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Market Place / The Kronos Corporation
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 05:53:28 »
Empire Trading and Manufacturing Co. is undergoing a transformation. From this day forward, we will be known as the Kronos Corporation, a titan of the Noobscraft economy and a leader in trade.

Currently, this operation is being managed by myself and deebles17.

What will be sold?
Everything. All 450 items* will be sold here, with room for more to be added in future updates. We will have everything from wood planks to wither skulls, dirt to diamonds, and everything in between.

Where is the nearest shop to me?
Our first shop will be located in Ethereal, it will be open in the next few weeks. After that, our headquarters in Utopia will be built, along with some other shops in other towns. We will make it so cheaply priced goods are only a walk away from where you are, because after all, you are our #1 priority.

*all 450 items does not include specially enchanted items, which must be custom ordered by mailing deebles17 or myself, or filling out the form in the Market Place labeled "The Kronos Corporation - Enchanted Items Form" at this link:

Market Place / The Kronos Corporation - Enchanted Item Form
« on: 24 Jan 2015, 05:51:32 »
Use this form to specially order enchanted items from the Kronos Corporation.

Enchantments and their costs:
Not available currently, please check back later.

Code: [Select]
What item(s) do you want enchanted?:
What enchantments do you want on above item(s)?:
Can you provide these item(s) for us to enchant?:

Towns & Nations / Utopia NEW Spawn Building Sneak Peek
« on: 17 Jan 2015, 06:57:12 »
Hey guys, as I'm sure most of you have heard on the server by now, I'm completely rebuilding my town, Utopia, with the help of some other players (a shout-out to farhaaad, deebles17, and didonato007). Now, I will be revealing to everyone what my plans are for the future of Utopia. Introducing the blueprints for the NEW Utopia Spawn Building!:

We will be building the spawn in the area that the old spawn was, but this will be much bigger and more impressive. This time I will keep my promise of putting Utopia at the pinnacle of town life. Once the spawn is built, we will be building the farming district, the business district, and the residency areas. A subway system will also be added in, and eventually we will expand to the other 2 plateaus and build an events district. When we have 10 members in town, we will be getting auction chests as well. We will be welcoming visitors to Utopia in a month or so, when all crucial elements of  the town are finished (or at least 90% done). Until then, Utopia will remain closed off to the public. We can't wait to see you again and we hope you will like what you see :)


P.S. I got this image off of Google looking for modern/futuristic buildings for ideas as spawn, I also found some others but I liked this one the most by far. So in case any of you were wondering, no, unfortunately I did not build this myself.

Well now that I'm back, I see that Utopia and most of its members have fallen into a state of neglect and inactivity. Its a new year, so we might as well jump on the "New Year, New Town" trend. Utopia will be closed off to the public once again and we will be recruiting active members of the server as town staff. We are looking for friendly, helpful staff who are good builders and are willing to dedicate their time and resources towards the future of the town. If you wish to apply for a town staff rank, please fill out the information provided below.
Code: [Select]
How long have you played Minecraft?:
What type of building style do you work with?:
If you are accepted, will you dedicate your time and resources towards the future of the town?:

Once we have some more staff who are active, we will begin collecting resources to build our NEW TOWN SPAWN. We will tear down EVERYTHING and rebuild in a more aesthetically pleasing, more modern building style. We will make Utopia the top standards of town life and the pinnacle of impressive architecture in Noobscraft. Our town layout will be greatly changed from our original ideas and we will make it so our town systems are more efficient and much cooler.

It's great to be back, I look forward to seeing all of you in game.

Other / Oh the irony
« on: 4 Jan 2015, 00:29:27 »
So I was just lurking on the site like usual and I saw an ad on the top of the page that was advertising another Minecraft server... I thought it was pretty ironic and had to laugh considering there is a rule on both the server and the site that says you cannot advertise other servers. Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Noobstown General / Hi guys!
« on: 28 Dec 2014, 06:08:00 »
Hey guys, I've been gone a while and I am planning on coming back and getting more active over the best few weeks and months, but my computer seems to be having many issues and it won't let me launch Minecraft, I keep getting this error message that reads "The procedure entry point [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library JVM.dll". I want to get back on Noobscraft so my stuff doesn't get reset and I don't lose my town, so if anyone has a clue how to fix this I would be extremely grateful. I look forward to seeing all of you soon :)

Guides / Minecraft 1.8: The Bountiful Update Guide
« on: 4 Sep 2014, 23:11:07 »
So now that Minecraft 1.8 is officially out, I decided a guide would be a good thing to do, seeing as there is quite a bit of new stuff, and since it is such a big update, this guide will help categorize and explain all the new stuff.

There are three new mobs in this update: Guardians, Elder Guardians, and Rabbits. Now a Rabbit is self explanatory, since they're a real animal. But what are Guardians and Elder Guardians? These new mobs spawn underwater in a new type of dungeon called an Ocean Monument. These temples are made of a new block called Prismarine, and all of this stuff I'll go over farther down in the post.

First is a Guardian. Guardians are giant one-eyed pufferfish. They guard the Ocean Monuments. They randomly grow spikes and retract them, and the arguably coolest/scariest and most deadly part about them: they shoot laser beams out of their eye. Here is a picture of a guardian close up: (on the right side of the picture is a Guardian with its spikes out)

Next is an Elder Guardian. These are like the Enderdragon to the Endermen. They are the leaders of the Guardians in the monument. There are anywhere from 1-4 Elder Guardians per temple, all of which must be killed in order to get the treasure inside of the monument. Not only do these Elders have more deadly attacks and much more health than a Guardian, but they cause a special effect called "Mining Fatigue III", which will cause the playing to not be able to mine anything in the dungeon. The power has a 50 block radius, and the Elder will put a wave out of the mining fatigue once every minute. Here is a picture of one:

(Neither of these mobs will take suffocation damage when out of water - the only way to kill them is with sword or bow or whatever you use as a weapon)

Finally in the mobs section is a Rabbit. There are multiple variations of fur color, but they are all pretty much the same. When killed, these mobs drop a Rabbit's Foot that can be used in Rabbit Stew and a Jump Boost Potion! First there's the normal bunny rabbit:

...and then there's this rabbit, the red-eyed hostile rabbit, dubbed "The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog" by the Mojang dev team as a joke/reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Note: More will be coming soon, this is a large post, so I'm doing it in intervals. Hopefully within the next week I will have this guide finished. Thanks :)

Towns & Nations / Town + Nation Update
« on: 22 Mar 2014, 22:50:14 »
Hey guys, I figured since its been almost a month since Utopia went up, an update for our town and future nation is in order. Currently I have Minecraft blocked on my internet because of a "low" grade (thank you, online grade viewer!), but my good friends and helpers are working hard (I hope) on getting resources and money. Utopia is quickly expanding, and I believe we are at 42 chunks cleared thus far. Spawn, sadly, is not done yet, but will hopefully be soon. Hopefully I will also be on soon. The nation, which we have decided to name The Teltido Federation, is well under way in terms of money. I hope to see you all soon!

Towns & Nations / The Teltido Federation: Future V6 Nation
« on: 5 Mar 2014, 21:03:07 »
I have plans for a nation, as I'm sure many of you know. We now have a decided name: The Teltido Federation. I would like to know who (if any) town mayors/future town mayors are interested in joining.

The people who have displayed interest in joining the nation:

DrewG2001 (Future Town: Cloudsdale)
ZeeTheLegend (Town: Ivarstead (possible name change soon))
rockstar51051 (Future Town: ???)
FlammableCow800 (Future Town: ???)
bluespiked (Future Town: FairPine)

Any others interested?

The benefits of helping fund/create the nation and joining it:
  • Resources and money supplied to towns in the nation
  • Towny Games (Survival Games operated by the towns and nations!)
  • Extra chunks can be claimed for your town (the more towns, the more chunks each town can get) (100 for the capital city + 40 extra for every town that joins*) :)

*That means if there are 4 towns in the nation, every town in the nation are allowed to claim 220 extra chunks for the expansion of the town (at the regular price of 5k a chunk though)

I hope you guys think it through, it has benefits for all of the towns in the nation :) Getting funding from other interested players/mayors would be awesome, the more people we can get to pitch in, the quicker the nation will be up :)

Towns & Nations / Utopia is up!
« on: 4 Mar 2014, 23:37:01 »
Utopia has been created. The town is now entering development by the Mayors of the town (myself, SmithB0118, deebles17) and the spawn is being created, as well as a few other secret features that no one else knows about. The town will likely become open to the town staff* on Friday the 7th/Saturday the 8th, once we have created the spawn and the secret things :)

I would like to thank everyone who donated to me and supported me during both V5 and V6, this town couldn't be possible without any of you! :D Special shoutouts to greenwood_zombie, who gave me 10k to purchase my town in V5, which sparked our ambition for a town in V6, and DrewG2001 and 500manhunt, each of whom gave massive sums of money to me before and during the creation of the town. Each gave me upwards of 300k for the town funding and town bank after the town was created. We truly could not have gotten it done for weeks, possibly months, without you.

*This includes only Sub-mayors, Town Assistants, Architects, and Plot-Masters. No regular townfolk will be accepted until a later date.

Prepare for the ultimate town experience! We can't wait until we have the town prepared for everyone to see!

With great joy,

Noobstown General / Page Length Changes?
« on: 25 Feb 2014, 04:29:32 »
I just noticed this I'm not sure if anyone else has, but now a page can hold 25 posts per, up from the old 15. Did anyone else notice it?

Towns & Nations / V6 Week 1 Utopia Progress Update
« on: 13 Feb 2014, 09:55:04 »
Our staff at Utopia have been working hard these past few days to be the first town up and running in V6 (not including Noobscraft) so we can have our town open to the public and ready around the same time other towns are just starting. We are getting close to being able to open it, a little more than half way there if our team pools all its money together. To give you a taste of what we've been doing:

I bought a bat and tested it at spawn on the first day (while they could still fly!)

While exploring for a place for a shared Wildy house between the high ranked staff of Utopia, I ran across this. I think something went wrong while the world was being generated :P

Just a few cool features I found exploring the many nooks and crannies of all of the worlds of Noobscraft:

Yeah... something tell me this zombie had lack of brains even before he got turned into a zombie.

This is what happens when I go out to mine clay. Furnaces will be cooking for a while.

And of course, I couldn't miss the slots :P I think I broke Minecraft playing this (look at the lapis!).

So yeah. That about sums it up for us in week 1. I know you guys have heard this so many times and honestly its starting to get overused, but...


Market Place / Empire T&M Large Order Form
« on: 12 Feb 2014, 21:59:50 »
EMPIRE T&M Large Order Form

For any orders that are above a chest capacity (27 stacks) bought from Empire T&M, follow this form. One of our company leaders will get the order to you within 1 week of the order (depending on the size of the order and what item, as some items are harder to come by than others).

Code: [Select]
In Game Name:
Quantity of Item (in stacks):

Diamonds: 950 per, 60k a stack
Diamond Blocks: 8.5k per, 540k a stack
Oak Logs: 4 per, 250 a stack
Oak Planks: 1 per, 64 a stack
Spruce Logs: 4 per, 250 a stack
Spruce Planks: 1 per, 64 a stack
Birch Logs: 4 per, 250 a stack
Birch Planks: 1 per, 64 a stack
Jungle Logs: 8 per, 500 a stack
Jungle Planks: 2 per, 125 a stack
Dark Oak Logs: 6 per, 375 a stack
Dark Oak Planks: 1.5 per, 95 a stack
Acacia Logs: 6 per, 375 a stack
Acacia Planks: 1.5 per, 95 a stack
Melon Slices: 1 per, 64 a stack
Netherwart: 3 per, 190 a stack
Pumpkins: 4 per, 250 a stack
Carrots: 2 per, 128 a stack
Potatoes: 1 per, 64 a stack
Baked Potatoes: 3 per, 190 a stack
Dirt: 128 a stack
Cobblestone: 200 a stack
Bricks: 250 a stack
Stone bricks: 250 a stack
Glowstone: 1250 a stack
Iron Ingots: 50 per, 3000 a stack
Iron Blocks: 450 per, 27000 a stack
Gold Ingots: 70 per, 4000 a stack
Gold Blocks: 630 per, 40000 a stack
Diamond Pickaxes: 3000 per unenchanted pick (message me for prices on enchanted picks)
Quartz Blocks: 1900 a stack
Coal: 250 a stack
Beacons: 25k per

For a full selection of items to look at/choose from, the company HQ and largest shop will soon be opening in Utopia.

Support / Minechat
« on: 7 Feb 2014, 12:24:40 »
Will we be allowed to legally use the chat app Minechat to talk in V6? I know it was banned during V5, but that was because it allowed us to cheat the top 100 chart and not get idle kicked. Will it still be banned in V6, or may we use it?

Other / Breaking News: The Forum Game
« on: 7 Feb 2014, 05:31:55 »
So I was thinking of a game... Make up random and not true "Breaking News" stories. Like always, keep it family friendly :)

« on: 7 Feb 2014, 01:34:24 »

After 6 months of waiting, V6 is coming out in 19 and a half hours!!! :D

Noobstown General / Who's this on the server?
« on: 5 Feb 2014, 22:53:53 »
I know who Fatnoob and Noobscraft are (of course :P), but who's ShadowDog007? A sponsor?

Noobstown General / I Have Figured out the Equation!
« on: 14 Jan 2014, 05:49:44 »
Guys, after hours of calculations (not), I have figured something out! Half life 3 and V6 are one and the same!

Half Life 3=V6 and I have mathematical evidence to prove it!

Half=1/2, so 1/2 life 3.

The numbers there are 1,2, and 3. Any way you look at it, its 6!


Therefore, I have officially confirmed V6 shall in fact never come out. We shall simply get a V5.91/2 :P

Also, I have a question for the admins. The Wilderness preview was supposed to have come out about 12 hours ago, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Am I simply missing it, or has it not been uploaded yet?

Towns & Nations / Town Guards
« on: 10 Jan 2014, 11:54:44 »
So I saw a long time ago on one of your teaser clips that there are town guards protecting Noobstown. Are these town guards going to be available to buy for other towns? I would love having sort of a sentry at the entrance and inside of all the important buildings.

If they are available to buy, how much per, what OS the limit in a town, and how much health do they have?

If not available, we needs to have zem

Other / Nosebleed Remedies
« on: 10 Jan 2014, 02:37:18 »
Guys, I need a nosebleed remedy for my nosebleeds. I have nosebleeds fairly often (I think from dry air from living up north) and I bleed enough to go through half a box of tissues before I can get it to stop. I always feel woozy afterwards. I've tried everything from tilting my head back (it just makes the blood go into my throat and make me puke from the taste/thought) to plugging my nose with the tissue (that works best but the tissue gets soaked after a while and I have to change them, at which point Niagara Falls lets loose out of my nose). Is anyone a doctor here who could give me a few free tips on effective nosebleed stoppers other than using blood clotting meds (if I need to clot my blood I'll just down some sticks of liquid butter :P)?

Market Place / Empire T&M Supplier Applications
« on: 7 Jan 2014, 22:26:28 »
On this thread, you can make an application to become a supplier of certain materials for Empire Trading and Manufacturing Co.

You must be an active member of the server.
You must be ready to get large amounts of product at short notice.
You must be an efficient and fast worker, who will be able to give us the amount of product needed in a limited amount of time.

There are some questions that I know will probably come up, so I have some information on the job below.

What exactly IS a supplier?
A supplier is a person or group of people that collect(s) something that a company needs, then supplies the company with the product, and in return gets money.

How much money does a supplier get?
Well, it depends on how the economy turns out, but suppliers will definitely be able to live the high life. They will get (depending on how the economy is) 2,500-15,000 Noobz for a medium to large job (per job).

How committed must you be for this job?
Well, as I stated earlier, you must be active enough that we can rely on you to do jobs for us somewhat frequently. You must be efficient enough to get large amounts of supply at a time.

How many suppliers per supply?
We will need anywhere between 1-4 suppliers for any given supply, depending on what the supply is and how often the supplier is online.

What supply categories can we apply for?
There are quite a few categories you can apply for. The higher your MCmmo level is in that area, the easier it will be to get your job done. The categories that you can apply for are:
Logs and leaves
Weapons, tools, and armor
Basic materials
Building materials
Redstone stuff
Agricultural Products (Wheat, Sugar Cane, etc.)
Food (Meats, cakes, etc.)

People who are accepted as suppliers will have their name put in bold letters behind the supply category they chose. When the category is full, I will put [FULL] in front of the category.

The code to become a supplier is as follows:
Code: [Select]
In Game Name:
How active are you? (How many hours a day?):
What category are you supplying?:
How fast can you get a large supply to us after we ask you to get it?:

Consider this job seriously. V6 will be based a lot on money, and whoever controls the money controls the power. Now who doesn't want that?


Other / 15,000 Topic
« on: 21 Dec 2013, 02:16:18 »
Its the 15000th topic :D

Market Place / Empire Trading and Manufacturing Co
« on: 18 Dec 2013, 03:25:01 »
Empire Trading and Manufacturing Company (Empire T&M or Empire Co for short) is going to be Noobscraft's first big business. Featuring a wide range of items at great prices, Empire will be your one stop shop for every item found in survival! If you need materials for your big projec, why spend hours collecting the materials yourself, facing frustrations like dying and losing your stuff when you can go to our store and buy the stuff at a great, low price? We will have shops open in:

Utopia (Headquarters and largest shop here; it'll be stocked most of the time.)

Eventually, we will have shops in many major towns!

Dragon eggs to dyes, beacons to bricks, cakes to carpets, chicken eggs to spawn eggs, we will have it all! If you can find it in survival, you can find it in an Empire store!

We also do installations and interior/exterior decoration!

If a chest is out of stock, please mail the player who the shop chest belongs to and myself. If I am the owner of the chest, also notify SmithB0118.


Towns & Nations / Noobscraft Towny Games Sign-up Thread
« on: 24 Nov 2013, 16:31:06 »
If you are a town or nation owner and want your town/nation to be a part of the Towny Games, you can sign up here.

For nation owners registering their nations:
Code: [Select]
Name of Nation:
Number of towns in Nation:
Will you allow other towns without a nation to participate in the Nation Round with you?
Will there be any towns in your nation not competing? (Please List):

For towns with no nation:
Code: [Select]
Name of Town:
Number of Residents (must be more than 5):
Nation you will be fighting with in the Nation Round:

For info about the Towny Games (rules, any questions you have, etc.), please go to

This is not a thread for questions concerning the Games, so please refrain from asking questions here and instead use the above link.
Thank you,

Towns & Nations / Utopia Suggestion Thread [OFFICIAL]
« on: 20 Oct 2013, 16:55:30 »
Got any suggestions to help the town become better? Post your idea here!

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