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Competitions & Events / Re: Noobmas 2018 - Advent!
« on: 6 Dec 2018, 20:10:18 »
Completely forgot about Noobmas yesterday cause of a busy real life. Just got on today to get my box. If I didn't get help from someone, I might've spend well over half an hour looking for the right spot. Not a fan of this Noobmas event at all. I am a working man, I have a busy life. I don't have time to search every day. Some days I just need to quickly hop on and collect my gift before I have to go to bed. Please consider changing the advent chests.
Same, I gave up after 15 minutes, just like last year.

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 4 Dec 2018, 06:29:44 »
Happy Holidays everybody.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: A warning when you join in 1.13
« on: 26 Sep 2018, 03:27:03 »
i wish I'd come up with this myself.

Server Announcements / Re: Top Players of the Month
« on: 16 Sep 2018, 15:08:08 »
I'd be down. It's been awhile since we've grinded together. I've been only doing distance for now as its easiest. Its why I need rockets, but I still think this ought to be chsnged.
Yea, just flying around for 5 days in a month and you are guaranteed the spot. I guess.

I'm really sorry to bring this up, but I'm really discouraged to try top mcmmo and my skills are low still. When someone knew can come get 300 levels in them time I get 50, that really isnt fair. We need to change this somehow. I agree with xp gained,I also agree with what I said earlier about stats done, like blocks broken etc. Again, I'm sorry to being this up, but this needs to even out.
Yep, i pointed this out too, was shot down.. doc and other staff suggested it should be levels not exp points.
It's why i stopped bothering for /top and mcmmo at all these days. It took me 8 hours just to keep up and try to get ahead. That worked, but on a server with no players, fighting for 8 hours a day just to try and beat someone who joins for 30 minutes and never returns, is just not worth it.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: A way to get VIP, VIP+
« on: 16 Sep 2018, 15:06:50 »
Nice thread Macadam, I hope you find a way to get VIP.

Support / Re: Minecraft Issues
« on: 13 Sep 2018, 06:27:27 »
Go to mojang's official website, login to your account, if the login fails, click on restore/recover password.
Make sure you are in control of your account so you know the right email and the right password.
Once that's sorted, go to the client, login with the EMAIL and the password. Things should be fine now.
Make sure you're using NOT the Win10 client to connect to noobstown, but the JAVA of pc/mac client

Competitions & Events / Re: Top of the Month! - August 2018
« on: 11 Sep 2018, 11:22:17 »
While I would love this, I dont agree, as it wouldn't be fair to whoever payed money for it. If we go and get it for playing a game, and they payed real money, I judt dont think that's fair.
What the current noobstown vip+ is, is against the EULA to be sold, so it would either be given for free in-game, or revamped into a basically simplified cosmetics perks only (and then the ones who have vip will go: but i want cosmetics too, why would i pay twice for vip)..

I think there's nothing against giving it away to those who worked hard for it. if you get into the top10 for 12 months, you have the 12 items needed to exchange against a voucher that lets you execute a rankup command once. If you got only 11/12, tough luck.. it shouldn't be easy. i agree.

any future ranks should just be invisible, but stacked up on top of what players already have. Visually nothing changes, but /player username, could display: ranks: a,b,c,,content.,staff..
and a /ranks GUI could display the eula-friendly things you can buy through (which doesn't exist now)

you should add a way to get vip+ at /warp top that would be really cool
I agree, I still have a bunch of alts I wouldn't mind getting vip on, and leveling up with 0 levels is way easier for /top than it has been on a top account.

Welp, TidalMewMew had the books, so I was able to trade. So for selfish reasons.. I am done with this thread of course :)

New? / Re: New to Multiplayer and Servers
« on: 4 Sep 2018, 19:57:31 »
Everything floris said and ask for free stuff from people. People are nice.
Yep, that's the multiplayer part of it, get your friends online, or make new friends. Build together, hunt together, fight together. (dramatic music here) :D

New? / Re: New to Multiplayer and Servers
« on: 4 Sep 2018, 02:06:47 »
Step 1, sign up on the forums so you show as white vs grey in the game, this makes it easier. I am assuming you already done that, anyway, onwards to step 2.

Go to the wilderness, get a spot you like (try using "/wild go" a few times to find something you like), and type: /wild buy

You can check with: /wild free, to see how many 'free' chunks you have.

The wild is protected, mobs will walk into your claimed land (unlike in 99% of the town plots)

Light up the place, to get lights, you need sticks, to get sticks you need to break a tree.

That's my third tip: Get resources. Don't worry about building just yet. You can pretty things up, just hoard resources.

So break a tree, or go to a public tree farm . "/town outpost x farms" (you can break dark oaks here, just replant the sapling).

You can get back to your wild with: "/wild home" or "/home wild".

Use the wood to get a chest, crafting table, sticks .. and then it's time to mine, you can get a bit of extra ****py tools with : /kit tools

Step 4 or whatever, .. where to mine: mining world! "/warp mine", go to the mining world, the spawn point changes hourly so there's always fresh new stuff. Get dirt, cobble, wood, plants, food things, kill friendly mobs. And when it gets too scary, just dig yourself in or find a safe spot and type: /home wild, dump your resources.

Craft some better stuff so you 're not using wood or stone tools. Don't throw away your broken things, you want to safe those to grind repair skills and later salvage, so you get some stuff back from it, or you can at least re-use it again.

Step 5; survive. Get the items you want to build a safe spot, with enough light, and work on an infinite source of water, infinite source of food. With enough food it's time to go get armour. If you have enough iron for your tools, get some proper armour. By now you have a few levels from breaking ores like coal, and some exp from smelting that iron. Enchant your tools. So your second and third mining session goes faster. Part of survival is not dying, so without better tools, enough food, .. get some good armour.

Step 6, level up, get your mcMMO skills high enough so you get double drops in mining, get extra stuff from fishing, grind your repair and all those other skills. If your combat skills and acrobatics go up, you survive angry mobs and 'jumping around' a lot easier. You will get enough resources to make better tools, get better enchants, and whatever you dont want: keep it for later, and/or sell it to the global market or global admin shop.

Step 7, build, and enjoy. Build with the stuff you get from resource hoarding - something that's fun to live in, benefits you in daily gameplay, and is fun enough to show off to others. Inside, and outside. While making it safe from angry mobs. Expand for storage, expand for mcmmo training, expand for prettifying it with a garden, swimming pool, or herbalism things. Little animals pens and what not. You can buy more land for free as you play longer anyway, so expanding isn't a big deal.

And that's all there is to it. start small, hoard what you can, use things smartly, level up to make life easier in the long run.

once you go past a couple of these steps it will be harder to get killed by mobs, easier to get the stuff you want, and you will have enough money to buy the fancy things you dont want to work for. survival will feel like creative mode without infinite resources.

The thing I like about the top tokens, is that you can buy/sell them ;)
I found nobody with 4 or 8 woodcutting books that i could trade 8 or 16 general books for. If you have them let me know :)

Hey larry,

I kinda got 1500+ levels or something like that and capped out Woodcutting in june, not july, and i find out now that the one head that i am interested in is the log head, but it requires 4x woodcutting.

Could you perhaps add the same one but for eh, say 6 or 8 general books?

Server Announcements / Re: Top Player Rewards
« on: 2 Sep 2018, 01:41:45 »
Will these books expire?
You can collect them, I don't think they expire.

We should be able to see in a bit :P
I found it, I got some /gift from larry that bring us /warp top

The correct prizes for July will be given out tomorrow (1st September), I realise it'll no longer be August at that point, but it's only just the 1st of September and because it's a weekend it gives me lots of time to listen and adjust things based on any feedback I hear from the rewards!

I'm sorry it's taken so long; hopefully it's worth the wait to give you a number of reward choices. As you'll be able to see tomorrow (once the rewards are given out) there will be loads of options available; and even after the choices are shown if there's something you'd like to be able to get that isn't available, I'd love to hear about it, and will work on any reasonable suggestions to improve the options.

The August prizes (for being top in August) will then be announced after that.

Ok, will this be on the website on September 1st, or in-game?

There's a faction addon on Spigot with the below screenshot to demo what I mean.
As mayor or town staff it would be nice to be able to see what chunks/plots your town owns.
It would help make it easier to visualize what we have, and figure out which side we might be missing a few, or wish to expand to.

Server Announcements / Re: Minecraft 1.13 Information
« on: 1 Sep 2018, 17:08:51 »
It crashes the client when I talk in 1.13.1, but at least I can connect.

"To reiterate, the proper full July prizes will be given out later this month, and will be available for August's winners on the 1st of September!"

It's the 30th, looking forward to those rewards tomorrow.

News / Re: Thinking about updating my skin
« on: 25 Aug 2018, 10:11:28 »
Go for it.

Towns & Nations / Re: Tombstones event center
« on: 13 Aug 2018, 21:20:44 »
No one was able to come to the event when it was supposed to be done. But we were able to do it after the "Can you fetch me a..." event including a whole bunch of fun stuff!
Yeah, i have a pretty fun and big drop party pending, but each time i check the server it's empty or there's just a mod and a couple regulars, we need 15+ ppl for it to be fun :)

Noobstown General / Re: [Unofficial] Summer Season Events
« on: 4 Aug 2018, 23:41:23 »
I was going to spend last night doing the countdown and today a small pvp with prizes event, but last night and today, there's hardly anybody online. i was hoping for a busy weekend.

Sorry, not going to do the partyroom drop party today.

Server Announcements / Re: Top Players of the Month
« on: 1 Aug 2018, 23:14:55 »
It's done! Nicely done for all of the effort put in!

You can see the winners for July at:

August's contests have already began this morning too!

Best of luck to everybody that will play this month.

Possibly having some more of MCMMO skills like say: End city raiding, enchanting, crafting so there would be more skills to level , as many people have hit the limit *cough* floris *cough*
it really isn't just me who's doing loads of mcmmo levels, entangled, whuck, warriorben, .. they've been owning the game quite well, as well. to just name a few.

That'd be a cool addition I can see it being heavily abused though :P unless there were some way to make sure that it's an event?
Hence why I opt to use a promotion announcement command, that way it can cost a lot of money, and abuse is easy to detect - and can be sanctioned)

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