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Site Announcements / Re: New Site Design & Logo
« on: 10 Sep 2016, 15:14:55 »
Love the new design Larry. Its a lot more exciting!

Server Announcements / Re: Time to say Goodbye!
« on: 2 Aug 2016, 21:19:15 »
Thank you Foob for creating such wonderful environments for us all. I'm sure that all my friends from Apoc wish you well with your life outside of Minecraft, good luck with everything.

News / Happy Father's Day
« on: 19 Jun 2016, 15:33:03 »
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, hope you all have a great day.

Noobstown General / Re: Vacation
« on: 1 Jun 2016, 17:52:07 »
Sure thing. I will bring back the artsy filtered pictures for you guys.

Noobstown General / Vacation
« on: 1 Jun 2016, 17:46:25 »
I am going to Italy for the next 2 weeks so I will sadly not be able to play on noobstown :'(.If there are any questions on Foxton please ask either AJ_Andy or KingArgo. See you soon. If anyone has a question for me I will check my online messages periodically. Cya all later.

Llama Out.

News / Re: todays my birthday!!! I'm 13
« on: 11 May 2016, 00:52:16 »
Happy Birthday Josh!

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: can you fix the mob arinas?
« on: 9 May 2016, 01:40:28 »
I believe that mob arenas were taken down for the time being. You can still play Snowball with friends at /snowball join I believe.

Other / Re: You're Banned: The forum game!
« on: 6 May 2016, 20:38:28 »
I ban SweetCrazyOne because Pikachu didn't say that !

Support / Re: Stuck in a block (again)
« on: 2 May 2016, 20:53:57 »
This has been resolved.

Support / Stuck in a block (again)
« on: 2 May 2016, 20:52:20 »
Hey everyone. Just need some help getting out of a block, if you could msg a mod or tp me out that would be great. Thanks llama.

Server Announcements / Re: You Died! Where?
« on: 2 May 2016, 19:17:04 »
Thanks for the change and update news.

Server Announcements / Re: Changes to New Players
« on: 1 May 2016, 22:32:39 »
Sounds great. Thanks for the update Larry.

Pictures / Re: Xy and Hexi's Bday Bash Photos
« on: 25 Apr 2016, 01:36:41 »
My skin looks that scary ! I didn't even know.

Towns & Nations / Mayorship Of Foxton
« on: 25 Apr 2016, 01:19:43 »
Just wanted to announce that I will be the new mayor of the town of Foxton and that we are still looking for builders, assistants and embassy owners. Message me in game or reply if you are interested in any of these.

I don't think anything will reset since it sounds merely just like a giant command update.

This sounds great Larry. Thank you for the update news.

Support / Re: what is the command to join minigames?
« on: 10 Apr 2016, 14:32:38 »
I do not believe that Mob Arena is working/able to play at the moment.

Username: llamalover224466
Age: 14
Timezone: EST
Why do you want to be a Chatmod?:
I have played Minecraft for many years and the best part of those years has been on Noobstown and Mine Apoc. These two servers have always had a friendly environment and I would like to be a part of continuing that tradition.   I remember when I first joined this server I was helped by the great staff; now I would enjoy helping the newer players learn how to play on a Towny server and with finding their way around Noobstown. I have a good knowledge of the in-game commands for towns and for wild. I am currently Co-Mayor for the growing town of Foxton.

Overall, I want to keep Noobstown the great family friendly place it is now.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Support / Stuck in a Wall
« on: 18 Mar 2016, 17:02:10 »
Please help me I am trapped in a block in the mining world.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Name Change
« on: 9 Mar 2016, 21:48:23 »
I think it was like a nudge or poke.

Towns & Nations / Re: Foxton Staff Applications
« on: 29 Feb 2016, 21:24:14 »
IGN: llamalover224466
Age (If wanted to be put): 14
Location or Timezone: EST Boston
Why do you want to be town staff: I would like to be a town staff because I really want to interact with the members of a town and have a big part in what goes on it the town.
How many often you come on/Hrs per day: 2 at least (can do more)
Past Experience: I have experience with leading parties on many servers and have many leadership roles in real life.
How long have you been on Noobstown: I have been on noobstown since September 9th 2015 but have played on the cloudsquid servers for many years.

Server Announcements / Re: Mineapoc > Noobstown VIP
« on: 21 Feb 2016, 18:37:54 »
So excited, thank you so much !

Server Announcements / Re: Minecraft 1.9 on Noobstown
« on: 17 Feb 2016, 23:43:02 »
Since Dungeons is still in progress will it be a 1.9 or not ? Just a thought I had.

I have thought of this idea also and think its a great suggestion !

IGN: llamalover224466
Activity Level: 6-8ish pm EST
Experience: I have been the leader of parties on Mineapoc and have many leadership roles in real life. I have also played the cloudsquid servers for over 2 years and think myself to be an active part of its community.
Why Should I Pick You??: You should pick me because I have since I joined Noobstown have always wanted to be a Mayor without the funds to do so. I am an active part of my current town Ethereal but would like to take the next step to becoming a bigger part of a town.

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