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I have been back for the last week after a break from Minecraft for almost 4/5 years or so.
Now I wanted to extend my wild chunks but some people have been building around me.
These persons haven’t been around for years either and I was wondering if you could reset their chunks so I could extend!

Following chunks/persons:
Mausgras: only played in September 2015
Byte45: only played in September 2015 as well
Stampy_helper002: no /res info can be found.




Suggestions & Ideas / Wild Chunks price
« on: 6 Jul 2015, 21:42:25 »
So the thing is. I have about 40 wild chunks. I would love to clear them and sell them for nothing. But the thing what I don't like, is that the price of a chunk won't go down whenever I would sell all of my chunks.

Let's say I would sell all of my 40 wild chunks (with nothing in return). When I'm done doing that, I would go to another place on the other end of the world and start a buying a new chunk there. The price would still be as high as if it would be to buy my 41th chunk.

I would like to see the chunk price go down whenever I sell a chunk and whenever I buy a chunk the price would go up, equally.

That way I could start a big thing somewhere else, since I don't like the place where I'm living :P.


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