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Market Place / Mending
« on: 25 Apr 2020, 01:31:40 »
Hey all! I need a mending book. Accidentally bought an auto sell so I went mining to regain my money, and threw my shovel into a creeper explosion :I. Pm me on the site or in game! Thanks

Edit: Got them! Thanks

Noobstown General / Missing Players
« on: 6 Apr 2019, 22:05:48 »
So I tried doing the /player command on some older people that played last summer, but they were all missing. I know where their wilds and town plots are (since I'd go over there and help) so I used my elyctra and flew over and I saw I was spelling the name correctly. Did these people get removed or is the command not functioning correctly? It used to work even if they're online. (In case your wondering, I did it so I could see if they were on recently and I wasn't so I could see if they still played)

Edit: Same things with gifts. Tried sending it an active player and it said they have to be online before to be able to send a gift.

Noobstown General / Online Time?
« on: 19 Mar 2019, 00:05:32 »
So with Noobstown turning 8, I wanted to know everyones time on the server. You can check via statistics if you click the escape button, then scroll down. I was surprised to learn that I've played for 12 full days on here... I thought it was less. How about you? How long have you spent days wise on the server? Also how many years have you been playing? I've personally only played Noobstown for 2 years.

I hope it goes here since it relates to Noobstown, but it might be better put in other.

Suggestions & Ideas / Spawners
« on: 2 Mar 2019, 00:13:45 »
I'm sure its been mentioned before, but I really wish that we could mine monster spawners with silk touch. Yes, we can farm them better that way, but it also really benefits the whole community then. That way, were not stuck spending 3 mil+ to get a spawner that is mediocre, because most passive mob drops aren't really amazing. (Squid is an exception, but they take forever.) The monster spawners we can mine would be hostile, since those are the "real" ones. A lot of the spawners aren't amazing as it is, I just feel it'd be nice to be able to move them into one area, creating a better "dark room" in a way. The best mob drop, imo is from skeletons, spiders, and blazes. Tnt isnt enabled, meaning creepers aren't amazing, zombies drop every day farming materials so not amazing, etc. Spiders get string and eyes, which isn't great but still. Skeletons give bones, which are actually good, and blazes give blaze powder. Just my two cents.

Support / Edit old posts?
« on: 10 Feb 2019, 22:05:32 »
So I was going through and was trying to edit a post that I last edited last year, and it wouldn't let me. Am I blind, or is it programmed so you can't edit after a certain amount of time?

Towns & Nations / Game Tower
« on: 28 Sep 2018, 22:40:52 »
There's something new in the market, a game tower! The game tower is located in ninjawoodchuck. I'd post this in general, but it's in the town so I guess it goes here. The current game going is You're It! Check out the second story of the game tower to check out the rule book!

Edit: The first person to go check out the tower gets a special surprise upstairs!

Market Place / Buying Rockets!
« on: 6 Sep 2018, 23:19:00 »
I guess this goes here. Buying a lot of rockets for top secret reasons! Msg me or post here! Thanks!

Noobstown General / A call to action!
« on: 31 Jul 2018, 01:58:23 »
I hope this goes here.

This is a call to action. We have a pretty nice player base, and a lot of players are on forums. I know they read the threads since I look at how many views they have :). We need YOU to post your opinions. Currently most new threads are being posted on by myself, floris, and diamond, with occasional throw ins from others. We need YOUR opinions on these matters. This isnt a 3 player server. It's over 20! Itd be great to hear new ideas from you, or just your opinion on matters we've been discussing. It would help new ideas be noticed more, and help those ideas be developed. It would also help with who's going to events. Join us, and make these forums more than a 3-10(? thats being generous) man army. Cya on the forums!
Edit: As much as we'd love to make all the decisions for you, we cant. If you cant stop it, join it! (I think that's how it goes.)

Suggestions & Ideas / Locking threads?
« on: 25 Jul 2018, 02:05:17 »
So I've been thinking that we need some forum rules. If were bringing up topics from multiple months ago, to add on that does not make sense. Here are rules that I've came up with or borrowed.
1. Can not post on thread if last post is 3 weeks or more. This means that the latest information is always being used, and were not bumping threads randomly.
2. Only the OP can bump, and they can only bump one. This means that only the original poster can bump their thread once per thread, making it so people cant come and comment if the thread is old.
3. The original poster has 2 months to bump a thread, or the thread becomes locked.
4. If not following these guidelines go up to 5 points. At 5 points you get forum banned.
Sorry if this thread seems harsh, but in order to grow, we need to focus on the present, and this way, it would make the forums a lot more organized. Suggestions to improve on? I was thinking about a quote limit but idk on that one. :)

Other / Myers briggs personality types?
« on: 10 Jul 2018, 16:06:49 »
Hey all, if you dont know what the myers briggs personality type is, it's a type that defines your personality. (Weird right?) Anyways, I thought I'd make a post asking who people were so people could get to know each other better. Just look it up, in case I cant drop links. Theres also tons of studies about what your type means to other things. I'm an Entp, or as other people know it, the debator. Things that make up the entp are their love to use their mind or knowledge, their witty, and love to try everything. They are also very sarcastic. Have fun, and hopefully you learn something!

Noobstown General / Chatmod question?
« on: 7 Jul 2018, 00:28:10 »
Anyone can answer this, but to become a chat mod do you have to be on or us team speak?

Towns & Nations / Geochests
« on: 3 Jul 2018, 20:31:45 »
So if anyone doesnt know what geocaching is, (its kinda hard to find out about as its supposed to be discreet while looking) its basically a real life treasure hunt. This will be the first event Ninjawoodchuck is hosting and its already live! More chests will be added as time goes on, (maybe even in other towns???)

Rules: So the rules are explained mostly in chest at the spawn of the town. Otherwise here are others:
The gem is for Ftf (First to Find)
The first to find writes their name on the line of Ftf
Everyone else, writes name a line under that. Please dont cheat!
No greifing, hacking, cheating, glitching, or any of that type of stuff. It is not necessary. The harder the chest the better the rewards. Some of these caches may not be exact coordinates. By that I mean look up or down!
SWAG: Swag stands for stuff we all get. Feel free to leave things in the geochest, but if you want to take something you must leave something of equal or greater value. (excluding ftf gems.) While on forums, try not to spoil with names of found ones, but feel free to post when you find them. Edit: Lots of players take selfies with the geocaches! Why not try a few and post to forums?

Locations: All in town world.
XYZ: -192.426 / 144.87500 / -5999.672
XYZ: -46.515 / 80.00000 / -5985.300
XYZ: -46.700 / 80.87500 / -6021.639
XYZ: -78.524 / 79.00000 / -6167.300 (this one faces chest)
XYZ: -175.715 / 74.00000 / -6015.700
XYZ: -1188.286 / 78.87500 / 10542.700 ( at a town x outpost)
XYZ: -129.381 / 78.87500 / -5994.700
XYZ: -115.467 / 81.00000 / -6004.707
XYZ: -231.529 / 80.87500 / -600.7000
XYZ: -4579.743 / 79.00000 / 2103.462 (tombstone)

Suggestions & Ideas / Private messages not so private?
« on: 3 Jul 2018, 20:21:38 »
So in game you know how you can /PM people to talk to just them? Well a couple of weeks ago a friend and I were planning something secret, (still secret) and asked mods if they could see messages, and they said it didnt concern us. We then proceeded to plan inferring that it didnt. (Bad play on our part). So today I was talking to someone else about not seeing them for awhile, via /pm and it got into the topic of other servers. While I know were not supposed to talk about other servers, it was one on one, and I said I already knew that one, having no affect. A mod did /msg and told us that wasn't allowed. I understand that they're there to enforce rules, but it clearly states private message. I honestly wouldn't care, but you now need outside of game communication to talk to friends about secret stuff to plan in game. This needs to change. Even if they say they dont care, they read it, and in a server of probably 30 or 40, 5 or 6 people being able to read private messages just isnt good. Please change this.

Suggestions & Ideas / Group Chats
« on: 2 Jul 2018, 01:47:07 »
       So as I recently learned, you can't create chat channels. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a new chat channel for mayors of towns? This post really wouldn't help non-mayors, but if we could get one, it would be much easier to try to plan events with, or that include other towns, bringing the community together as one. I'm thinking we have 8-10 active towns, not  counting really just estimating, and between those towns we basically split players. Each week is a constant struggle to gain the 3 new players that join the server, and who happens to be on. I think that with this channel it'll feel much less like a struggle, and instead bring us together to plan massive and really cool events. Let me know your opinion, and you don't have to be a mayor to comment down below. Thanks everyone!

Other / 1 week
« on: 22 Jun 2018, 02:27:59 »
Offline for about a week for vacation. I'll be on forums, just not in game. Cya all soon!

Suggestions & Ideas / Chest shops?
« on: 28 May 2018, 20:46:44 »
So I brought this up on the server and people seemed to think it was a good idea so I wanted to ask here. Would you like it to be possible to make a chest shop, but instead of going into your account it goes into the town account? This would be beneficial when selling for your town.

Noobstown General / Public Wild?
« on: 23 May 2018, 02:10:13 »
So I'm making a huge grinder in my wild as well as my town for mcmmo stats. Currently its just sugar cane and I need to redo it for most space possible, but is there a way to make it public. I'm already changing that to my visit. I want people to be able to use it, but not access the rest of my wild. Is there a plot setting for mining only?

Towns & Nations / Ninja Woodchuck
« on: 6 May 2018, 20:21:42 »
      Ninja Woodchuck is officially back open! After some revamp (destroying the whole town basically) we have plots that we are willing to sell for shops and houses! We also can prebuild shops and houses if you want. Embassies will be more expensive. We are also doing a "Adopt a Pathway" for 5,000 where you can design a pathway, as long as its walk able. Also make sure that it fits a medieval theme. Come visit us at /t spawn ninjawoodchuck. The average cost for a town member for a plot is 5,000. For an embassy the start will be 10,000, unless popular demand occurs (doubtful)

If you buy a shop be careful when replacing floor as the town is on a cavern. All shops must be medieval themed, so blocks like wood and cobble are perfect.

Post with any questions!

I will be updating this thread with anything that occurs. (Thanks mrfloris)

Current Embassies: Doc_Engie, KillJoyDivine, Diamondpuppy808
Current Pathway Adoptions: KillJoyDivine, Diamondpuppy808
Current Residents: X_Adventure, Pouncgoldie, JMS225517, Zakkerydarebel, Hyperspacechewy, _Ssmiley_, IanLw, WoodlandWhimsy, Vamaha, Potatooes, Gumbullet,

Update: We now a have a fishing lake! We have repair stations behind each dock! There is an acrobatics tower at /visit hyperspacechewy . There are public farms to all for use, just replant it!

Noobstown General / Guess I'm bored?
« on: 3 May 2018, 00:56:08 »
For a lack of a better way to say it, I need more stuff to do. Anyone got some build ideas, or a cool redstone invention? I would love to hear about it and edit it to fit my purposes. Thanks! ( Also willing to help some people out with minor projects)

Other / Im back!
« on: 16 Apr 2018, 23:02:03 »
Hey guys sudden for the inactivity but I'm back! With trying to maintain good games in schools, other servers making new stuff that I liked, and hurting my hand so trying to recover from that, noobstown took a fall, but I am returning! See you later!

Noobstown General / Cotm for october?
« on: 31 Dec 2017, 18:33:08 »
Hello everyone, not meaning to rush since I can assume from the forums that there were a decent amount of entries for the chunk of the month, but when are we to find out who won? Or has the contest been canceled?

Noobstown General / Advent Countdown Gifts
« on: 5 Dec 2017, 03:20:04 »
Do the advent daily gifts do damage to you?

Noobstown General / Quest completion?
« on: 12 Nov 2017, 16:15:57 »
Hey guys so when I was working on the royal cure I got the doctors notes. I right clicked the witch doctor and they became maps. I understand you have two chances but I am not using another diamond and such. The quest seemed cool but if I could get help it would be amazing! Thanks.

Noobstown General / Shop items?
« on: 25 Oct 2017, 22:54:15 »
Hey guys so when I was trying to get the candies I realized that there is no magma blocks or netherbrick blocks on the shop. I understand about making the economy but it would be a lot easier to sell, so please add this! Thanks

Noobstown General / Build competition
« on: 20 Sep 2017, 22:04:19 »
New post area for build competition.

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