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Towns & Nations / Olympus needs you!
« on: 2 Jun 2017, 04:12:15 »
The town of Olympus is currently looking for staff and residents. Olympus is a fantasy Greek themed town so if that is something you are interested in please contact me here, via PM, or in game. You can visit the town any time by /t spawn Olympus.

-Olympus Staff

Other / I'm back!
« on: 1 Mar 2017, 00:12:44 »
For those who may know/remember me, I'm back! Finally got my new computer and got it all set up. See you in game!


Other / Absence
« on: 13 Oct 2016, 16:53:13 »
As a few of you may know, I will be absent for some time. I don't know exactly when I will be back. My computer stopped working so it's a matter of getting it fixed or replacing it completely. With the holidays vastly approaching money will be tight and I don't know when I can get it fixed/replaced, hopefully sooner rather than later. I hope you all enjoy this Noobween and all the other holiday coming up. I'll still be checking the site frequently so you can message me anytime. Also, f you have any question about my town, Silere_Hills, Timmyethy123 will be in charge during my absence.

I'll miss you guys! See you when I get back.

<3 SweetCrazyMom

Other / Lets Play a Game
« on: 21 Sep 2016, 15:54:17 »
Hidden in the hub of Silere_Hills are 5 pictures of Larry's head. Your goal is to find one to get a prize. There will only be 5 winners. One per picture.

Once you have found a picture of Larry, you take a screenshot of yourself standing next to it and post it here. Winners can only be confirmed by me.

More details of this game at Silere_Hills town hall. /t spawn Silere_Hills
Happy Hunting!


Support / Im stuck
« on: 31 Mar 2016, 05:25:22 »
Can a mod please help?! Or someone let them know for me. Thank you!

Pictures / Wizard Month
« on: 22 Aug 2015, 02:32:56 »
A place to post all your screenies from all events and shenanigans during Wizard Month. I have a bunch to share.

New? / Hey!
« on: 23 Jul 2015, 06:21:59 »
Since I'm bored and can't get my MC fix atm I figure I'd take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Aileen. I'm from California, USA. Joined Noobstown about a month ago. Still trying to get the feel of it since this is the very first server I have ever been a part of. Originally bought this game for my girls but I took over and bought them the PS4 version LOL. I'm online a lot but I don't really talk to much in /g. I can be kind of shy but if you message me I will talk to you. Currently residing in Town X, so come by and visit me :)

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