, granite and diorite. But, what if you go mining and you do NOT want e.g. granite and diorite, but you want andesite to use as decor? To then sell off the granite and diorite, you then must keep the andesite out from your inventory when you sell to the "all stones", which is a bit of a hassle.
So, why not do it like this:
In the previous iteration of shop, there was also a form of "any stone" in there. But, there you had to right-click, and then sell the stones off from there, selling one kind of stone at a time. What we can do in the current version of /shop, is to add a new "any stone", where you can choose which stones you want to sell. Right-click the "any stone" in how much you want to sell, then another tab opens up where there would be 7 categories: Stone, diorite, andesite, granite, and then the polished version of andesite, diorite and granite as a tab each.
Another example where this can be a problem (not as big though) is "any Wood log" and "any new Wood log". Same thing can be added as 2 new tabs, with every log in that category that is listed.

I do understand that the reason that the "any stone" and "any wood" is there to make it faster, and I'm sure that most people mining/woodcutting would just avoid these woods. But, there are rare cases where it can annoy people.

Noobstown General / Wither Skeleton spawning?
« on: 1 Jul 2016, 00:44:03 »
First off, I didn't know where to put this topic because "Server issues" didn't fit since this was done manually. So, I just put it here.

Onto the reason why I'm making this topic...
I logged on first today at around 16:00 CEST (4 PM, 10 AM in EST) and decided to head off to the Nether to grind some Wither Skeleton Skulls to sell/use to spawn the Wither and get the Nether Star.
I logged on and off, but I spent at least a decent 3 hours trying to find ANY Wither Skeleton. To my surprise (and slight irritation), I didn't find a single one. Which is weird, considering that I saw at least 100 skeletons in the Nether Fortress platform that I was in.
After talking to Moderators in the server, they informed me that the Wither Skeleton spawning had been nerfed. But not seeing 1 Wither Skeleton in a Nether Fortress for 3+ hrs doesn't mean it's nerfed, it just seems like it's been removed completely.
Also, I noticed that Nether mobs spawned much less and usually on their lonesome. Usually you see 2 groups of Blazes, 1-2 Wither Skeletons (sometimes with a regular Skeleton), and if you're lucky, you'll spot a group of the Wither Skeletons. Magma Cubes appear at times and Zombie Pigmen spawn in groups of 2-5. There's always a group of mobs to kill. Now, I might not see any mob outside the area for 3 minutes until I see a Zombie Pigman or Blaze, wandering/flying about. If I'm lucky, I'll see a group of mobs, however that is very seldom, maybe once every 30 minutes.
I can definitely understand the reasoning behind it. Before this "nerf", the Nether Fortresses were flocked with mobs that were out to kill you/that you were out to kill. It made grinding Wither Skeleton skulls very easy and wouldn't take much time at all. But now, this isn't making it harder, this is making it truly impossible. Not once today did I see a Wither Skeleton that I could potentially get a skull from, but lots of Skeletons over the course of 180 minutes (3 hours).
In Vanilla, the "skeleton variety chance" in the Nether is like this: If a group of 5 skeletons spawn in the Nether, 4 of them will become Wither Skeletons, and the last will become regular, which means that you'd have a 4/5 chance of spawning a Wither Skeleton, or 80%. I can agree, 80%'s a bit too much. But a spawning rate of 1% or less is a bit overkill, don't you think?

I'd really like a response on this, since I've now made Nether stuff my 2nd method of income, so Wither Skeleton Skull grinding is important to me, and there's a few others that also try to get money from killing mobs in the Nether.

Noobstown General / I'm back! ...for the summer
« on: 12 Jun 2016, 13:06:06 »
Hello! It has been a while, almost 2-3 months I'd say.
Unfortunately, I left for a while because I had a lot of school work that would impact my grades, and school goes before games. I'm sure that I didn't even announce my absence, but anyway. I'm back, for the summer! Until I go back to school.
I will most definitely not be as active as I was earlier. But I'm sure that I'll see most of you at least once.

See ya in-game!

Suggestions & Ideas / Summoning wolves close to each other?
« on: 6 Feb 2016, 22:55:34 »
For those who do Taming (which are extremly few), it might be kinda annoying to have to go 3 chunks away to summon another wolf that only lasts for 240 seconds, when you try to breed up a wolf pack. So, maybe you could remove the feature that you have to be far away to spawn another wolf? Not only is it time saving (because you don't have to run back and forth), but also quite some time to fix some food if you don't have it equipped in your inventory in the first place.

Support / Height Limit for Mob Spawning?
« on: 26 Jan 2016, 22:48:28 »
Is there such a thing as mob not spawning after a certain Y-level? If so, what would it be?

Suggestions & Ideas / Making Alchemy grindable again?
« on: 16 Jan 2016, 23:28:29 »
As we all probably know, Alchemy is a pretty much dead skill because of the lengths you have to go to grind it. Some people do brew for certain potions, others do it for all potions, and so on. But what if we could re-add "switching" (switching between glowstone dust and redstone to give different time lengths and powers of the potion) BUT modify it to only being able to gain half of the XP you gain from every other process in the brewing? Or maybe just up the XP gain a bit, because it is pretty low.
I like Alchemy myself, the only reason I stopped was because it can't be grinded because of how time consuming and expensive it is. But it is still important, and it has great potions that can really benefit you at times (gathering, PvP/PvE, survival). It would encourage people to grind Alchemy itself instead of only buying the potions that people like I can brew because I have a high enough Alchemy level. Potions can really be pivotal and are always great to have. And with either of these changes, I think the interest for Alchemy would go up. Maybe not by much, but still up.

Oh and I still don't have clarification if all of the McMMO potions are in the server. :P

News / Notice of absence.
« on: 13 Apr 2015, 18:55:49 »
So I will be inactive for a while due to my computer getting the trojan virus by my cousin who clicked on a link which automatically downloaded it.
My activity will disappear for a good while, but I will be back ASAP.

Support / Town plot names
« on: 3 Apr 2015, 11:03:29 »
So right now I think many people are using /plot rename (name) so make their plot(s) fancier or for promotion purposes.
But when one unclaims a plot with a name, I'm wondering how to reset the name. I don't know yet since I've never have to deal with that before, so I'm wondering how?
All help is much appreciated. :)

/adam5979, Mayor of Futuria

News / Vacation
« on: 17 Mar 2015, 10:58:57 »
So I haven't been online the past 2 days, and that is because I'm on a vacation to Asia. I'll be away for 1 month (from my country, Sweden), which will make my activity decrease, but not fully gone. I'll still be here from time to time and work on my town and other things, and of course I won't miss the grinding XP. If you need any help with my town, Futuria, contact my co-mayor huntfulton, my sub-mayor Randoperson or my assistant jonesnatjac1234.

See you in-game.

Towns & Nations / Futuria Shop Plots Application
« on: 11 Mar 2015, 19:18:32 »
Futuria now has shop plots available! There are 20 plots originally, but 9 are already reserved for various shop focuses.
These are the different ones:

Red Shop Plot: Reserved by huntfulton, shop focus unknown
Orange Shop Plot: Reserved by countdown180, shop focus is Food
Yellow Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k if you are a resident, 10k if you are not (always tell me or any of the town staff the shop focus)
Lime Green Shop Plot: Reserved by Halcyon13, shop focus unknown
Green Shop Plot: Reserved by countdown180, shop focus is Mining Materials
Light Blue Shop Plot: Reserved by Randoperson, shop focus unknown
Cyan Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k if you are a resident, 10k if you are not (always tell me or any of the town staff the shop focus)
Blue Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k if you are a resident, 10k if you are not (always tell me or any of the town staff the shop focus)
Pink Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Magenta Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Purple Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Light Gray Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Gray Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Brown Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
White Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Regular Shop Plot: Reserved by countdown180, shop focus is Redstone
Yellow and Black Shop Plot: Reserved by adam5979 (me), shop focus is Enchanted Items
Red and Blue Shop Plot: Reserved by adam5979 (me), shop focus is Potions
Orange and Black Shop Plot: For sale, 7.5k for residents, 10k for non-residents
Brown and Green Shop Plot: Reserved for the Diamond Exchange

For those who want a shop plot with a shop focus that aren't any of the one I just named, /mail send adam5979 with your message of interest with the shop focus.
We're also adding some more stuff to the shop district to make it look a lot nicer.

Also we're accepting residents, it's open to join! /t join Futuria to join and then /t spawn to get to the town with the cost of 3 Nbz. Staying open to join until we reach 25 residents, then the town will be invite-only. We also got Embassy plots available at the cost of 2.5k Nbz, for those who want a plot but don't/can't leave their town.

Have a good day.
Mayor of Futuria

Suggestions & Ideas / /killall
« on: 27 Feb 2015, 00:38:26 »
Well since spawners' release they have been a popular demand for many towns out there. Unfortunately, that can also cause that the mob limit hits the top quite often. Not only causes it no spawning for mob spawners, it also causes issues at dark rooms at certain times, because they're tiger packed or empty. All that started with the spawners coming back, so I was wondering if it was possible to get CONSOLE do the command /killall for the town world. And if it's also possible, that it won't affect tamed animals (if it isn't already set like that). So I'd really like to see this happen because it can't only be the spawners that are nerved. It could help to regulate the mobs at the Outland, at Dark Rooms and by spawners.

Towns & Nations / Futuria Staff Application
« on: 13 Feb 2015, 18:33:29 »
If you seek to become a staff of Futuria, you can apply to become one (it's not 100% sur eoyu'll get the rank!)

Age (optional):
Previous towns:

Good luck to all applicants!

Mayor of Futuria

Towns & Nations / Futuria Resident & Staff Application!
« on: 1 Feb 2015, 19:55:05 »
As the mayor of Futuria, I'm happy to announce that Futuria is now open to the public!

There will be PLENTY of plots soon, right now we're at a small scale.
Price for the 4 different plots are:

Resident Plots: 1000 Nbz
Embassy Plots: 2500 Mbz
Shop Plots (coming soon): 7500 Nbz
Embassy Shop Plots (coming soon): 10000 Nbz

We don't have any taxes.

Resident Application

Age (optional):
Previous towns (say none if you haven't been in a town before):
Why do you want to join?:

If you already are a resident, you can become staff by applying:

Futuria Staff Application

Why do you want to become staff?:
Futuria Staff Oath: I, (name), swear to help out the town with all my might at the need.

There will be the residential area, the mall (shop district) and the amusement park (roller coaster, farms, grinders, etc)

Good luck to all applicants, and have a good time!

Mayor of Futuria

Suggestions & Ideas / Snowball Teams.
« on: 4 Jan 2015, 00:13:18 »
I find people team up against others and when people say stop because they feel like it's unfair and is obviously ruining their gameplay experience, they won't, I being a person against teams. So maybe you could make a Snowball Team vs Team minigame, like LittleChillz suggested in a previous thread.

Suggestions & Ideas / Frosty Pet
« on: 30 Dec 2014, 20:41:08 »
It would be very fun to see a buying option for the Snowman (Frosty) Pet in exchange for Nbz.

Suggestions & Ideas / Alchemy skill
« on: 24 Dec 2014, 17:45:44 »
I have been suggesting this before, but I'd like to see Concoctions Rank go in a consistent pattern. When I came back from my "break", I tried Alchemy. It was 5 times harder.
Alchemy isn't really a skill many grind, although the people that do complain about how hard it is after the tweak that made it harder. And that only further boosts the suggestion of putting the Alchemy ability Concoctions go in a somewhat easy and consistent pattern, I'd really love to see this.

Thanks for reading,

Support / Mods! (Not the staff)
« on: 26 Apr 2014, 11:07:15 »
What mods are allowed in NT?

Suggestions & Ideas / Mob Spawners.
« on: 16 Apr 2014, 21:47:19 »
I really enjoyed the ability to buy mob spawners / mob eggs in V5, and I wish you could do so in V6 too, but in a special way.
You will have to donate a special amount to be able to buy special mobs spawners.
There could be a "Non-Hostile Mob Spawner Donation Pack" and a "Hostile Mob Spawner Donation Pack".
As a person who constantly need wool, I want this to be spoken.

Please consider this suggestion useful if you find it so.

Suggestions & Ideas / The Tamed Animals Won't Change Worlds?
« on: 15 Apr 2014, 08:50:35 »
I find it very annoying that tamed animals cannot change worlds and I feel like that it should happen. I finally got a bunch of sheep, and I really wanna bring them back to my Wilderness chunks. Is there any possibility that it can happen?


Noobstown General / Congrats to Jack and MsMani!
« on: 26 Mar 2014, 16:26:11 »
Congratulations to Jackmwoodall14 for becoming a server moderator and to MsManifestation for becoming a server prefect! Be helpful!

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